Around the world for Easter traditions

Once upon a time, there were two curious children named Gabriel and Amber who loved to learn about different cultures and their traditions. As Easter was approaching, they decided to go on a journey around the world to learn about how different countries celebrated this special holiday.

Their first stop was in Mexico, where they learned about Semana Santa, the holy week leading up to Easter. They saw processions in the streets with people carrying statues of Jesus and Mary and enjoying traditional food like sweet bread and Mexican hot chocolate.

Next, they visited Italy, where they learned about the tradition of La Pasquetta, which means “little Easter.” On this day, families have picnics in the countryside and play games like egg races and tug-of-war.

In Greece, they discovered that Easter is the most important holiday of the year. The Greek Orthodox Church has many special services leading up to Easter, including a procession where people carry a symbolic tomb of Jesus.

In Germany, Gabriel and Amber learned about the Osterhase, or Easter Bunny, who brings eggs and sweets to children. They also enjoyed the traditional Easter meal of roasted lamb and potato salad.

Their journey then took them to Russia, where they learned about the tradition of painting Easter eggs with intricate designs. The eggs are then given as gifts to friends and family.

In Ethiopia, they saw the colorful celebration of Fasika, which is the Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s celebration of Easter. People dress in traditional clothing and sing and dance in the streets.

In the United States, they learned about the tradition of Easter egg hunts, where children search for hidden eggs and candy. They also enjoyed a traditional Easter meal of ham, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

Their final stop was in Australia, where they discovered that Easter falls during the autumn season. Australians celebrate with barbecues, picnics, and chocolate Easter eggs, just like in many other countries.

After their adventure around the world, Gabriel and Amber realized that while Easter is celebrated differently in each country, it is a special time of year that brings families and communities together to share traditions and joy.