Little Boy Blue’s Toys

Once upon a time, in a quiet corner of a little boy’s room, there stood a loyal toy dog and a brave tin soldier. The little boy, lovingly named Little Boy Blue, was their best friend and playmate. He had kissed each of them, placing them on a special wooden chair, and had made them promise to wait for him. “Now, don’t you go till I come,” he had said. “And don’t you make any noise!”

Each night, Little Boy Blue would leave them on the chair and drift off to sleep, dreaming of their playful escapades. Together, they fought dragons, discovered uncharted lands, and embarked on thrilling adventures. But one night, as Little Boy Blue dreamed, an angel’s song whispered into his dreams, and the boy fell into a sleep that lasted much longer than usual.

As the boy slept, the little toy dog became covered with dust, standing sturdy and strong in the face of their long wait. The brave tin soldier’s shiny armor turned red with rust, his musket molding in his hands. Yet, they never moved from their places, ever loyal to Little Boy Blue’s command.

Days turned into months, months into years, but the little toy dog and the tin soldier never left the chair, always hoping to see their friend’s cheerful face again. They remained as steadfast as the day they were left there, still holding onto the memory of their adventurous days with Little Boy Blue.

Their faithful vigil remained unbroken as they wondered, “What has become of our Little Boy Blue since he kissed us and put us here?” The room around them changed, but the little chair remained the same, a silent testament to their enduring friendship.

And so, children, remember the tale of Little Boy Blue and his loyal companions. True friendship, like that of the toy dog and the tin soldier, endures time and change, waiting patiently for the return of shared laughter and joy.