Stories About Working Hard

Stories About Working Hard

Welcome to the Top 34 Stories About Working Hard, designed especially for kids, children, and young learners! These free, online, and downloadable bedtime stories are the perfect addition to your collection of enjoyable and educational short tales to tell. Our printable stories come with pictures and easy-to-understand language, making them the best choice for story time, read aloud sessions, or as a fun way to improve English skills. This fantastic compilation includes both classic and modern stories, appealing to both girls and boys who love a good fairy tale before they sleep.

Each story in this collection is filled with morals that emphasize the importance of working hard in our early years, making these tales perfect for preschool, kindergarten, elementary students, EYFS, and toddlers. Stories About Working Hard teach children that perseverance and determination can help overcome challenges, achieve goals, and even lead to a more fulfilling life. Kids will eagerly await their night time routines, knowing that these famous, longer stories will take them on exciting adventures, while empowering them with valuable lessons. So, join us in exploring this incredible collection that combines fun, learning, and life skills, preparing children for the bright futures that await them!

Top 34 Stories About Working Hard for kids to read online:

  1. Sinbad the Sailor: A poor porter named Sinbad complains about the unfairness of life after seeing the luxury of a wealthy merchant’s house. The merchant, also named Sinbad, invites him in and shares his incredible adventures from his seven travels. The porter receives a large amount of gold from Sinbad the Sailor after each story and eventually becomes rich himself. The two become friends and live happily ever after.
  2. Mother Holle: In the story, a hardworking and kind girl is mistreated by her mother and ugly sister, but after falling into a well, she ends up in the home of an old woman called Mother Holle. She works hard and is rewarded with a golden shower and love. When her lazy sister tries to do the same but fails, she is covered in tar instead of gold. The story teaches the importance of hard work, kindness, and how you reap what you sow.
  3. The Gnomes: This story is about how gnomes secretly helped the people of Cologne with their work during the night. The gnomes made bread for the baker, cut beams for the carpenter, made wine for the winemaker, and even made meat into sausages for the butcher. However, when a nosy tailor’s wife scared off the gnomes, they never returned to help again.
  4. The Squirrel Family: The story is about the Squirrel family who lived happily in a big tree in the forest until winter came and they had to collect nuts for the cold season. While collecting nuts, Budge, the youngest squirrel, got distracted and was trapped by two boys who wanted to take him home as a pet. Budge managed to escape and raced back home, where he was welcomed with open arms. He learned his lesson and became a hard worker, collecting nuts with his family to prepare for winter. The story emphasizes the importance of teamwork, responsibility, and hard work.
  5. The Elves and the Shoemaker: A shoemaker, who was barely making ends meet, discovered that his shoes were being made perfectly overnight and he couldn’t explain how. He soon found that two little naked elves were making the shoes for him. The shoemaker and his wife wanted to thank the elves for their help and made them new clothes and tiny shoes. The elves were overjoyed and danced around before leaving and they were never seen again. The shoemaker and his wife lived happily ever after. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  6. Winter Solstice Celebration: In a small village, a family of farmers celebrated winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. To prepare for the coming winter, they slaughtered most of their cattle and cooked up a lavish feast. They reflected on the past year’s accomplishments and bonded over storytelling and games. The family retired feeling connected and content, knowing that every day after the solstice brought them closer to spring. An ebook (PDF) download of the story is available.
  7. Unstoppable: The Tale of a Determined Cheerleader: The story is about a talented cheerleader named Noa who suffered a severe injury, leaving her paralyzed from the shoulders down. Despite her sadness and difficult circumstances, Noa remained determined to recover and live a full life. She worked hard and eventually impressed her coaches with her progress, making a successful return to the cheerleading team. Noa inspired her teammates with her positive attitude and proved that she was still just as talented as ever. While she had bad days, Noa found a supportive community of friends who cheered her on and helped her through tough times.
  8. Fiona the Firetruck Driver: The story follows Fiona, a dedicated firefighter who is always ready to respond to emergencies. She and her team successfully rescue a person trapped in a car after an accident, contain a forest fire, and extinguish a small fire at a nearby building. Despite facing challenges throughout the day, Fiona persists with her expert knowledge and skills, fixing a broken pump to control the last fire. She ends her long shift by preparing the firetruck for the next crew and feeling proud of making a difference as a firefighter.
  9. Saving The Mill: A group of brave and hardworking firefighters in a small town called Maplewood receive a call to put out a difficult fire at an old, abandoned mill on the edge of town. Despite their efforts, the fire seems to grow and spread, and the firefighters face a water shortage when the fire hydrant malfunctions. However, they come up with an idea to get water from a nearby pond, and after several hours of hard work, they finally succeed in putting out the fire and saving the mill. The people of Maplewood are grateful to the firefighters for their bravery and dedication, and they hail them as heroes.
  10. The Fire Crew: The story is about a fire crew in a small town called Millville. The crew, made up of firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and a firetruck driver, works together as a team to keep the community safe. When a fire breaks out, the crew rushes to the scene and works together to extinguish the flames and rescue the family. The story teaches the importance of teamwork in achieving great things. An ebook (PDF) of the story is available for download.
  11. The Island’s Rebirth: The story is about an old man who lives on an island and loves the simple pleasures of life. When an islander discovers a treasure, the old man warns that relying on it will bring greed and selfishness, which will cause people to forget the value of hard work and the importance of taking care of the land. The others do not listen, and after years of indulging themselves, they realize the error of their ways. They turn to the old man for help, and he teaches them how to work the land carefully, slowly restoring it to its former beauty. The old man lives to see the island’s rebirth and dies peacefully, knowing that his beloved home will thrive for generations to come.
  12. The Champions of the Ice: A group of young friends who loved playing ice hockey competed in a tournament and made it to the championship match. After working hard and keeping a positive attitude, they managed to score a goal and win the game. They were known as the champions of the ice hockey tournament and continued to play and have fun together for many years. One of the friends, Sebastian, even became a famous hockey player. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  13. The Thrifty Squirrels: In this story, a family of squirrels live in a hollow oak tree and live a prudent and thrifty life. One winter day, a poor rabbit named Bimny knock on their door, asking for warmth and food. The squirrels took him in and shared their food with him. Bimny was envious of how the squirrels managed to prepare for the winter by storing food, and eventually left to go back to his life of wandering. The story shows the importance of being prudent and saving for the future.
  14. Mrs. Elephant’s Moonlight Dance: A group of forest animals gather together to hold a dance competition with delicious snacks provided by the ladies. Mrs. Kangaroo and Mrs. Leopard both think they will win the prize, but Mrs. Elephant secretly practices her dance with the help of her frog friends. At the competition, Mrs. Kangaroo’s jumping skills fail her, and Mrs. Elephant wows the audience with a beautiful dance and wins the prize. She encourages everyone to keep practicing and says that determination can take you far. The story concludes with download links for the ebook version.
  15. The Star Lovers: The story tells the tale of the Weaving Maiden, daughter of the God of Light, who spends her days weaving clothes for the Gods, always fearful of leaving her loom due to a prophecy of everlasting sorrow. When her father banishes her lover, the Guardian of the Heavens, she becomes careless and happy, but eventually realizes her mistake and returns to her duty. On the Seventh day of the Seventh moon, the magpies build a bridge across the Milky Way river, allowing the Weaving Maiden to cross and reunite with her beloved, but only if the weather is good. True lovers are encouraged to pray for clear skies on this significant day. An ebook download link is also provided.
  16. The Black Bowl: The story is about a poor girl who wears a black bowl on her head and is deemed a beggar. Despite the difficult circumstances, she remains optimistic until her father dies and her mother falls ill. Her mother tells her to keep the bowl on her head and wait for the right time to remove it. Soon, the girl finds work on a rich farmer’s farm and eventually becomes the subject of a romance with the farmer’s son. When they get married, the black bowl explodes, revealing a treasure trove of precious gems, but the groom merely sees the beauty in his bride’s eyes.
  17. Allerleirauh: The story tells of a King who promises his dying wife that he will remarry someone as beautiful as her. When he fails to find such a woman in the world, he decides to marry his own daughter who looks just like her. The daughter is aided by her Protective Fairy who gives her tasks and magical cloaks to help her escape. She ends up working in an inn where she is discovered by a neighboring King. The two fall in love, and he discovers her true identity after three balls. They get married, and the girl’s father marries a new Queen. The story ends with everyone living happily ever after, and the Fairy helping to find a wife for the King.
  18. The Devoted Friend: The story follows a man named Hans and his friendship with a wealthy miller who frequently takes advantage of his kindness. The miller often borrows or takes Hans’ belongings and time, all while preaching the importance of selflessness in true friendship. Eventually, Hans dies tragically while doing a favor for the miller in a storm, and the miller grieves his loss while also lamenting not being able to give him the wheelbarrow he had promised him.
  19. The spindle, the shuttle, and the needle: This is a fairy tale about a girl who inherits a cottage and a set of tools from her godmother. She works hard and becomes skilled in spinning, weaving, and sewing. A prince who is looking for a bride visits her village and asks who the richest and poorest women are. He is told that the girl who lives alone in the cottage at the end of the village is both the poorest and richest. The prince is intrigued and visits the girl, who is hard at work. After showing her skills with the spindle, shuttle, and needle, the prince marries the girl and they live happily together.
  20. A Barnyard Talk: In this story, a cock, hen, cat, and dog argue about who is the most important and helpful animal on the farm. The farmer overhears their argument and explains that they are all important and useful in their own way. He rewards them with food and they all stop disputing. The story emphasizes the importance of collaboration and mutual respect among different creatures. A downloadable PDF version of the story is available.
  21. The Little Lazy Boy: The story is about a lazy boy named Bojr who did not want to work or go to school. One sunny day, he met a bee and a swallow who were busy working, and a dog who explained to him that everyone has to work, even animals. This made Bojr think about his laziness and he decided to go to school and learn to read. From that day on, Bojr worked hard at everything he did, just like the busy bee, the hardworking horse, and the faithful dog.
  22. Edith and the Bees: The story is about a little girl named Edith who goes out to gather flowers for her sick friend, Tommy. She comes across a beautiful rosebud but gets stung by a bee when she goes closer to it. Her father tells her about the bees and takes her to meet a beemaster who shows her how hives work. Edith learns about the different kinds of bees and how they work, gaining a newfound appreciation for them. She decides to tell her friend Tommy all about it. The story is available for download as an eBook.
  23. A Narrow Escape: The story is about two young bees, Buz and Hum, who are allowed to fly for the first time. An older bee guides them, warning them not to go too far from the garden walls. Buz becomes curious about the clover field beyond the walls and disobeys the warning, leading to a near-death experience in a pond. She finally makes it to the safety of a warm stone before returning to the hive, learning to value the advice of friends and the importance of being prepared for unexpected situations. The story highlights the joys and dangers of exploring beyond one’s comfort zone.
  24. Mrs. Flyaway: The story is about a little ant named Mrs. Flyaway who lived in a big ant-hill with other ants. The ants built their house using grass blades as pillars and clay as mortar. Mrs. Flyaway wanted to run away, but the other ants convinced her to stay because they needed her to care for her babies. Eventually, Mrs. Flyaway laid eggs, and with the help of other ants, the eggs hatched into grubs which turned into fully grown ants. The story highlights the hard work, patience, and cooperation of the ants in building their home and caring for their young.
  25. The Plant Household: This is a story about a happy and beautiful household led by a queen, Lady Flower. The household includes upper servants and cooks who all work together to ensure Lady Flower and everyone else has what they need. Despite their different roles, everyone takes pride in their work, and this is what makes the household so happy and harmonious.
  26. The Silkworm: In this story, a young girl named Flora asks a group of hardworking silkworms in a magical forest to spin a long and fine silk robe for her. The silkworms agree to help and work tirelessly for days and weeks until they create a masterpiece of twenty thousand threads. Flora is grateful for their gift and thanks them with tears in her eyes as she dons the beautiful robe that fits her perfectly. The story ends with download links to an ebook version of the story.
  27. The Lily Sisters: The story is about three little sisters who live together in a beautiful palace owned by a Great King. The children are taught by a kindly nurse called Dame Nature to do their work well, but one of the little sisters is always discontented and unable to enjoy the kindness of others. One day the Great King decides to crown the two good little sisters for their loving work, but the other sister realizes too late that she should have tried to do right. The story emphasizes the importance of being grateful and doing good work for others.
  28. Charlie and the Blossoming Earth Day Garden: The story is about a young boy named Charlie who wants to create a garden without using any harmful chemicals. His mother helps him in his project and they rely on natural methods to keep pests away and conserve water. Together, they create a thriving garden that is safe for all living creatures. On Earth Day, they hold a special event in their garden to share their love for the environment with other children and families. As time passes, their influence spreads throughout their town and beyond, inspiring others to create their own Earth Day gardens and adopt eco-friendly practices.
  29. The story of Thomas Jefferson: This story is about a curious boy named Thomas Jefferson who loved to read books, play the violin, and explore the outdoors. He grew up to be a tall, red-haired man with a passion for knowledge, who became a leader and wrote the Declaration of Independence. He was also a great scientist and inventor, designing his own beautiful home and founding a university so that others could learn and become great leaders too. He is celebrated as a founding father of the United States and a symbol of freedom and democracy, whose ideas about individual rights and equality have influenced people all around the world, and left a lasting impact on American history.
  30. The Bee And The Child: In this story, a curious little girl named Lucy meets a busy bee in a beautiful garden. The bee shares its wisdom with Lucy, explaining that childhood is like summer flowers that won’t last forever, so she should use this time to learn and grow. The bee encourages Lucy to cultivate seeds of kindness, knowledge, and love that will carry her through life like a bountiful harvest. The story ends with Lucy cherishing every moment and carrying the bee’s wisdom throughout her life.
  31. The Boy And His Dog: The story follows a young boy named George and his loyal dog, Rover, on their mission to find and safely bring home their cows each summer evening. The cows graze on a vast and vibrant pasture with a gentle brook, colorful flowers, and leafy trees. George and Rover sometimes find the cows resting far from their cottage and work together to herd them back safely. The story highlights the strong bond and teamwork between a boy and his dog while enjoying the beauty of their pastoral paradise.
  32. The Wasp and the Cricket: The Yellow-winged Wasp spends August gathering honey and in September begins digging burrows and hunting for Crickets to feed her babies. The Wasp picks a sandy site and digs with the help of 10-12 other wasps. They eventually finish the burrow and hunt Crickets after a fight which the Wasp always wins. The Wasp paralyzes the Cricket, carrying it back home to store and putting one egg on it. Afterwards, the Wasp seals the burrow, does this 10 times, and moves on to live carelessly until the first cold snap kills her.
  33. The Too-Ambitious Spider: A spider discovers an empty storeroom and decides to make it his home. He begins to repair broken furniture with his webs and soon has a beautiful mirror, a strong chair, and a sturdy table. However, a maid comes in and destroys everything he has made. The spider is discouraged but decides to build himself a regular web in the corner. He realizes that mirrors and chairs were not made for spiders, and he is content with his humble home.
  34. Nim-Nim’s Golden Wings: This story is about a little fairy named Nim-nim who has been unable to win her golden wings like the other fairies, despite wanting them very much. The Queen accompanies her on her mission to find worthy tasks, and they go to help people who are suffering in the city. Although the tasks are humble, Nim-nim realizes they are important and begins to enjoy helping people. Eventually, she wins her golden wings as a result of her kind deeds, which she vows to continue doing wherever she can.

In conclusion, these top 34 stories about working hard teach valuable lessons to kids about the importance of perseverance, determination, and resilience. They showcase how dedication, effort, and a never-give-up attitude can lead to success and personal growth. By reading these stories, kids are inspired to always do their best, face challenges head-on, and believe in their capabilities. Furthermore, these stories serve as empowering examples of how working hard not only builds character but can also transform dreams into reality. As young readers explore these stories, they will be encouraged to embrace the power of hard work and determination in their own lives, ultimately helping them become successful and well-rounded individuals.