Stories about bullying

Stories about bullying

Welcome to the Top 28 Stories about Bullying for kids to read online! This collection of carefully curated tales is specially designed for children to enjoy during bedtime or any time they feel like reading a good story. With a variety of stories available in pdf, free, and downloadable formats, you can easily access our printable, easy-to-read, and fun selections. Our online library also includes stories with pictures and audio options, perfect for story time or read-aloud sessions.

The stories in this collection are suitable for early years, preschool, kindergarten, elementary students, and toddlers. Both boys and girls will find engaging tales featuring relatable characters and real-life situations. Our stories cater to a wide range of interests, from classic fairy tales to educational stories that teach valuable moral lessons.

The importance of stories about bullying cannot be understated, as they provide valuable learning experiences for children. By exposing them to stories tackling bullying, they will develop empathy towards others, learn to tell when bullying is happening, and acquire strategies on how to handle such situations. These stories are incredibly helpful for fostering social and emotional growth in the early stages of children’s lives.

Not only will your kids have fun reading these short, best, and famous bedtime stories, but they will also be expanding their English language skills and improving their emotional intelligence. Night-time reading will soon become a memorable bonding experience for your little ones with this diverse collection of engaging stories. Dive into this world of adventure, friendship, and essential life lessons with our online, educational, and enjoyable range of stories tailored for the EYFS, preschool, and kindergarten age groups. Happy reading!

Top 28 Stories about bullying for kids to read online:

  1. The Ugly Duckling: The story is about an ugly duckling who is teased and bullied by other animals and even his own family. He runs away to live with wild ducks, but eventually finds out that he is not actually a duck, but a beautiful swan. In the end, he is accepted and praised by others, and realizes how happy he is to have finally found his true identity. The story is available for download as a PDF.
  2. Dick Whittington And His Cat: The story is about a poor orphan boy named Dick Whittington who wanted to go to London. He arrived in London homeless and starving but was taken in by a rich merchant named Fitzwarren. Dick was required to work in the kitchen with a mean chef, but he was assisted by a kind servant and Fitzwarren’s daughter Alice. Dick saved money to buy a cat to get rid of rats and in return, the cat brings good luck and fortune to him. Later on, the cat solved another town’s rat problem, leading Dick to a large amount of gold. He used the money to marry Alice and became mayor of London, using his wealth to improve the city.
  3. The Vain Jackdaw And His Borrowed Feathers: In the story, a Jackdaw becomes envious of the Peacocks’ splendid plumage and thinks that he can fit in with them if he dresses like them. He picks up some of their castoff feathers and sticks them to his own black feathers. When he appears before the Peacocks, they see through his disguise and pluck away not only the borrowed feathers but also some of his own. The Jackdaw returns to his old companions, but they punish him for his previous superior airs by driving him away.
  4. The Lion And The Gnat: In the story, a gnat pesters a lion, insulting his power and stinging him repeatedly, until the lion exhausts himself with rage and wounds. The gnat boasts of his victory, but flies into a spider’s web and is captured, ending his triumph. A downloadable ebook version of the story is available.
  5. Sparrow’s search for the rain: In a village near the sea, an old warrior’s daughter is sought after by many suitors. However, she rejects them all as they are dull and lack substance. The young men of the village vow to break her spirit and bring her sorrow. They turn to Whirlwind, who has the power to cause trouble, and knock the girl down in the mud. Her father seeks justice and Whirlwind is banished from the village, but he leaves with Rain, his blind friend, who does not want to be left alone. With no wind and no rain, the land suffers, and messengers are sent to search for the wandering ones. The animals fail, but Sparrow succeeds in finding Whirlwind and Rain, who return home and bring rain to the land. Sparrow is rewarded and praised for his success.
  6. The kite that went to the moon: Tom creates the biggest kite in the village with a big round moon painted on it by Anna. On their attempt to fly it to the moon, Tom’s kite wouldn’t fly, and other children teased him, making him cry. Tom and Anna search the world for someone who can tell them how to make the kite fly, eventually landing on the moon where they meet the Lady of the Moon. The kite had come to the moon, and Tom and Anna could see it had gone to the moon after all before returning home.
  7. The bad little goblin’s New Year: The story tells of a nasty little goblin called Midnight who likes to play hurtful pranks on the woodland creatures. However, he finds himself in the warmth of a human family’s home where he starts to befriend the children and help them with lost items. On New Year’s Day, he transforms into a golden flame and inspires happiness and warmth in everyone he meets, eventually becoming friends with the very animals he used to torment.
  8. King Frost and King Winter: The story is about King Winter, who lives in a palace made of ice, and has fairy servants who are just like him, cross and spiteful, and never do any kind actions. One day he sees the leaves thickly covered with gold and precious stones, which had been spread upon them by King Frost, to make the trees more beautiful. But looking at them did not satisfy King Winter; he wanted to have the gold for himself. He decides to get it and sends his fairies to beat off all the gold and ruby leaves. This turns King Winter’s anger against King Frost, and they have a great battle. Eventually, King Winter finds himself near his palace, tattered and tugged, and his fairy servants hang beautiful wreaths of white down on all the trees and also trim the branches with their broken spears and darts, which shone like silver in the sunlight.
  9. The tale of the fierce, bad rabbit: The story is about a fierce bad rabbit who wants a nice gentle rabbit’s carrot and takes it without saying please, leading to a scratch on the latter’s body. The good rabbit hides in a hole while a man with a gun mistakes the fierce bad rabbit for a bird and shoots, but all he finds on the bench is the carrot. The good rabbit sees the bad rabbit without a tail and whiskers, realizing what the shooting did. Downloads for an ebook (PDF) and print version of the story are available to read and download.
  10. Dino’s Beautiful Feathers: The story is about a small dinosaur named Dino who lived in a lush green forest with his animal friends. Although happy, he was often teased by other dinosaurs for his bright colorful feathers, so he spent most of his time alone or with other animals. One day, a group of mean dinosaurs tried to pluck out his feathers, so he ran away and found a beautiful meadow filled with friendly dinosaurs who loved his feathers. Dino lived happily with his new friends, proud of his feathers, and learned that it’s okay to be different and to surround yourself with friends who accept and love you for who you are. The story can be downloaded as a PDF.
  11. Benny the scared bat: The story is about a little bat named Benny who is afraid of the dark. He conquers his fear and discovers the beauty of the forest at night. Benny gains confidence and the respect of the other bats, who stop teasing him. Download the PDF ebook to read offline or print.
  12. Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess: A king is told that he can marry a princess if he stands on the tail of her cat, but the cat transforms into an evil wizard who curses the king’s son to be unhappy forever unless he discovers his nose is too long. The prince grows up believing that long noses are beautiful and falls in love with a princess, but the wizard kidnaps her, and the prince meets an old fairy who helps him see that his nose is too long. He rescues the princess, and his nose becomes normal, and they live happily ever after. There is a downloadable ebook available.
  13. The travels of Prince Flamingo: Mrs. Old Turtle, a wise and ancient storyteller, shares the tale of Prince Flamingo, a special white flamingo born on a tropical island. Despite being shunned by his peers and family due to his unusual coloring, the kind turtle inspires Prince Flamingo to follow his destiny and travel to the Emperor’s realm, where he is revered as a prince and adviser. While the story ends with a cliffhanger regarding his love for a princess, Mrs. Old Turtle promises to continue the tale in the future.
  14. The History of the Five Little Pigs: The story begins with a family of five little pigs and their mother, who loved them very much. One day, the oldest pig, Mr. Pig, went to the market with a cart full of vegetables but had to pull it himself because Rusty the donkey was in a bad mood. When he arrived at the market, the other pigs laughed at him, but they laughed less when he told them of his struggles. One of the other pigs, who was very naughty, stayed at home and caused mischief such as breaking his brother’s toys and tying his mother to a chair with a handkerchief. The story continues with two more little pigs, one who was good and careful and always helping his mother and the other who was stubborn and disobedient. Each little pig has their own adventure, with lessons to be learned along the way. The story can be downloaded in ebook (PDF) format.
  15. The Hungry Wolf: In this story, a hungry wolf tries to eat a ram, then a horse, and finally a pig. Each of the animals outwits the wolf with clever tactics, leaving him defeated and hungry. In the end, the wolf is teased by dogs and forced to run back into the forest. A PDF download of the story is available.
  16. The Black Bowl: The story is about a poor girl living with her sick mother in a cottage near a forest. Her mother instructs her to always wear a black bowl on her head, as an alternative to her beauty, which could lead to trouble. After her mother passes away, the girl embarks on a journey for work, and eventually finds a job at a wealthy farmer’s house. His son took interest in her, despite her wearing the bowl, and they eventually got married. On their wedding day, the bowl exploded, revealing that it was filled with jewels, but the groom still cherished his bride even without them.
  17. The Lost Half Hour: The story is about a foolish boy named Bobo who is sent away by his mother to live with Princess Zenza. Bobo is constantly humiliated by the princess and her court but is encouraged by a sweet kitchen maid named Tilda. One day, the princess loses half an hour, and Bobo sets out on a journey to find it. He meets various characters along the way, and with the help of Father Time and his sons, he finds the lost half-hour. Bobo returns to find that Tilda has been taken by a dragon, and he uses the half-hour to go back in time and save her. They are married and live happily ever after.
  18. The Little Singing Frog: A poor winemaker and his wife pray for a child and are blessed with a frog daughter. They love her deeply, but feel ashamed of her when strangers come around. One day, a prince hears the frog girl’s beautiful singing voice and asks to marry her. The winemaker agrees, and the frog girl arrives at the palace in a golden gown on a snow-white rooster with a wheat stalk instead of a flower. The czar is impressed and she marries the prince and becomes a queen.
  19. How the Speckled Hen Got Her Speckles: The story is about a little white hen who finds a letter and wants to deliver it to the king. Along the way, she receives help from a friendly fox, a river, and a fire. However, when she reaches the king, he is unhappy with the dirty letter and orders her to be thrown out. Back in the chicken yard, the fox saves her from being attacked by other fowls, and they escape, leaving the angry royals to eat beef and mutton. The hen is speckled with ash, and her descendants inherit the markings from her adventure.
  20. Mikkel Fox And Bamsa Bear: In the story, Bamsa Bear seeks revenge on Mikkel Fox, who has tricked him many times, by blocking the entrance to Mikkel’s den with stones. However, Mikkel has another entrance and begins to beat Bamsa with a stick from behind. Bamsa eventually escapes the den, feeling embarrassed and defeated. The story highlights the importance of intelligence and cleverness over brute strength.
  21. How the Elephant got his trunk: In the story, while the zookeepers were asleep, the animals were awakened by the chattering in the monkey cage. Jocko and Tito began gossiping about the other animals, sharing silly stories about how they got their physical attributes. When Mr. Elephant hears Jocko’s story about how he got his trunk, he begins to trumpet, causing a ruckus among the other animals and waking up the keepers. Despite the commotion, Jocko and Tito fall asleep, amused by the silly stories they shared. An ebook version (PDF) of the story is available for download.
  22. The plaid trousers of Mr. Raccoon: In this story, Mr. Fox becomes jealous of Mr. Raccoon’s red-and-green plaid trousers and tries many times to buy them or convince Mr. Raccoon to part with them. He eventually comes across a recipe for washing woolen garments and paints his rocking chair to trick Mr. Raccoon into removing the stain from the chair with the recipe, thus also ruining the trousers in the process. Mr. Raccoon is left angry and unable to wear the trousers, and Mr. Fox is satisfied that he no longer has to see Mr. Raccoon wearing them. The story ends with downloads available for an ebook version of the story.
  23. The Disgraced Sugar-Bowl: In the story, the sugar-bowl loses its cover and feels upset because it has never been without one. The teapot and other covered dishes mock the sugar-bowl for being uncovered, but the cream-pitcher shows sympathy and reveals that uncovered dishes are actually washed and polished more often than covered ones. The maid eventually returns with the lost cover, and all the dishes become friends, realizing they are all part of the same family. The sugar-bowl learns a lesson and appreciates the uncovered dishes.
  24. Those who watched Mr. Raccoon: In the story, when the animals in the woods discover that Mr. Raccoon washes his meat before eating it, Reddy Fox plans to bring all the woodland creatures to watch Mr. Raccoon. Mr. Raccoon finds out and tricks them by rolling a rock into the water, soaking the animals and ruining their coats. They blame Reddy Fox, forgetting all about Mr. Raccoon’s strange habit of washing his food. Mr. Raccoon is pleased that he got the last laugh.
  25. Mr. Fox and the Stoat Family: In this story, the Four-Footed Club discusses their scarce and poor food supply. Mr. Fox introduces the idea that the Stoat family is to blame. He convinces Mr. Raccoon and Mr. Possum to help him go to Mr. Man’s barn to spill black paint on the Stoat family to tarnish their white coats. After the Stoat family escapes, they are never seen again, and the animals’ food supply improves. The story ends with the Four-Footed Club enjoying a fine meal and complimenting Mr. Fox’s clever idea.
  26. Ozma and the little wizard: In the story, Princess Ozma and the Wizard of Oz travel throughout the Land of Oz to ensure the happiness of its inhabitants. They come across a man whose only complaint is the mischief caused by three Imps living nearby. The Wizard transforms the Imps into various harmless objects, hoping the spirits of the Imps will eventually repent and become good citizens of Oz. The story ends with Princess Ozma acknowledging the Wizard’s cleverness and offering appreciation for his magic.
  27. The Goblins, The Fairies, And The Moon: The fairies are bothered by mischievous goblins, who scare them and interrupt their play. The Queen asks Mr. Moon Man to help. He suggests a plan and convinces the goblins they are being chased by large creatures, causing them to run away. The fairies are grateful and offer to help Mr. Moon Man if he ever needs them. The story can be downloaded as a PDF for offline reading.
  28. The Gossiping Spring Flowers: The story is about spring flowers that were warned by the singing pines not to come out too soon since winter had not yet departed. However, the flowers ignored the warning as they were excited and eager to show off their new dresses. They even gossiped about the unfashionable pussy-willows and the winter pines who were still in their winter clothes. Unfortunately, winter came back, and the flowers perished, while the pussy-willows survived. Only a few spring flowers emerged in their vibrant spring attire, avoiding gossiping about the pussy-willows who were wiser and endured the winter days.

In conclusion, the Top 28 Stories about bullying provide valuable lessons for kids, inspiring them to stand up against bullying and to show kindness and empathy to others. These stories emphasize the importance of understanding different perspectives, fostering supportive friendships, and adopting a zero-tolerance attitude towards bullying. As kids read these stories online, they learn to navigate challenging social situations and embrace the power of acceptance and unity. Let us encourage our young readers to take these stories as stepping stones towards building a more compassionate and inclusive world for everyone.