Harvest Stories

Harvest Stories

Delve into the world of Harvest Stories with our handpicked selection of the Top 4 short tales for children to read online! These stories, splendidly crafted for reading aloud during bedtime, are targeted for our young and eager readers ranging from toddlers to elementary grade kids. The stories are available free of charge as pdf ebooks, you can print them out for off-screen reading.

Harvest Stories are some of the best kids’ tales that weave the theme of harvest with entertaining, funny narratives that not only spark the imagination of preschool and kindergarten children but also inculcate moral values. A delightful blend of pictures and illustrations accompany the text, adding a visual dimension to these stories, enriching the overall reading experience for the children.

In a digital era where kids spend an increasing amount of time online, giving them access to read stories in English, offers them a healthy and educational alternative. Reading Harvest Stories encourages children to learn about different cultures, traditions and introduces them to the concept of gratitude, teamwork, and the importance of hard work. Interwoven with fun and humor, these stories engage kids effectively, helping to enhance their language skills and love for reading.

Top 4 Harvest Stories for kids:

  1. The Sickle Moon: Nothburga, a young maiden in Eben, was known for her love and respect for the Lord. She worked tirelessly for a harsh farmer, but when the Sabbath arrived, she refused to work. In response, she threw her sickle into the sky, where it remained suspended. The farmer, astonished, allowed Nothburga to observe the Sabbath from then on. This tale of bravery and faith continues to inspire, symbolized by the floating sickle in the sky.
  2. The Scarf Of The Lady: “The Field of the Lady” is a story about a generous and kind-hearted lady who allows the impoverished peasants to glean in her field each year. One day, as a storm approaches, she meets a young woman and her child in the field and they seek shelter together. After the storm passes, the lady witnesses a divine vision and is filled with awe and gratitude. The story highlights the power of compassion and the blessings that come from acts of kindness.
  3. The Harvest of King Winter: King Winter gathers his Snow Fairies and Frost Fairies to ask what they have done to make people happy. The Snow Fairies have covered everything in white, bringing joy to children who play in the snow. The Frost Fairies have created beautiful ice decorations. King Winter wants to leave a lasting harvest like the other seasons, so he plans to create ice houses using the help of the Frost Fairies and the North Wind. This way, people can have ice all year round.
  4. Who Brought The Harvest?: In a magical land, various special creatures representing elements of nature lived together. These included Raindrop boys, Sunbeam girls, Wind Elf girls, Soil Soldier boys, Kernels of Corn boys, and Workers. The most brilliant among them was the Harvest Spirit. They all worked together to ensure a bountiful harvest, recognizing that everyone plays a vital role in the grand scheme of nature. Their story serves as a reminder of the importance of unity and cooperation in making the world a better place.

In conclusion, our top four harvest stories aim to entertain and educate children about the importance of hard work, patience, and gratitude through vividly drawn characters and engaging plotlines. From learning about the stages of farming in “The Little Seed’s Journey,” understanding teamwork through “Busy Bee’s Harvest Time,” to developing appreciation for bounty in “The Giving Tree,” and witnessing kindness rewarded in “The Magic Cornfield,” these online tales encapsulate the true spirit of harvest season. Intriguing and replete with life lessons, these stories will surely enrich children’s reading time, making them more aware and understanding of the world around them.