The new New Year’s Eve traditions

Adam’s family had a really tough year. They faced sickness, his father lost his job, and they had to relocate. But finally, things started to settle down and the end of the year arrived. Adam and his family were excited to celebrate the New Year together.

Adam wanted to cheer up his family, but he didn’t have much money and he couldn’t think of something. But then he saw a programme on TV about how they celebrate New Year’s eve in other countries. “This will be a great way to celebrate together and be positive!” he thought. “We can start a new tradition for New Year’s Eve!” Adam said. He thought it would be a fun and unique way to bring good luck for the new year. He saw lots of traditions he liked and he ended up choosing five to share with his family. These traditions wouldn’t cost much money and they were easy to do!

Adam liked the Spanish tradition. For each chime of the bell at midnight they eat a grape. It is believed that eating one grape for each strike of the clock will bring luck for the twelve months of the new year.

But he also liked the Greek one, where the citizens hang onions above their doors as it is believed onions bring good luck and prosperity.

The third tradition he wanted to do was the Danish tradition of leaping of your chair into the New Year, it will bring you good luck and banish evil spirits.

Since they lived by the sea, Adam also wrote down the Brazilian tradition of jumping over seven waves. For each wave you jump, you get a wish!

And finally he thought the Dutch tradition of eating ‘Oliebollen’ would be a great way to end the old year. The ‘Oliebollen’ looked so good and he found out, he could easily make them at home. He could make the dough and fry it.

On New Year’s Eve Adam rounded up his family and said that he had a surprise for them. He told them about the traditions they have in other countries and how he felt it would be a fun way to bring positivity into the new year. Adam’s family loved it! So on New Year’s Eve, at the stroke of midnight, they gathered together and ate grapes and oliebollen, jumped waves, leaped off a chair and hung onions above the door. Wishing each other a happy new year!