The Ungrateful Son

Once upon a time a man and his wife were sitting in front of their house ready to eat a roasted chicken. But then the man saw his old father walk towards them. He quickly hid the chicken, because he didn’t want to share it with his father. The old man arrived, drank a glass of beer and went home. The son wanted to put the roasted chicken back on the table, but when he touched it, the chicken changed into a big duck that flew into the son’s face and wasn’t planning on getting off.

When somebody tried to remove the duck, the duck viciously clung on. Nobody was allowed to touch her and the ungrateful son had to feed her everyday otherwise she would have torn him to pieces. All of his friends tried to free him from the animal, but nothing worked!

As soon as somebody tried to remove the duck, the duck would press her nails into the son’s flesh, who would then scream out in pain: ‘Never mind! It hurts too much!’ It took a long time before the man started to think about the cause of this disaster. And when he finally understood what he did wrong, it took a long time for him to come to terms with it.

A while later, they again sat by the front door with a roasted chicken that they were planning to eat. Again he saw his old father walk up to them. When he came close, the son got up and walked towards him. The father startled and asked: ‘My son, why do you have that ugly duck on your face? Remove it!’

‘Unfortunately’, said the son. “I can not and nobody can.’ And he fell to his fathers feet, confessed his greed and asked for forgiveness. ‘I forgive you, my son’, said the father. And in that instant the duck turned into the roasted chicken.

Together they ate the meal. ‘It tastes delicious!’, said the old man. ‘These chickens are roasted well.’ ‘And it tastes good to me too, because you forgave me’, the son answered.