Christmas Eve Stories

Christmas Eve Stories

As the twinkling lights of Christmas Eve dance across the night sky and the anticipation of a magical morning looms, there’s no better way to end the day than with a heartwarming bedtime story. Imagine, a cozy room filled with children – toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten and elementary students alike – huddled around, eagerly waiting for a classic Christmas Eve tale to be read aloud.

In the world of early years foundation stage (EYFS), nurturing the love of reading and learning among children plays a vital role. What’s more enchanting than adding a sprinkle of holiday magic to this educational journey? As Christmas draws near, we’ve curated the perfect collection of famous Christmas stories, combining good old classics and some delightful new favorites, for an unforgettable story time.

Our handpicked selection of the 10 best Christmas Eve stories are more than just tales for kids; they are fairy tales with morals that are both fun and educational, ideal for girls and boys. From shorter reads to tell in a rush before sleep, to longer narratives to dive deeper into the festive spirit, there’s a tale for every bedtime.

This joyous anthology can be accessed for free online, each story available as a printable pdf, allowing children to either read or follow along as they listen to the engaging audio versions. We believe that every child deserves an enchanting night time read, filled with the excitement and wonder that the season brings.

These stories are easy to understand, with colorful pictures that make each page a delight to explore. Furthermore, you can download and print these enchanting narratives, creating a personal collection that your kids can treasure beyond the holiday season.

Whether you are looking for a short tale to tell over dinner or a longer story for the quiet moments before the kids fall asleep, we’ve got you covered. Come, immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas, let the joyous tales spark imagination and inspire dreams filled with tinsel and twinkling lights. After all, there’s nothing quite like a good bedtime story to conclude the day and welcome a bright and shiny Christmas morning.

Join us, as we journey through the magic of Christmas Eve, one story at a time. Embark on an adventure that will last beyond the early years, a tradition your family can look forward to every holiday season. Our collection of bedtime stories are sure to create fond memories and fill your home with the kind of cheer that only Christmas can bring.

Top 10 Christmas Eve Stories:

  1. A Kidnapped Santa Claus: Santa Claus lives in the Laughing Valley, where he and his magical helpers manufacture toys for children all year round. The valley is a happy and content place, but the Daemons who live in the nearby Caves grow to hate Santa Claus because he brings joy to children. The Daemons hold a meeting to plot against Santa, but their attempts to tempt, envy, and make him hate others fail. They resort to kidnapping Santa on Christmas Eve, hoping to ruin the holiday for children. However, Santa’s loyal assistants take charge and distribute the toys themselves. They eventually learn of Santa’s capture and, with the help of the Fairy Queen, rescue him. Santa Claus returns home to his castle, grateful for the support of his friends and the successful delivery of gifts, while the defeated Daemons learn their lesson and never interfere with Santa’s work again.
  2. What Happened Christmas Eve: On Christmas Eve, Jessie and Fred eagerly await the arrival of Santa Claus. Unable to sleep, they sneak downstairs and catch a glimpse of what they believe to be Santa on the roof. They also encounter a mouse trying to get to the Christmas treats. Returning to bed, they eventually fall asleep. The next morning, they discover that Santa Claus has brought them gifts—a train and a sweater for Fred, and a doll and a dress for Jessie. To their surprise, there is also a cute white kitten on Fred’s new sweater, fulfilling his wish for a live Christmas present. The family celebrates a merry Christmas together.
  3. A Letter From Santa Claus: In this letter from Santa Claus to Susie Clemens, he acknowledges receiving her and her sister’s letters and assures them that he can read their handwriting. He apologizes for any mistakes he made when reading the letters dictated by their mother and nurses due to his difficulty with English writing. Santa plans to visit Susie’s house and inquire about a trunk full of doll’s clothes mentioned in her mother’s letter. He gives specific instructions for his arrival, including blindfolding George, speaking through a tube, and ensuring everyone remains quiet. Santa promises to retrieve the requested items from the moon and come down the chimney to deliver them. He asks Susie to leave any snow or marks as a reminder to be good, and he signs the letter as “The Man in the Moon.”
  4. The Burglar’s Christmas: On Christmas Eve, two destitute young men stand on a street corner in Chicago, feeling hopeless as they watch carriages pass by. One of them contemplates resorting to theft to satisfy their hunger. However, when he enters a house to steal valuables, he encounters his own mother, who recognizes him and embraces him. Overwhelmed with shame and regret, he confesses his intentions, but his mother reassures him with unconditional love and understanding. They share a heartfelt reunion, and he realizes the emptiness of his previous pursuits. As they sit together by the fire, he finds solace in the warmth of his mother’s love and contemplates the possibility of redemption and a new beginning.
  5. The True Spirit Of Christmas: Sophia, a young woman who adored Christmas, dreamed of hosting the perfect holiday dinner for her family. Determined to make it a reality, she rented a beautiful venue to accommodate everyone. Sophia planned meticulously, but as the day approached, she realized she had overspent and couldn’t afford the extravagant dinner. Devastated, she met a stranger who reminded her of the true spirit of Christmas – being together with loved ones. Sophia made the tough decision to return the expensive items and instead invited her family to her small house, where each person would bring a dish and a small present. The dinner turned out to be a great success, filled with joy and love. Sophia learned that the most important aspect of Christmas was the cherished moments shared with family, and they started a new tradition to celebrate together each year.
  6. The Old Oak Tree’s Last Dream: In a wood stood a majestic Oak tree that had lived for 365 years, experiencing the passing of time differently than humans. Each summer, Day-flies danced around the tree, living their short lives happily while the tree marveled at their fleeting existence. The Oak and the Day-fly debated the significance of their respective lifespans, but the Day-fly found joy in the present moments. As winter approached, the tree prepared for its hibernation, and a kind of dream took hold. In its dream, the Oak relived memories of past generations, envisioning knights, lovers, and music. It longed for the presence of all the other trees and creatures it had known. In the midst of this dream, a storm struck, and the ancient Oak fell. On Christmas morning, the sun rose, and the sea calmed. The fallen tree was mourned by sailors, who recognized its irreplaceable significance. As a hymn resonated from a ship, celebrating Christmas and eternal life, the tree’s final dream paralleled the spiritual journey of redemption and everlasting joy.
  7. A Christmas Tale Of Friendship: On a cold Christmas Eve, a lonely stray cat desperately searches for food and shelter but is met with rejection and hostility from humans and fellow cats alike. Just as he is about to give up hope, he catches the attention of an elderly woman who welcomes him into her home. They share a meal, find companionship, and create a bond that brings them joy and banishes their loneliness forever.
  8. A Family Christmas Surprise: Olivia and Jayden, whose parents always had to work on Christmas Day, would spend the holiday at their aunt’s house feeling a bit sad. However, this year, their parents surprised them by taking the day off and showing up at their aunt’s house for Christmas dinner. Overjoyed, the family shared a delicious meal, opened presents, and enjoyed each other’s company. From that day on, Olivia and Jayden never felt sad on Christmas again, as they knew the love and happiness of spending the holidays with their parents was the greatest gift of all.
  9. The Christmas Story: In the town of Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph welcomed their baby, Jesus, in a humble stable. Shepherds, guided by an angel’s message, visited the newborn and spread the news of the savior’s birth. As Jesus grew, he shared his love and performed miracles, exemplifying kindness and helping those in need. One Christmas, Jesus fed a hungry village with a small amount of food, reminding them of the true spirit of Christmas. From then on, Christmas became a celebration of Jesus’ birth and a time to embrace love, joy, and gratitude.
  10. Why The Sea Is Salt: In a tale of two brothers, one rich and one poor, the poor brother asked for food on Christmas Eve. Reluctantly, the rich brother gave him a piece of bacon and told him to go to hell. Taking his brother’s words literally, the poor brother set off with the bacon and stumbled upon a barn where an old man advised him to trade the bacon for a hand mill in hell. When the poor brother entered hell, the devils eagerly offered to buy the bacon, and he exchanged it for the hand mill. With the hand mill, he could grind anything and produced endless delicious food. Jealous, the rich brother borrowed the hand mill but failed to control it, causing chaos with an overflow of soup. Fleeing back to his brother, he returned the hand mill in exchange for another payment. The poor brother used the hand mill to build a golden farm by the sea. When a sailor came seeking the mill, the poor brother traded it for his cargo of salt. Unaware of how to operate it, the sailor flooded his ship with salt, causing it to sink. The hand mill continues to grind salt at the bottom of the sea, explaining why the sea is salty.

As we draw the curtains on this magical journey, let these cherished Christmas Eve stories become a part of your family’s holiday tradition. Engage your kids with these educational, fun, and moral-infused tales that bring to life the enchanting world of Christmas, creating beautiful memories to last a lifetime. Whether you’re snuggling with toddlers, sharing a laugh with kindergarteners, or inspiring elementary students, each story in this collection promises to add a sparkle to your festive nights. After all, there’s no better way to embrace the magic of Christmas Eve than by nurturing the love of reading, one delightful story at a time. Here’s to sweet dreams filled with twinkling lights, jingling bells, and heartwarming tales that echo the joyous spirit of Christmas!