Weather Stories For Kindergarten

Weather Stories For Kindergarten

Welcome little explorers to the engaging world of the “Top 36 Weather Stories for Kindergarten”! This delightful collection of tales, perfectly crafted for a read-aloud session, is designed to spark your curiosity about the fascinating world of weather. Encased in our collection is a spectacular array of melodious poems, intriguing tales and awe-inspiring anecdotes about the sun, rain, snow, wind, and so much more! With every turn of the page, you will embark on a new exciting adventure that you can share with your friends and family!

Weather holds an important place in our day-to-day lives. Our compilation of “Weather Stories for Kindergarten,” available in easy-to-access PDF format, aims to foster an early appreciation and understanding of weather phenomenon among children. Not only will these stories develop academic skills, they will also inspire young minds to observe, inquire, and ultimately understand the world in which they live.

Children are naturally interested in the world around them, and weather, being one of the most easily observed phenomena, can quickly captivate their attention. From asking why it’s raining to wondering about the colors and shapes of the clouds, weather questions are common among kindergarten-aged children. Our collection of stories will help satisfy their curiosity, while instilling a love for reading and nature. So, hold on tight little ones, as we journey through the ever-changing skies and beyond with our “Top 36 Weather Stories for Kindergarten”.

Top 36 Weather Stories For Kindergarten

  1. Let It Rain: In this story, Rose is upset because it’s raining and she can’t go outside. But her father helps her see the educational side of rain. He reminds her that rain is important for growing the wheat that makes bread and for watering the flowers and trees in their garden. He also explains how rain powers the mill that grinds the wheat into flour. By the end of the story, Rose understands the value of rain and is happy to see it falling. You can download the story as a PDF ebook to read offline or print.
  2. Uncle Wiggily and the Watering Hose: In this story, Uncle Wiggily tries to find a way to make it rain because there hasn’t been any rain for a long time. He goes up in his airship to look for rain in the clouds, but there isn’t any. He then sees two puppy dog boys spraying water from a hose in their garden. Uncle Wiggily realizes that he can use a watering hose to water Nurse Jane’s garden and cool off a tired ice-wagon horse. The next day, it rains and Uncle Wiggily doesn’t have to use the hose. The story teaches us the importance of water and being kind to animals. You can download the ebook to read offline.
  3. Windy the North Wind: Once upon a time, there was a special wind named Windy who brought wintertime to a faraway land. When the sun forgot to warm the earth, Windy knew it was his time to visit. He blew his cold breath across the land, making the trees shiver and leaves rustle. When he reached the valley, he covered the hills in sparkling white snow and turned the green valley into a winter wonderland. Everyone was surprised but happy because they knew winter had arrived. The children were especially excited because they could have snowball fights and go sledding. Windy’s arrival marked the start of the festive winter season, bringing joy, beauty, and warmth. Without him, winter would not come at all.
  4. The White World: Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal wake up one morning to find that the world has turned white and cold. They are confused and worried, but their friend Robin Redbreast explains that it is snow and will melt soon. Grandmother Sparrow advises them to find shelter and food. They seek refuge behind a house and discover that people are kind to birds during the snow. The snow eventually melts, and the Cardinals find plenty of food. Mrs. Cardinal learns the value of kindness and hopes for no more snowy surprises.
  5. Jack Frost’s Cards: Rudolph, a young boy, lived on a mountain and loved hearing stories about fairies and goblins. One night, a goblin appeared and invited Rudolph to a revel with the goblins. However, the animals in the forest tried to convince the goblins to delay the arrival of Jack Frost and the fall season. After some discussion, the goblins agreed to wait two weeks before starting their work. Rudolph learned the importance of protecting his plants from frost and the goblins promised to fix his roof to keep out rain and frost.
  6. The Great Ice Storm: On a cold and icy day in a small village, a brave girl came up with a clever solution to help everyone get safely to their destinations. She suggested forming a human chain, holding hands and supporting each other on the slippery roads. The villagers worked together and made it through the storm. But the girl didn’t stop there, she gathered the school children and they spread salt on the icy roads, clearing the way for everyone. The villagers learned the power of teamwork and using their skills to overcome obstacles.
  7. How Snowflakes Became Beautiful: Once upon a time, there were two invisible friends called Hydrogen and Oxygen who lived in the sky. They wanted to be beautiful and admired like the stars and clouds, but didn’t know how to become visible. Hydrogen came up with an idea to form snowflakes and fall to the ground so people could see them. They made sure each snowflake had six sides to be unique and special. As the snowflakes fell, people noticed their beauty and admired their perfect shapes. Hydrogen and Oxygen were happy to finally be seen and found their place in the world.
  8. The forest friends and the January thaw: In the heart of the forest, four dear friends – Finn the Fox, Will the Wolf, Barbie the Butterfly, and Matilda the Mouse – eagerly await the arrival of spring. They are thrilled when they see the snow melting and the first signs of spring appearing. Each friend shares their excitement for different aspects of spring, such as exploring new growth, seeing baby animals, admiring blooming flowers, and gathering food for winter. They enjoy a day of exploring the forest and celebrating the end of winter with a grand snowball fight and a thrilling sled race. As they gather around a campfire, they reflect on their winter adventures and appreciate the strong bond of friendship they share. They know that no matter what challenges the future holds, they can rely on each other.
  9. Do What You Can: Once upon a time, there was a farmer who depended on his cornfield to support his family. But the corn began to wither and the farmer was sad. Up in the clouds, two little raindrops saw the farmer’s troubles and wanted to help. Even though they were small, they decided to cheer up the farmer by going to the field. More raindrops joined them until they formed a shower and watered the corn, helping it grow and ripen. This story teaches us that even small acts of kindness can make a big difference. You can read an ebook version of the story for offline reading or printing by clicking the link provided.
  10. Spring and Her Helpers: Once upon a time, Winter received a message from Father Time that Spring was ready to take charge of the land. Winter agreed to go on his vacation and Spring asked for help to make the earth beautiful. The sunbeams melted the ice and snow, the winds brought warmth and dried the land, and the birds sang and cheered Spring on. Together, they made the earth bloom with flowers and brought joy to all. Spring was thankful for her helpers and looked forward to working with them again next year. You can read the complete story here.
  11. The Meeting of the Winds: Once upon a time, the North Wind and the South Wind had a disagreement about their different seasons. The North Wind was upset that the South Wind melted his snow too quickly, and the South Wind explained that it was time for spring and the flowers to bloom. They argued about who had seen more amazing things in their travels, but the river reminded them to appreciate their own homes and be grateful for what they had. The winds agreed to be friends again and promised to respect each other’s seasons. They gave each other gifts as a sign of friendship. The story teaches children about the changing seasons and the importance of friendship and acceptance.
  12. The Wind: In a charming village, children were curious about the wind and its journey. They followed the wind through forests and mountains, marveling at its strength and grace. Although they couldn’t find the answers they sought, an old scholar taught them that the wind’s mystery was part of its charm. The story highlights the educational element of exploring nature and embracing the unknown. A downloadable ebook is available for offline reading or printing.
  13. Jack Rabbit and Mr. Turtle: In this story, it has been raining a lot and all the animals in the woods are in trouble. Jack Rabbit is stuck on a rock and hungry. His friend, Johnnie Squirrel, suggests asking Mr. Owl for help, but Jack Rabbit only wants Mr. Fox. Suddenly, Mr. Turtle appears and offers to help. Jack Rabbit doubts him because he’s slow, but Mr. Turtle reveals that he can swim and has saved many animals before. He offers to carry Jack Rabbit to dry land and Jack Rabbit gratefully accepts. They make it safely and Jack Rabbit learns not to judge someone by their speed. The story ends with Jack Rabbit promising to remember Mr. Turtle’s kindness.
  14. The Battle of the Winds: Old Father Neptune explains to a Little Mermaid that he does not cause big waves and trouble for sailors. He tells her a story about a battle between the North Wind and the East Wind, and how he had to separate them to calm the sea. Father Neptune reassures the Little Mermaid that he helps sailors and does not cause harm. He explains that the waves become troubled when the winds are angry and battling. The Little Mermaid is relieved and understands that Father Neptune is kind to everyone, including sailors.
  15. Uncle Wiggily’s Rain Storm: In this story, Uncle Wiggily Longears wants to go out in the rain to visit his friend Grandfather Goosey Gander. His caretaker, Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, asks him to bring a muskmelon from the store. But Uncle Wiggily decides to bring a watermelon instead, as it won’t get ruined in the rain. On the other side of the forest, two children are sad that they can’t go out to play because of the rain. Uncle Wiggily overhears their complaints and decides to cheer them up by tossing in some nature-themed playthings through their open window. The children are delighted and forget all about the rain. Uncle Wiggily continues on his way, happy to have brought some joy to the children’s day.
  16. Uncle Wiggily Up A Tree: Uncle Wiggily Longears, the old gentleman rabbit, made an airship out of toy balloons, a clothes basket, and an electric fan. But when the balloons burst during a hail storm, Uncle Wiggily fell into a tree. Luckily, a squirrel boy named Johnnie Bushytail helped him climb down using a rope ladder. Although his airship was broken, Uncle Wiggily was determined to fix it and sail again. Kindle caregivers, this story teaches resilience and problem-solving skills while engaging young imaginations. Download the ebook for offline reading or printing.
  17. Uncle Wiggily And The Cake Of Ice: In this story, Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy and Uncle Wiggily prepare for a hot day by putting out a sign asking Mr. Whitewash, the polar bear, to bring them ice. But instead, two squirrel boys take down the sign to use for their lemonade stand, and Mr. Whitewash doesn’t see it. Nurse Jane realizes there is no ice, and Uncle Wiggily goes to get some in his airship, but it melts along the way and causes everyone to think it’s raining. Luckily, Mr. Whitewash returns with a cake of ice and all is well. Uncle Wiggily learns to wrap the ice up next time so it doesn’t melt. The story teaches about problem-solving and the consequences of actions.
  18. Uncle Wiggily And The Thunder Storm: Uncle Wiggily, the rabbit gentleman, takes flight in his airship to avoid getting caught in a thunderstorm. Along the way, he rescues a robin with a broken wing and seeks shelter in a duck pen. Uncle Wiggily helps calm the scared duck girls by encouraging them to pretend that the thunder is just a circus wagon and the lightning is from a trolley car. After the storm passes, Uncle Wiggily continues his adventure and gets the robin’s wing fixed by Dr. Possum.
  19. Uncle Wiggily And The Sheep: Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy and Uncle Wiggily Longears are on vacation in the country woods. Uncle Wiggily goes for a ride in his airship with his friend, the sheep gentleman. They get caught in a hail storm and Uncle Wiggily’s paws become too cold to steer the airship. The sheep gentleman saves the day by offering his wool to make mittens for Uncle Wiggily. They safely land and later enjoy homemade ice cream made from the hailstones. The sheep gentleman then returns to his farm, and Uncle Wiggily goes to sleep.
  20. Uncle Wiggily And Peter-Peter: In this story, Uncle Wiggily the bunny goes on an adventure to help his friend Peter-Peter, the Pumpkin-Eater. Peter-Peter accidentally spills all his pumpkin seeds, and Uncle Wiggily and some sparrow friends help him pick them up. As a thank you, Peter-Peter invites Uncle Wiggily to take shelter in his pumpkin-shell house when it starts raining. The story teaches kindness, friendship, and the importance of helping others. Kids can also download an ebook to read offline or print.
  21. Uncle Wiggily And The Butcher: In this story, Uncle Wiggily Longears, a kind rabbit gentleman, helps Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, a muskrat lady, during a rainstorm. He braves the storm to go to the store and get groceries for her. On his way back, Uncle Wiggily gets caught in a puddle, but luckily the butcher man comes to his rescue. The butcher cuts the tree root capturing Uncle Wiggily’s feet, and the bunny uncle is able to safely return home with the groceries. This story teaches children about bravery and helping others in times of need.
  22. Uncle Wiggily And The Baker: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes out in the rain and ends up getting stuck to a log because it’s so cold and he freezes to it. But then a baker comes along in a tub boat and helps Uncle Wiggily get free by using a hot loaf of bread and a hot potato to melt the ice. Uncle Wiggily is grateful and the baker continues on his way. This story teaches kids about helping others and the importance of kindness.
  23. Who Brought The Harvest?: In a magical land of harvest, there were special creatures representing different elements of nature. The Raindrop boys helped seeds grow, the Sunbeam girls brought warmth and light, the Wind Elf girls brought wind and snow, the Soil Soldier boys provided food to the plants, the Kernels of Corn grew into tall stalks, and the Workers kept the crops free from weeds. Together, they made the harvest bountiful and celebrated their hard work and unity. The story reminds us that everyone has a vital role in nature’s grand scheme and that together, we can make the world a better place.
  24. The Pot Of Gold: In this story, Peter and Polly are sad about the rain on a Saturday. But then they learn that rain is important because it brings flowers and colors. They meet four and twenty Raindrop Fairies who give them umbrellas and take them on an adventure. They find Lady April, who wakes up and brings sunshine and happiness. Peter and Polly learn to always carry sunshine with them, and they become known as “Little Sir Sunshine” and “Little Miss Sunshine.” They even have a song to remember the lesson. You can download the ebook to read it offline or print it.
  25. John’s Big Adventure in the Rain: In a charming little town, there lived a boy named John who loved the rain. He had special gear – yellow boots that could jump over puddles, a blue hat that made him invisible, and a colorful mackintosh that could turn into a tent. Armed with his magical gear, John would venture out into the rain and create his own secret world of sparkling wonder. His friends would join him under the rainbow canopy of his tent. When the rain ended, John would pack away his gear with a satisfied smile. The story celebrates the joy of rainy adventures and the power of imagination. You can download an ebook of the story for offline reading or printing.
  26. Little Johnny’s Rainy Day Adventure: In the town of Sunbeam, Little Johnny loved playing outside and basking in the sunshine. But one day, it started to rain, and Johnny couldn’t play. Instead of being sad, he decided to make the best of it and have an indoor adventure. Eventually, he put on his raincoat and umbrella and went outside to dance and play in the rain. His joy caught the attention of the rain clouds, and they made the rain slow down, revealing a beautiful rainbow. Johnny learned that even on gloomy days, you can find joy if you choose to dance in the rain.
  27. Uncle Wiggily’s Strange Umbrellas: Uncle Wiggily goes on an adventure and it starts raining. He offers his umbrella to Aunt Lettie and later to Mrs. Twistytail, but they decline. Along the way, Uncle Wiggily receives a toadstool umbrella from Mr. Croaker, a Japanese parasol from Mrs. Wibblewobble, and a dishpan umbrella from a tramp dog. He lends them all to others who need them more. Finally, Mr. Stubtail gives him tough pancakes to use as an umbrella. When the Alligator tries to eat Uncle Wiggily, he distracts him with the pancakes and escapes. The sun comes out and everyone is happy.
  28. Uncle Wiggily And The Eel: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes for a walk on the rainy seashore beach with his toadstool umbrella. He sings a happy song and bangs on a tin pan to make some noise. Suddenly, a slippery eel appears and tells Uncle Wiggily not to worry, as it’s used to being squeezed. The eel slips away easily, and Uncle Wiggily continues his search for his fortune. Later, when a fox tries to attack Uncle Wiggily, the eel comes to his rescue. The fox falls into the ocean, and Uncle Wiggily is safe. The story ends with free downloadable resources for further reading.
  29. The Wind’s Fun: One day, the wind visited a town and brought joy and excitement with it. The wind danced through the chimneys, played in the corners, and sang in the trees, inviting everyone to join in the fun. Clothes on the line, leaves on the trees, and a little boy’s hat couldn’t resist the merry tune and started dancing too. The hat, with its blue ribbon, was blown away by the wind, but the determined boy managed to retrieve it, vowing to hold onto it tightly. Meanwhile, the wind continued to make everything dance until it finally blew away. Download the ebook (PDF) to read this delightful story offline or print it for your kindergarten class.
  30. The Wind’s Work: Jan woke up one morning to find his kite sitting sadly in a corner. He hoped for a windy day so he could fly it, but there was no wind. Jan saw that the windmill, the baker, and the washerwoman were all waiting for the wind too. Everyone wished for the wind to blow so they could do their work. Finally, the wind came and everyone could go about their tasks happily. Jan helped the washerwoman and heard a sea captain singing about the wind. When Jan sang along, the wind magically blew his hat off. The wind made the windmill turn, the baker bake, and the sea captain set sail. Jan flew his kite and it flew higher and higher until it slipped away. Download the ebook to read the full story.
  31. The Building-blocks: A group of children had so many toys that their house was filled with blocks. They left them everywhere and caused accidents. Their mother made them clean up and put the blocks away. One rainy day, their mother brought out the blocks and told the children that whoever built the best house would get a prize. Each child built a different house, but their mother couldn’t decide which one was the best, so she gave them all a prize. After playing, they put the blocks away again and looked forward to the next rainy day.
  32. The Lull In The Wind: Once upon a time, there was a grand old Hall surrounded by tall trees. One stormy evening, the wind howled and shook the Hall, scaring everyone inside. But the Scottish Maid, who grew up with the wild winds, seemed entranced by the storm. The Aunt suggested she stay and tell a tale, and everyone agreed. As the wind’s fury turned into a lull, the Maid’s voice filled the Hall with stories of bravery and kindness. The stormy night transformed into a magical evening of shared memories.
  33. F’s Friendly Frolic: In the magical land of Alphabetville, there was a friendly letter named F who loved flowers. F wanted to find a friend to play with among the blooming petals. One day, F met Betty the Butterfly in a field full of colorful flowers. They became fast friends and had fun exploring and sharing stories together. When a storm came, F protected Betty by making an umbrella out of a flower. They realized that their friendship was strong and filled with joy. This heartwarming tale of friendship and adventure teaches children the value of being kind and loyal to their friends.
  34. Brother Wolf And The Rock: Once upon a time, Brother Wolf went on a journey and found a big, round Rock. He wrapped his blanket around the Rock to keep it warm. But when a storm came, Brother Wolf needed his blanket to stay dry, but the Rock wouldn’t give it back. Brother Fox tried to help, but the Rock wouldn’t listen. Eventually, the Rock rolled away in the storm, scraping Brother Fox’s tail along the way. The Rock ended up in a river and Brother Wolf’s blanket floated to shore. Brother Wolf said goodbye to Brother Fox and continued on his journey.
  35. The Happy Hare Seeks The Weather Man: In this story, called “The Happy Hare,” a cheerful hare and a worried crocodile go on a journey to find the Weather Man. They meet different animals along the way who each have their own weather preferences. When they finally meet the Weather Man, he tries to accommodate everyone’s wishes, but there’s a mix-up and a cyclone blows everything away. In the end, the Happy Hare realizes that it’s best to be happy no matter the weather. The story teaches children that it’s okay to have different preferences and that being happy is a choice.
  36. The Mad March Hare: In this educational story, the Mad March Hare is acting silly and making a lot of noise. The Bear, the Beaver, and the Monkey visit him and ask why he’s so mad. The Mad March Hare explains that he sees children getting mad all the time, which makes him sad. So, they all write a story and a song for the children, asking them not to get mad anymore. The children all over the world learn the song and enjoy the story, and instead of getting angry, they whistle and sing. The Mad March Hare becomes happy and sings too.

In conclusion, our top 36 weather stories not only offer a fun and interesting insight into the world of weather for kindergarten kids, but they also serve as a valuable educational tool. Through lively characters and adventurous scenarios, these stories creatively explain various weather phenomena such as rain, snow, storms, and sunshine. By integrating learning with enjoyment, these stories cultivate a sense of curiosity and awareness about the natural world around us, making weather-related concepts easy and intriguing to grasp for young minds.