Stories About Forgiveness

Stories About Forgiveness

Welcome to the Top 10 Stories About Forgiveness, a wonderful collection of short stories perfect for kids, children, and even toddlers to read online! These delightful bedtime tales are available in a free printable PDF format, making them easily accessible for download and ready to enjoy in no time. Our assortment of stories comes with fun and easy-to-understand pictures, perfect for early years, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students to enjoy. With an audio and English adaptation available, these wonderful tales are perfect for story time, read aloud sessions, or for falling asleep to at night.

Each story in this collection has been carefully curated to ensure that they are educational and age-appropriate for children between the ages of 3-12. These stories are not only classic and famous but also teach valuable moral lessons, providing timeless wisdom and guidance. Stories About Forgiveness are particularly important because they teach children the power of letting go, embracing empathy and understanding, and cultivating kindness.

Both boys and girls will be captivated by these magical fairy tales, featuring courageous heroes and heroines, endearing animals, and unforgettable adventures. As your child reads these stories, they will be transported to fantastical worlds while also learning the importance of forgiveness in our daily lives. So let your little ones cozy up under a blanket and immerse themselves in the world of these good, classic tales; it’s time for some fun and memorable night time story sessions.

Top 10 Stories About Forgiveness for kids to read online:

  1. The Nightingale: In this story, set in ancient China, an emperor learns about a nightingale whose beautiful song is more wondrous than all the riches of his palace. The emperor sends his servant to bring the bird to him to hear it sing, and the nightingale agrees to perform. The emperor becomes attached to the bird and asks it to sing for him every day. However, when he receives a golden singing automaton and becomes obsessed with it, the nightingale disappears. The automate eventually breaks, and the emperor becomes gravely ill, but the nightingale returns to revive him with its song. From this experience, the emperor learns a valuable lesson about true beauty and wisdom.
  2. The Forgiveness Walk: In a Nigerian village, the Forgiveness Walk tradition on New Year’s Eve involves visiting those who have been hurt and asking for forgiveness. Musa, who had been in an argument with his best friend Aisha, had a dream that convinced him to participate. Despite his nervousness, he visited Aisha, asked for forgiveness, and they became friends again. They walked around the village, played the drums, and sang songs of hope and happiness, knowing that they had started the new year off on the right foot. An ebook version in PDF format is available for download.
  3. The cave of the beasts: This is a story about seven daughters whose father planned on abandoning them in the mountains for the wolves to eat. However, they found refuge in a cave filled with precious stones and jewels belonging to a wolf and a fox. When the wolf and fox returned, the girls trapped and killed them. Later, when their father returned to look for them, the girls shared their incredible experience, and the family became wealthy from the treasures in the cave.
  4. King Lear: In this story, King Lear wishes to divide his kingdom among his three daughters and asks them how much they love him. Goneril and Regan give extravagant expressions of love, but his youngest daughter Cordelia simply says that she loves him according to her duty. Displeased, Lear banishes Cordelia, divides the kingdom between his other daughters, and goes to live with them in turn. However, both daughters mistreat him, and he ends up wandering the fields half-mad with despair until Cordelia and her husband rescue him. In the end, Goneril and Regan combine their armies to fight against Cordelia, and all three of them die.
  5. The Tempest: The story follows Prospero, the Duke of Milan, who trusted his brother Antonio with managing his duchy. However, Antonio betrayed his trust and seized the duchy with the help of Alonso, the King of Naples. Prospero and his daughter were left to die at sea, but they washed up on an enchanted island. With his magic, Prospero freed the spirits trapped on the island, and they became his loyal subjects. Years later, when his enemies sailed by his island, Prospero used his magic to cause a great storm and seek revenge. However, in the end, he forgave his enemies and even ensured the happy marriage of his daughter.
  6. The Child of Maria: The story is about a poor woodcutter and his wife who give their child to Maria, the mother of baby Jesus, who promises to take care of her. When the child turns 14, Maria gives her the keys to Heaven with instructions not to open the thirteenth door. The girl becomes curious and disobeys, causing her finger to turn into gold. She lies to Maria, loses her place in Heaven and is sent to live in the wilderness as punishment. She is later rescued by a king and becomes queen, but when her children disappear, people accuse her of cannibalism. She is sentenced to death but regains her tongue and confesses her sin. Maria forgives her and gives her children back, bringing happiness to her life.
  7. The Lost Half Hour: In this fairytale, a foolish boy named Bobo is sent on a quest to find a lost half-hour for the princess. He travels the world, experiencing strange and perilous encounters, before finally finding the half-hour in the possession of Father Time. After returning to the castle, Bobo uses the half-hour to save his true love Tilda from a dragon, and they live happily ever after.
  8. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Attacked by the Fighting Trees: After receiving kind treatment in the City of Emeralds, Dorothy and her friends set off on a journey to find a way back home. They encounter a forest where the trees seem to be fighting them, and finally reach a high wall made of white china. The Tin Woodman makes a ladder for them to climb over, but they don’t know what lies ahead in this strange and magical land.
  9. The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle: In this story, a helpful assistant assists the main character by providing guidance and completing tasks. The assistant plays a significant role in facilitating the main character’s success throughout the story.
  10. Tiktok and the Nome King: In this story, the Clockwork Man named Tiktok visits the Nome King to request new parts for his mechanical body, but the angry king smashes Tiktok to pieces with his mace. The Chief Steward puts Tiktok back together and the Clockwork Man later scares the Nome King, who promises to make amends by giving Tiktok jewels for the princess of Oz. A PDF version of the story can be downloaded.

In conclusion, these top 10 stories about forgiveness serve as a powerful reminder for kids about the importance of letting go of grudges, accepting others’ mistakes, and moving forward with a compassionate heart. By recognizing the value of forgiveness, kids can develop strong relationships and foster a sense of empathy, unity, and acceptance in their everyday lives. Each of these tales teaches valuable life lessons that encourage not only personal growth but also a more harmonious world. As children read through these stories, they are sure to be inspired and empowered to practice forgiveness and kindness towards all, building a brighter and more loving future for everyone.