Kanan, the boy in the jungle

Once upon a time, in the heart of the jungle somewhere in India, there lived a boy named Kanan. Kanan got lost in the jungle as a baby and he was adopted and raised by a group of friendly okapis. As Kanan was growing up he was taught all the ways of the jungle by his okapi parents, but also by his best jungle friends Bailey the bear and Poppy the panther.

The boy loved being surrounded by all sorts of amazing creatures. He loved nothing more than exploring the jungle and learning about all of its secrets. He learned about the special medicinal power of plants and flowers. He knew which animals very poisonous and he learned which fruit was save to eat. He made friends with all the animals in the jungle and slowly put surely learned how to treat the animals if they had an injury. And most importantly, he knew he was the only living creature in the jungle who was not afraid of fire. So he thought himself how to control fire and use it for their benefit.

But there was one animal in the jungle who did not like the little boy, Titan the tiger. Kanan was warned by his friends for the danger of the tiger. The tiger was one of the strongest animals in the jungle and everybody had deep respect for the big animal.

One day, Kanan came face to face with the fierce tiger Titan. The tiger was growling and pacing back and forth, looking like it was ready to attack. Titan was angry with Kanan for living in the jungle and ordered him to leave. The tiger strongly felt that humans did not belong in the jungle and he was sure that Kanan would cause big trouble for the animals. Kanan was afraid of the tiger, but with the help of Bailey and Poppy, he found the courage to stand up to Titan. “Please, Titan,” Kanan said, holding out his hands in a peaceful gesture. “I’m not here to hurt you or anyone else in the jungle! I want to learn more about the plants and the animals and be friends with you and I want to stay here with my family. I grew up here, just like you. I don’t have human parents.” “I will let you go this time,” said the tiger, “but you will have to prove that you are useful.”

One day Bailey the bear and Poppy the panther came racing to Kanan’s tree house. “Kanan! Come quick! Titan the tiger is stuck in a fire!” Kanan jumped to the ground and quickly gathered some equipment. The three friends ran as fast as they could to save the tiger. Kanan worked hard to put out the fire and free a path for Titan to escape. The tiger made it out, but had trouble breathing from the smoke and had hurt his back. Kanan soothed his skin with aloe vera. He gave the tiger water to help with his throat and sprayed some salt water into his nose to help with the irritation.

The tiger was very grateful and realized that Kanan was indeed very helpful and useful. He made peace with his former enemy and together they made sure the jungle was a safe place for all the creatures and plants.