Washington D.C. Tops the Charts: 111% More Bedtime Story Searches than National Average

Washington D.C., known for its political prowess and historical significance, has now earned a new accolade, according to research from Ririro.com: it’s the U.S. capital of bedtime stories. Surpassing the national average by a remarkable +111%, D.C.’s families are keeping the tradition of bedtime reading alive more than anywhere else in the country, followed by Hawaii (+35%) in second place and Alaska (+31%) in third.

Long valued for their ability to broaden vocabulary, sharpen concentration, aid emotional development, and contribute to the holistic education of children, bedtime stories remain a vital educational tool. This sentiment is strongly echoed in the capital, where online searches for bedtime stories surpass those in any other region.

On the other end of the spectrum, Pennsylvania scores -29% below the national average, with Michigan (-27%), Ohio (-25%), New York (-24%), and Illinois (-22%) completing the bottom of the list.

Comparing regions as defined by the United States Census Bureau, the Mountain states (+18%) and New England (+11%) come out on top, while the East North Central (-15%) and Middle Atlantic (-15%) show the least interest in bedtime stories.

Interested in how your state compares? Explore the full table below and see how your state’s interest in bedtime stories measures up to the national average.

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