Stories About Traditions

Stories About Traditions

Welcome to the Top 13 Stories About Traditions – a delightful collection specially curated for kids to enjoy at bedtime and beyond! These wonderful tales are perfect for children to read online and are available in free pdf format to download, print and share. Learning about different traditions from around the world has never been so fun and educational, as each of these short stories is perfect to tell any time of the day. With vivid pictures, easy-to-follow narratives, and the best audio quality, children can embark on magical adventures together in English.

These engaging stories are ideal for busy moms and dads who want to keep their little ones entertained during story time or help them fall asleep with a good night time tale. From classic fairy tales to modern-day stories, this collection of bedtime stories features a generous mix of content suitable for girls and boys alike. The tales also come with moral lessons that help foster a sense of empathy, understanding and appreciation of different cultures and traditions in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students.

As your children embark on these delightful journeys that celebrate the rich tapestry of our world, they will also be engaging in a meaningful bonding experience, expanding their horizons, and nurturing their creative minds. So, gather your toddlers and EYFS explorers, get cozy, and dive into this wonderful selection of stories about traditions – a treasure trove that will undoubtedly become a favorite during those cherished hours of bedtime reading and beyond! Happy exploring and sweet dreams!

Top 13 Stories About Traditions for kids to read online:

  1. The new New Year’s Eve traditions: The story is about a boy named Adam who wants to cheer up his family for New Year’s Eve. He comes up with the idea to start new traditions based on other countries’ customs. He chooses five traditions that don’t cost much money, including eating grapes for luck, leaping off chairs, hanging onions above the door, jumping over seven waves, and making Dutch “Oliebollen” doughnuts. On New Year’s Eve, his family enjoys the new traditions and wishes each other a happy new year. The story comes with a downloadable eBook in PDF format.
  2. The Forgiveness Walk: In a small Nigerian village, the Forgiveness Walk is a special New Year’s Eve tradition, where villagers ask for forgiveness from anyone they hurt during the year and sing songs of hope and happiness together. Musa swallows his pride to visit his best friend Aisha, whom he had hurt during the year. Aisha also apologizes, and the two reconcile, reinforcing their friendship for the new year. An eBook version of the story is available for download.
  3. The Three Kings and the giant: In Spain, the Three Kings holiday is celebrated every year on the evening of January 5th. Children make a lot of noise with cans and pots to scare away a giant who tries to hide the guiding star before the arrival of the Three Kings. After the giant runs away, the Three Kings arrive and give gifts to all the good children. They also hold a special feast where they share King’s Cake, a round cake with a small toy hidden inside. Families come together to celebrate and enjoy the magic of the season.
  4. The Tasty Oliebollen Revolution: A group of children in the small town of Nijmegen compete in the annual Oliebollen contest. The contest organizers are strict, with a long list of regulations, frustrating the children. However, some started to get creative with the batter, adding spices, colors, and even lollipops. The judges, serious-looking adults, refuse to taste the Oliebollen, but one judge cannot resist the temptation and tries them all, exclaiming how delicious they are. Although the children don’t win, the Oliebollen contest changes as it becomes more fun and tasty, thanks to the children’s creativity. The story has a downloadable PDF.
  5. The polar bear plunge day: In the story, a polar bear named Puddles gets excited to join the humans in a tradition called “Polar Bear Plunge Day” where people jump into the icy cold waters to celebrate the new year. However, Puddles’ polar bear friends were scared of joining. On the day of the event, when Puddles tried to join in, people got scared and started running away. Despite this, he took the plunge and eventually made new friends who also joined in. Puddles went back home and shared his experience with his family and friends, which led to the creation of a new tradition amongst the polar bears.
  6. The misbehaving monkey’s New Year resolutions: A misbehaving monkey named Moki lives on Bali and loves to play tricks on tourists until he overhears them talk about their New Year’s resolutions. Wanting to improve himself, he makes three measurable goals to be a helpful monkey. Moki succeeds in keeping his resolutions by showing a family around the island, helping a tourist put on their helmet, and giving fruit to a hungry toddler’s family, soon becoming known as the kindest and most helpful monkey in Bali. The story emphasizes the importance of making small, achievable goals to accomplish greater changes and improve oneself.
  7. The importance of Soup Joumou on New Year’s Day: Junior and Roseline are from Haitian heritage and they live in the United States. Every New Year’s Day, they make squash soup with their family, which is their favorite tradition. Their parents tell them the story of the Haitian New Year’s tradition of eating soup joumou, which symbolizes hope, resilience, and pride in their Haitian heritage. The soup they love is much more than just a tradition, it signifies the celebration of Haiti’s independence in 1804, and the freedom and equality Haitians enjoy. They continue the tradition as a family, preparing soup joumou on New Year’s Day and sharing stories of the past, so the new generation will remember the importance of this tradition.
  8. Baking birthday cookies: A young boy named Milo and his mother have a tradition of baking birthday cookies every year for his birthday. On the morning of his birthday, Milo wakes up to find his mother waiting in the kitchen to bake his favourite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They spend the whole morning baking and decorating cookies together, creating a special bond between them. Milo feels grateful for his mother’s love and presence in his life and knows that this tradition will always hold a special place in his heart.
  9. Easter fun with family: This is a story about a boy named Mick who spends Easter with his family on his aunt and uncle’s farm. Throughout the weekend, they play Easter games, have a big Easter brunch, participate in a cookie bake competition, and hunt for chocolate eggs. Mick enjoys spending time with his family and making cherished memories on the farm.
  10. Around the world for Easter traditions: Two children named Gabriel and Amber go on a journey around the world to learn about how different countries celebrate Easter. They visit Mexico, Italy, Greece, Germany, Russia, Ethiopia, the United States, and Australia, and see the various traditions and foods associated with the holiday in each place. They discover that while Easter is celebrated differently in each country, it is a special time of year that brings families and communities together to share traditions and joy.
  11. Asim’s First Ramadan: The story is about a young boy named Asim who is excited to join his family in observing Ramadan for the first time. He learns the challenges of fasting during the daylight hours but perseveres and finds joy in the reflective and peaceful atmosphere of Ramadan. The story culminates in the joyful celebration of Eid al-Fitr, where Asim learns the importance of community and spiritual growth in Islam. The story explores the significance of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr in the Muslim faith.
  12. The festival of breaking the fast: A Muslim family prepares to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with traditional food and decorations. They invite their non-Muslim neighbors to share in the celebration and explain the significance of the festival and the month of Ramadan. The neighbors happily learn about Muslim culture and enjoy the delicious food. The celebration helps to bring the community closer together. An ebook (PDF) is available for offline reading or printing.
  13. The Cinco de Mayo Celebration: A Mexican family in California prepares to celebrate Cinco de Mayo; Mama Isabella tells her children about the history behind it, while Papa Juan emphasizes the importance of respecting tradition. The family is magically transported to a Mexican marketplace where they learn how people celebrate the day. They lit candles to honor the brave souls who fought in the Battle of Puebla. Upon returning home, they start their own tradition of celebrating the holiday in a respectful and fun way. They shared the traditions with friends and neighbors, and the community grew more united and appreciative of Mexican culture and history.

In conclusion, these Top 13 Stories About Traditions offer a colorful and engaging glimpse into the diverse customs and practices followed by different cultures around the world. By sharing these stories with kids, we spark their curiosity and help them develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich tapestry of traditions that bind us together as human beings. Moreover, these stories teach valuable lessons of love, unity, and the importance of preserving our cultural heritage, while also encouraging children to embrace and celebrate the unique traditions that make each of us special in our own way.