Stories About December

Stories About December

Welcome to the Top 10 Stories About December – an amazing and fun collection designed especially for kids! This delightful assortment of bedtime tales for children is perfect to read online as they drift off to sleep. With a range of stories available in pdf format, these captivating tales are free to download and even printable, bringing the joy of learning right to your fingertips. Our educational, short stories are packed with exciting adventures that are perfect for story time and read aloud sessions.

Featuring vibrant pictures and an easy-to-understand language, our best selection includes classic favorites and new tales that will spark the imagination of both girls and boys. The audio version is a great option for auditory learners and will keep your little ones entertained during those cozy night-time reading sessions. Discover famous fairy tales, moral lessons and longer stories in English that are tailored for preschool, kindergarten, early years foundation stage (EYFS), toddlers and elementary students.

So, snuggle up with your little ones and let the world of magic, laughter and adventure unfold before their eyes with this wonderful collection of the Top 10 Stories About December. Happy reading!

Top 10 Stories About December for kids to read online:

  1. A Christmas present for mother: The story is about a little prince who wants to get the perfect Christmas gift for his mother, who is recovering from an illness. She requests a simple jar of rosemary, but it proves difficult to find. The little prince searches everywhere and even offers a purse of gold to an old woman who had a rosemary plant, but she refuses to part with it. On Christmas Eve, the little prince gives away his beloved magical ball to the old woman’s sick grandchild and in return, she gives him the rosemary plant. The little prince happily presents it to his grateful mother, who treasures it more than any of her other gifts.
  2. What happened Christmas eve: The story is about two children excited for Christmas and trying to catch Santa before he rides off. They see something climbing up the roof of their cousin’s house, which turns out to be Santa’s sleigh and reindeer. Later, their dad brings in a big, white cat carrying a tiny kitten and lets them stay inside until morning. Santa Claus leaves gifts for the children under the Christmas tree, and Fred receives a live Christmas present, a cute white kitten. The family all says “Merry Christmas” together in the end.
  3. Old Mother Bear’s Christmas stocking: A kind-hearted old Mother Bear spends her time knitting stockings for anyone in need and giving them away to those who ask, including a monkey, a tramp dog, a mad March hare, a cousin nanny goat, and a rabbit. When her animal friends realize that she hasn’t made a stocking for herself and Santa Claus is coming soon, they surprise her with a big stocking filled with gifts. Santa Claus and Old Mother Bear dance happily together, and he wears the new red socks she knit for him.
  4. Little Gretchen and the wooden shoe on Christmas morning: In this story, Little Gretchen and her grandmother are poor and unable to afford toys for Christmas. Despite this, Gretchen wants to do what she can to make the holiday special. On Christmas Day, she wakes up to find a chick-a-dee in her grandmother’s wooden shoe, which they nurse back to health. Gretchen also brings green pine branches to a sick man and enjoys the Christmas toys of other children without wishing they were hers. Granny tells Gretchen that there is nothing more lovely in the world than Christmas, especially with loving hearts like theirs.
  5. Uncle Wiggily’s Christmas: In this Christmas story, Uncle Wiggily brave the snowstorm to go shopping with Grandfather Goosey Gander for Christmas presents. Along the way, he meets animal friends who are preparing for Christmas. After overhearing two boys who won’t receive any Christmas presents because of their soot-filled chimneys, Uncle Wiggily recruits his crow friends to help deliver presents down the chimneys. The crows successfully deliver the presents and spread Christmas cheer. The story ends with everyone wishing each other a Merry Christmas.
  6. A Family Christmas Surprise: The story is about Olivia and Jayden, whose parents always work on Christmas Day, making the kids feel sad during Christmas time. This year, their parents surprise them with a special Christmas present by taking the day off from work and showing up at their aunt’s house for Christmas dinner with big bags of presents. They enjoyed the dinner and had the best time ever. Olivia and Jayden were so happy that their parents were there with them, and from that day on, they never felt sad on Christmas again.
  7. The Magic of Christmas Lights: In this heartwarming story, an old grandma who spends her days alone and lonely is filled with joy as she watches her young neighbors decorate their house with Christmas lights. One day, she thanks them for bringing her happiness, and they invite her to join them for Christmas dinner. From that day on, she is invited to their home every Friday, no longer lonely because she now has a new family to spend her days with. The story emphasizes the importance of kindness and the magic of Christmas lights.
  8. The true spirit of Christmas: A young woman named Sophia dreams of hosting the perfect Christmas dinner for her family, but her small apartment does not accommodate everyone. Sophia rents a beautiful venue, spends a lot of money, and plans every detail. But, as the day nears, Sophia realizes she cannot afford the dinner. A kind stranger reminds her of the true spirit of Christmas, and Sophia returns all the expensive things she bought and invites her family to come together at her small house, with everyone bringing a dish and small present. The dinner is a huge success, and Sophia learns that the most important part of Christmas is being together with loved ones.
  9. Christmas in the Barn: The story is about a boy named Johnny who, after seeing two trees brought to his house, figured out that his father was going to get him a Christmas tree, and his mother had already bought one. He decided to use the extra tree to make a Christmas tree for his pets. On Christmas morning, he decorated the tree with food and treats for his pets, and when they were finished, he blew his new trumpet, signaling the end of the festival. The pets made loud noises in return, and Johnny’s mother said they were wishing him a Merry Christmas.
  10. The Adventures of Kobold and Gnome on Saint Nicholas’ Eve: In this winter story, Gnome and Kobold set out to bring a gift to the Forest Ranger’s child. They make a wooden rabbit and plan to leave it by the child’s shoe on Saint Nicholas Eve. They encounter difficulties in getting into the house, and after making a lot of noise, they are chased by chickens and people. Nevertheless, they return home with an adventure. A downloadable PDF ebook is available to read offline or print.

In conclusion, the top ten stories about December showcase the magic and excitement of the holiday season, with tales that teach valuable life lessons, inspire creativity, and warm our hearts. Characters in these stories highlight the importance of kindness, selflessness and family. As children read these tales, they will be transported to enchanting worlds and will experience the true spirit of December; a time for giving, sharing joy and creating memories with loved ones that will last a lifetime. So, snuggle up with a warm cup of hot cocoa, and let the adventures and heartwarming stories of December take you on a delightful journey.