The Naughty Boy

Once upon a time there was a good mannered, old poet. He was sitting warm and dry at home while outside there was thunder and rain. He thought to himself: “The poor souls outside tonight will get ice cold and soaking wet.

All of a sudden he heard a child cry out: “Help me! Please let me in!” The poet quickly opened the door and let the poor child in. It was a little boy, he was naked and his blonde hair was dripping wet. He was shaking from the cold and rain.

“You poor little child,” said the poet. “You come in now, it’s nice and warm here. Here’s an apple and some wine, for you are a sweet child.”

And that he was with his curly hair and bright starry eyes. He looked like a little angel. In his hand he held a beautiful bow, but it was dripping wet too. The old poet sat with the child by the fire and the child started to feel much better. His cheeks became rosy, he sang songs and danced around the old poet. “You are such a happy boy!,” said the poet, “What is your name?”

“My name is Amor, don’t you know me? I shoot with my bow, you better watch out.” In the meantime the rain stopped and the moon started shining outside. “Your bow is ruined by the rain,” said the poet. “It looks ugly,” said the boy, “but it’s still working. I’m going to give it a try…,” and BOOM he aimed and shot an arrow straight at the heart of the old poet.

“You see, my bow is still working,” he laughed and disappeared. So actually he was a very naughty boy. He had shot the nice old poet who had been so nice to him. The poet was laying on the ground and weeping. He was shot in the heart. Amor was a really bad boy. The poet decided to warn the other children about Amor because he would want to harm them too.

All the sweet children tried to stay out of his way, but Amor was very very smart so he tricked young and old! When college students were coming out of their class, he would walk beside them with a long black coat and a book under his arm. Everybody thought he was a student too, but then he whips out his arrows.

He is always chasing people. In the theatre he hides between the chandelier to make it look as if he’s part of the lightning feature, but then…he shoots his arrows! He also walks around in the park of the king!

He chases everybody and shoots his arrows at everyone. Everyone is bound to be shot in the heart by Amor at one point in time. Can you imagine! He even shot our sweet little grandma , but that was a long long time ago. But still…she has never forgotten it.

But now that you’ve heard of him, you know that it is better to watch out for naughty little Amor!