Thanksgiving Stories For Kindergarten

Thanksgiving Stories For Kindergarten

Welcome to our delightful collection of the Top 15 Thanksgiving Stories for Kindergarten! This splendid assortment has been carefully curated for the young and eager minds ready for read-aloud fun and enjoyment at the kindergarten level. All the stories are available in an easy-to-use PDF format, perfect for storytime at home, in the classroom, or even on-the-go. You’ll find delightful tales of turkeys, pilgrims, the first Thanksgiving, and so much more in a style that is simple and short, making it ideal for little attention spans.

Thanksgiving stories for Kindergarten are more than just entertaining tales; they’re incredibly valuable educational tools. These stories have the power to impart essential life lessons, such as the importance of gratitude, the joy of sharing, and the significance of family and friends. Thanksgiving centered narratives are a wonderful way to stimulate children’s imaginations while simultaneously educating them about this significant cultural and historical event. Kids are sure to love these stories as they feature relatable characters and scenarios, brightly colored illustrations, not to mention the amusing acts of our feathery friend, the turkey! So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of Thanksgiving stories, a perfect blend of education and entertainment.

Top 15 Thanksgiving Stories For Kindergarten

  1. The Little Pumpkin: Once upon a time, there was a little pumpkin growing on a vine in a field. He heard that he was supposed to become a Jack-o’-lantern, but he didn’t know how. His brothers and sisters comforted him and encouraged him to just be the best little pumpkin he could be. Eventually, the time came for the pumpkins to be picked, and the little pumpkin was chosen to become a Jack-o’-lantern for the Thanksgiving feast. He was proud and happy because he knew his mother would be proud of him.
  2. Uncle Wiggily’s Thanksgiving: Uncle Wiggily is on a mission to spread thankfulness during the Thanksgiving season. He visits his friends, like Mr. Twistytail the pig and Uncle Butter the goat, and gives them cakes to show his gratitude. Along the way, he encounters a cunning fox and a sneaky wolf, but Uncle Wiggily cleverly escapes their tricks. This heartwarming story teaches children about the importance of gratitude and kindness.
  3. Who Brought The Harvest?: In a magical land, there are special creatures representing different elements of nature. The Raindrop boys help seeds grow by providing moisture, while the Sunbeam girls bring warmth and light to the earth. The Wind Elf girls bring different types of wind and snow, and the Soil Soldier boys provide food for plants. The Kernels of Corn grow into tall stalks with the help of sunshine and rain, and the Workers keep the crops free from weeds. Together, they all contribute to a bountiful harvest. This story reminds us that everyone has an important role to play in making the world a better place.
  4. The Thankful Mouse And Giddy The Cat: Once upon a Thanksgiving morning, there was a hungry cat named Giddy. She saw a mouse named Thankful eating corn in the field. Giddy wanted to eat the mouse and thought it would be thankful to become her meal. But Thankful overheard and had a plan. He gave Giddy a big ear of corn as a lesson about true thankfulness. Giddy learned that gratitude is about sharing, not eating others. Thankful became a hero, known for his wisdom and courage. Giddy became a thankful cat too. Download the ebook to read the story offline.
  5. Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pies: Grandma Margaret is a kind and gentle old woman who treasures the simple joys of life. She prefers homemade pumpkin pies and the love of her community over fancy city living. When she receives an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner, she is transported back to her childhood and relishes in the familiar tastes and warm company. It is the best Thanksgiving she has had in years, and she is grateful for the chance to relive her cherished memories. In the end, she walks back to her cozy home, carrying with her the taste of her mother’s pumpkin pies and the warmth of a true Thanksgiving celebration.
  6. How Patty Gave Thanks: On a cold November night, the animals in the barn were cozy and warm. Farmer Gray had closed all the doors to keep out the winter weather. As the animals settled in for the night, they were surprised by a kind gesture from little Patty. The cow received thanks for her milk, butter, cream, and cheese. The horse was grateful for all the rides he had given Patty. And the sheep was touched when Patty brought them an extra dish of salt. Patty’s gratitude made the animals happy, and they all went to sleep feeling loved and appreciated.
  7. Polly’s Extraordinary Thanksgiving: Polly is a delightful little girl who loves Thanksgiving and good food. Unfortunately, she falls ill with measles right before the holiday and can’t enjoy the feast. Feeling sad, Polly writes a heartfelt letter to the governor, asking for another Thanksgiving Day just for her. Surprisingly, the governor responds and grants her wish, declaring a special Thanksgiving Day on December 9th. Polly and her family have the most extraordinary Thanksgiving ever, making it a day she will always remember. Download the ebook to read the full story offline.
  8. Three Guesses: Once upon a time, a grandmother visited her family for Thanksgiving. She had presents for her three grandchildren, but they had to guess what they were. Jamie’s present was an apple with brown seeds. Jack received hickory nuts from a tree, and Isabel got an egg from the haystack. The children were good guessers, and they thanked their grandma for the wonderful gifts. If you want to read more, you can download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  9. The Turkey Escape: Four-year-old Billy ‘Biscuit’ Baker dreamed of eating as much turkey as his belly could hold. But his dream hadn’t come true when he turned eight. Biscuit’s mother, Mama Baker, raised chickens to help Biscuit start his own business. Biscuit and his best friend Tadpole loved turkey, but they could only have it once a year on Thanksgiving. One day, they found a special egg in the henhouse and it hatched into a turkey chick. They named it Turkey Trot and planned to share it for Thanksgiving. But just before the feast, Turkey Trot flew away on a passing train. Biscuit and Tadpole were left without their Thanksgiving feast, but they hoped Turkey Trot was living a happy life as a traveling turkey.
  10. Thanksgiving Dinner At Lathem’s Farm: Once upon a time, there was a wise farmer named Lathem who knew all about the seasons and nature. When winter was coming, he would say it was time for Thanksgiving. In the village, everyone gathered with their families for a big feast. Farmer Lathem’s farm was the best place for Thanksgiving dinner, and the whole family worked together to cook delicious food from their own farm. The children even helped in their own special ways. On the day of the feast, the house was filled with the smells of pies and spices, and everyone came to enjoy the food and make happy memories. As the evening turned to night, the family sat around the fire and told stories, keeping the traditions of Thanksgiving alive. Every year, the Lathem family’s Thanksgiving dinner brought warmth, love, and memories to all who were part of it, and the legacy continued for generations.
  11. Grandma’s Thanksgiving Story: In this heartwarming story, grandma gathers her grandchildren around her to tell a special Thanksgiving tale. She takes them back in time to when brave Puritans sailed on the Mayflower to find a new life in America. The children listen with wonder as grandma shares the challenges they faced and the joy they felt when they celebrated their first harvest. Through the story, the children learn about the importance of gratitude and giving thanks for all the blessings in their lives. As they drift off to sleep, their minds are filled with images of the Mayflower and their hearts warmed by the anticipation of Thanksgiving Day.
  12. Thanksgiving Twilight: In a beautiful town, everyone eagerly awaits Thanksgiving. On this special day, something magical happens. As evening approaches, the sky changes, and the northern lights dance across the clouds. The new moon peeks through the trees, creating a dreamy glow. During this enchanting moment, a loving couple named John and Martha gather their children and grandchildren by the fireplace. They share laughter, memories, and love, creating a warm and joyful Thanksgiving celebration. This magical twilight of togetherness and shared stories fills the children’s hearts with happiness and anticipation for many more Thanksgivings to come. You can download an ebook version of the story to read offline or print.
  13. The Tale of Two Turkeys: In a small village, best friends Submit and Sarah have a bet to see whose turkey will be heavier for Thanksgiving. Submit becomes anxious and secretly adds stones to their turkey to make it heavier. When it’s time to weigh the turkeys, Submit’s turkey is declared the heaviest, but she feels guilty. Sarah sadly gives Submit her beloved doll as a bet prize. Both girls are punished, but their families show forgiveness and kindness. They learn the importance of honesty and forgiveness, and their Thanksgiving becomes meaningful.
  14. A Friend In Need: In this story, the Funny Fox wants to eat his delicious turkey, but someone keeps playing tricks on him! They keep interrupting him with messages about cranberries, potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Finally, the turkey disappears, and the Funny Fox is very upset. Luckily, the Bold Badger comes to the rescue and invites the Funny Fox and his family to a Thanksgiving dinner. The moral of the story is that a friend in need is a friend indeed. You can download the ebook to read offline or print it if you’d like!
  15. Bold Badger: is a heartwarming story about a family of foxes who go to celebrate Thanksgiving with their friend, the Bold Badger. They all dress up in their best clothes and bring a delicious turkey to share. The animals have a lovely feast and the little foxes remember to behave well. It’s a fun story that teaches children about friendship, gratitude, and good manners. You can even download a free ebook version to read offline or print for your kindergarten class.

In conclusion, the Top 15 Thanksgiving Stories for Kindergarten offer fun, educational, and heartwarming narratives that align with the spirit of gratitude and sharing. These stories, with their vibrant illustrations and engaging texts, will not only enhance the children’s reading abilities, but also cultivate their understanding of Thanksgiving traditions and values. With the light of friendship, unity, and gratitude in each story, kids can warmly appreciate the essence of Thanksgiving, making reading them online a wonderful activity to be included in their holiday celebration.