The Three Little Bears

Once upon a time there were three bears. They lived together in the middle of the forest. One of the bears was an eeny meeny, tiny little bear. The second was a middle sized bear. The third was a gigantic, huge bear.

The three bears ate homemade porridge every morning. The little bear ate out of a little bowl, the middle sized bear ate out of a middle sized bowl and the big bear ate out of a gigantic bowl.

The bears each had their own chair. Naturally the little bear had a little chair and the middle sized bear had a medium sized chair. The gigantic chair was for the gigantic bear.

They all slept in their own bed. The little bear slept in a little bed, the medium bear slept in a medium bed and the big bear had an enormous bed.

One day they were making their porridge in the morning. They poured it into their bowls and went into the forest. This way the porridge could cool off during their morning walk.

While the bears were out walking, a little, old woman came to the house of the bears. She peeked inside through the keyhole. Carefully she opened the front door and peeked inside. There she saw three bowls with porridge on the table. This made her hungry!

First she tasted the porridge of the giant bear, but it was too hot. The porridge of the medium bear was cold. Ew! The porridge of the little bear was just right. She ate the entire bowl of porridge.

The woman sat down in the chair of the big bear, but it was way too big for her. The chair of the middle sized bear was too soft. The chair of the little bear was just right. She happily wiggled in it until she suddenly fell through the seat.

The old woman then found the bedrooms with three beds. The big bed was way too big and the medium bed as well. But the bed of the little bear was just right. So she laid down. It was so comfortable that she fell into a deep sleep.

In the meantime the bears returned home. The big bear saw a spoon in his porridge and said: ‘Who touched my porridge?’ The medium bear also saw a spoon in her bowl and said: “Who touched my porridge?’ The little bear saw that her porridge had been completely eaten and said: ‘Who ate my porridge?’

The bears looked around and saw that someone had been sitting in their chairs. ‘Who sat in my chair?’, asked the big bear. ‘Who sat in my chair?’ asked the medium bear. The seat of the little chair was on the ground and the little bear looked at it and yelled: ‘Who broke my chair?’

The three bears went to the bedroom and saw that all beds had been used and that a little woman was sleeping in the bed of the little bear. The big bear roared: ‘Who laid in my bed?’ The medium sized bear yelled: ‘Somebody also laid in my bed!’ The little bear yelled: ‘There is someone in my bed!’

The old woman was so startled by the voice of the little bear that she jumped out the window and ran.

The woman had heard the voice of the big bear, but because she slept so deeply she thought it was the wind or thunder. The voice of the medium bear made her think that she heard someone talking in her dream. It was the sharp, shrill voice of the little bear that woke her up. When she saw the three bears on one side of the bed, she tumbled out of bed on the other side and jumped out of the window and ran away.

The bears never saw her again.