Stories about contentment

Stories about contentment

Welcome to our special collection of the Top 27 Stories about Contentment, carefully selected for kids and children to read online. This delightful selection of stories, available in pdf, free, and downloadable format, features captivating narratives with enchanting illustrations that are sure to spark the curiosity and interest of young readers. Each printable story has been crafted with the aim of providing learning, educational value, and entertainment for children through short, easy-to-understand tales that can be read aloud during bedtime or storytime. Our diverse collection caters to both boys and girls alike and is presented with pictures and audio, making these stories even more engaging for kids whose native language is English or for those who are seeking to learn and have fun at the same time.

The importance of these contentment-centric stories cannot be overstated as they not only foster a love for reading but also instill vital life lessons in the early years of a child’s life. By exploring themes of happiness, gratitude, and appreciation in a fun, engaging manner, these tales help toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students develop a sense of contentment and learn about the value of being satisfied and thankful for what they have. EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) teachers can also benefit from using these stories as teaching tools in the classroom. As children embark on their journey through our collection of stories, they are reminded of the virtues of simplicity, contentment, and humility, all while being transported into the magical world of fairy tales, and even some classic stories featuring famous characters, which have been favorites for generations. So snuggle up, and let’s get ready for an enchanting night time of reading and learning that will leave our little ones feeling content and ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Top 27 Stories about contentment for kids to read online:

  1. The Fir Tree: The story tells the tale of a young fir tree who wants nothing more than to grow up quickly and become big and majestic like the older trees in the forest. However, when he is cut down and taken to a home to be decorated for Christmas, he feels anxious and uncertain. Eventually, he is discarded and burned in a fireplace, leading him to regret not enjoying his youth in the forest and appreciate what he had while he had it.
  2. Hans in Luck: This is a story about Hans who after working seven years, received a gold piece from his boss as a reward. While carrying the gold, he met several people on his journey and traded his gold for a horse, then a cow, then a pig, and finally a goose. But when he discovered that the goose was stolen, he traded it for a rock with a knife sharpener. He accidentally dropped the rock in a well, and feeling relieved, he continued his journey home, happy to be free of the burden.
  3. The Four Skillful Brothers: Four brothers, each with a different skill learned from a teacher, reunite after four years apart and set out to rescue a princess from a dragon. The star gazer sees her location through a glass, the thief steals her from the dragon’s grasp, the hunter shoots the dragon down, and the cutter sews the broken ship back together. They return the princess to the king and, though each believes they deserve her hand in marriage, the king rewards them all with land instead.
  4. Toinette and the elves: Toinette, a young girl who wasn’t easy to be around, met an elf who saved her from a rose thorn. In return, the elf gave her some fern seeds that would make her invisible when she put them in her shoes. Toinette became invisible and realized her siblings didn’t miss her. Feeling unhappy, she shook off the fern seeds, became visible again, and decided to be kinder and nicer to her siblings. A year later, the elf visited Toinette again and gave her more fern seeds, telling her to try being invisible again. She did, and her siblings surprised her with kind words and presents when she became visible again. The elf also asked Toinette if she could make fern seed broth for the elf’s friends, and he reminded her to be happy, have a good mood, and be kind to find true happiness.
  5. The Heron: In this story, a Heron is hunting for breakfast by a stream. He sees many small fish but refuses to eat them, saying they’re not good enough for him. As the day progresses, the fish swim to deeper waters, and the Heron can’t find anything to eat. Finally, he settles for a tiny Snail. A downloadable PDF of the story is available for offline reading.
  6. The Penguin Family: This story is about a family of penguins living in a snowy community. They work hard to find food and are content with their simple life because they have each other. The little penguin chick grows up and learns to help collect food from the ocean, and together, they provide for each other and overcome challenges. The story comes with an ebook for offline reading or printing.
  7. How Camping Changed a Troubled Child: This story is about a misbehaving child named Emily who doesn’t like school. Her parents take her camping for the first time, and despite being hesitant at first, she learns to love it. As Emily explores the outdoors and learns about nature, she becomes more engaged, focused, and respectful. Her behavior improves, and with her parents and teachers’ support, she finds a balance between outdoor fun and classroom teachings. Emily continues to thrive and learn both in school and out in the world.
  8. The Grass is Always Greener: A little sheep named Wooly gets bored of the monotony of life in the meadow and sets off to discover the world, eventually finding work at a large corporation in the big city, but is taken advantage of by his colleagues. Eventually, Wooly returns to the peaceful meadow where he realizes that true happiness can be found in the simple pleasures of life. The story can be downloaded as an ebook in PDF format.
  9. The Spoiled Timmy and Wise Santa: The story is about a spoiled boy named Timmy who is never satisfied with his gifts. Santa takes Timmy with him on his gift deliveries to poor families to teach him about gratitude and empathy. Seeing the joy of the less fortunate families makes Timmy realize that he was taking his gifts for granted. Timmy becomes a kind and caring child and learns to appreciate and share with others. The story concludes with Santa pleased with Timmy’s change of heart. The story is available for download as a PDF file.
  10. A Family Christmas Surprise: A brother and sister, Olivia and Jayden always felt sad during Christmas because their parents had to work on that day. However, this year their parents surprised them by taking the day off from work and showing up at their aunt’s house for Christmas dinner with bags full of presents. The family enjoyed a lovely dinner together and opened their presents, but the best present of all was having their parents there with them, and from that day on, Olivia and Jayden never felt sad on Christmas again. An ebook download can be found in the post.
  11. Back to school: The story is about a little boy named Danny who was embarrassed to go back to school after winter break because he had not done anything exciting compared to his classmates who had gone on trips and did activities. However, after sharing what he did with his family over the break with his class, he learns that he should be proud of what he did and that the simple things in life can be the most special.
  12. Dot The Kitten: The story is about a cute little white kitten called Dot who loves spending time with her grandma and watching her knit. Dot has yet to catch a rat because she is still too little and inexperienced, but she knows that one day she’ll be able to. Meanwhile, Dot is content playing and having fun. The story also includes a link to download the ebook in PDF format.
  13. The Brook and the Water Wheel: The story is about a gristmill water wheel that continuously turns and grinds corn, while a brook passes over it, asking if it ever gets tired and envious of the brook’s freedom to flow through the fields. The water wheel responds that it takes pleasure in working and being useful, rather than seeking admiration and the freedom to wander. The water wheel’s satisfaction comes from its natural inclination to work and its ability to provide flour for the family of the mill’s owner. The story emphasizes the importance of finding contentment in one’s natural place and purpose, rather than always striving for something else.
  14. Discontented Dewdrop: A small dewdrop on a wild rose petal desires to be part of the river. A gentle breeze grants its wish, but it eventually becomes part of the ocean, losing its identity and never being admired. The breeze advises another dewdrop to be content with its own beauty and not pursue grandeur that may lead to misfortune.
  15. Dr. Dolittle is finally back home: After traveling with the Pushmi-Pullyu in a gypsy wagon and visiting circuses, Dr. Dolittle and his animals return to Puddleby-on-the-Marsh. They settle into their old home and enjoy the company of the animals they left behind. The doctor uses his wealth to pay off debts, buy new ships, and purchase a rubber doll for his baby. He reads to his animals from his books during winter evenings. In Africa, the monkeys and Polynesia wonder if the doctor will ever return, and the crocodile tells them to go to sleep.
  16. Horaizan: The story is about two wise men, Jofuku from China and Wasobiobe from Japan. Jofuku becomes a great adventurer and goes on a journey to find the herb of Immortality on the Island of Horaizan to please his emperor. He faces many challenges on the way, loses all his companions, and finally reaches Horaizan, where he finds eternal youth. Wasobiobe accidentally reaches the same island but misses his home and the word “humanity” written on his heart. He seeks a crane to take him back home despite knowing that he will age and die on returning. The crane agrees, and he dies in the arms of a poor fisherman, feeling content that he has come back to humanity.
  17. The Black Bowl: This is a story about an honest, poor girl who carries a big black bowl on her head to hide her beauty. Her mother tells her it’s a bad thing for a poor girl to be beautiful because no one will help her, so the girl hides her beauty under the black bowl. She finds work in the harvest fields of a rich farmer and eventually catches the eye of his son. They get married, but when the wedding party tries to remove the black bowl, it explodes into a rain of jewels. The Bridegroom tells his bride that her eyes shine more beautifully than any jewels.
  18. The Happy Family: The story is about two old white snails who live in a forest of burdock. They are the last remaining snails of their kind and were once kept in a castle to be cooked and placed on a silver platter as an honor. However, the castle no longer exists. The snails are content with their lives and take in an ordinary snail as their own. They find a wife for him and give the entire forest as an inheritance to the newlyweds. The young couple has many children and thinks the castle must have collapsed and all the people in the world must have died since they were never cooked black and placed on silver platters. The story ends with the whole Snail family being happy and content.
  19. The Daisy: The story is about a little Daisy in a garden. It is happy and content basking in the sunshine, looking up to the Lark singing in the sky. It is saddened when the Lark is captured and caged, and tries to comfort it by being a companion but cannot. The Daisy and a bit of grass are given to the Lark to keep it company, but the boys forget to water the bird. The bird dies, and the boys bury it in a wonderful grave, but they simply throw the grass with the Daisy on the roadside. Nobody remembers the little flower that had wanted to comfort the bird.
  20. A Heart of Stone: The story is about a poor man named Peter Munk who is discontented with his life and wishes to be wealthy. He seeks help from the Glassman Treasureman, who gives him his wish in exchange for nothing but turns out short-lived. Peter then visits the Evil Michiel and trades his heart for riches but becomes ruthless and feared everywhere. In a dream, he realizes that he has traded his heart for a stone and visits the Glassman again to get it back. With the help of a glass cross, he outwits the Evil Michiel and gets his heart back. Peter is forgiven and reunited with his mother, living happily ever after.
  21. The Story of Speckle: The story is about Speckle, a hen who sits on her nest, keeping her eggs warm for three weeks until they hatch into ten cute baby chickens. Little Phoebe, the daughter of the farmer, visits Speckle daily, bringing her food and water. Speckle is proud and happy and leads her yellow train on a walk to the farmhouse, where they meet the farmer, Lady Jane (the cow), and Fritz (the dog). Speckle eventually gets a new coop for her family, and they continue to chirp happily with their mom.
  22. The Bogey-Beast: The story is about an old, poor, and cheery woman who discovers a big black pot full of gold pieces. She drags it home but along the way, the pot’s contents keep changing – gold to silver to iron to stone – until it turns into a Bogey-Beast. Despite the changing pot, the woman remains happy and sees it all as good luck.
  23. Uncle Wiggily and the Freckled Girl: In this story, Uncle Wiggily comes across a freckled girl who is unhappy with her appearance. She thinks freckles are ugly and wants to get rid of them. Uncle Wiggily hatches a plan to show her the beauty in freckles. He leads her to a bird’s nest where the eggs are speckled, and the girl sees the eggs as beautiful. She realizes that freckles are like the beautiful speckles on the eggs and decides to embrace them. The story ends with the girl throwing away her mirror and feeling happy with herself as she walks away with a smile on her face.
  24. Little Bear Cub: A Little Bear Cub in a forest believes he can achieve more than being a bear and sets out to explore the world. He meets a boy who dresses him in clothes and goes to the King’s palace, where he dances well and impresses the princess, leading to their grand wedding. However, the Little Bear Cub’s lack of self-control, after seeing honey, leads to him being discovered as a bear and being chained instead of living as a prince. The story emphasizes the importance of being content with oneself and not trying to be something you are not.
  25. The Lost Star: The story is about a little star that grows tired of its nightly duty, yearning to descend to Earth and discover what lies below. Despite the advice of its fellow star and the moon, the little star descends and lands in a vast field of daisies, where it meets bugs who do not believe it is a star. Unable to find its way back home, the little star pleads for help and eventually returns to the sky with the guidance of the moon, far away from its fellow stars. The story teaches a lesson about the consequences of abandoning our designated place and ignoring the advice of those who care about us.
  26. Calla Lily’s Cousin: The story is about two plants, Jack-in-the-Pulpit and Calla Lily. Jack is grateful for his outdoor surroundings and appreciates the fresh air, while Calla Lily lives in a conservatory and refuses to acknowledge the wildflowers outside. Calla is ashamed that she and Jack are related and does not want anyone to know. If Calla had looked closer, she would have seen another Jack near her that resembled her more, but both Jacks preferred living in the wild. The story reinforces appreciation for nature and not being ashamed of one’s roots.
  27. Ozma and the little wizard: In this story, Princess Ozma and the Wizard of Oz embark on a journey to ensure the happiness and contentment of their subjects. They come across a man complaining about three mischievous Imps that frequently annoy and cause trouble to travelers. Ozma and the Wizard find these Imps and attempt to transform them several times, but it only leads to more trouble. Finally, the Wizard transforms them into buttons and vows to restore them and rename them when they become good citizens of Oz.

In conclusion, the Top 27 Stories about contentment for kids to read online provides a valuable opportunity for children to learn and understand the importance of being content with what they have. These stories not only entertain and engage young readers but also impart important life lessons on finding happiness in simplicity, appreciating the little things in life, and embracing gratitude. By reading these stories, children can develop a positive outlook early in life, which is essential for their overall wellbeing and personal growth. Empowered with contentment, kids will be equipped to face life’s challenges with grace and resilience, fostering a happier and more fulfilling life.