The Three Kings and the giant

Once upon a time, in the faraway land of Spain, there was a very special holiday called the Three Kings. Every year, on the evening of January 5th, children all over the country would go out into the streets with cans and pots and pans, making as much noise as they possibly could.

You see, there was a giant in the country, and every year on the night before the Three Kings arrived, he would try to stop the procession by hiding the guiding star behind a thick cloud of smoke. But the children knew that if they made enough noise, they could scare the giant away and make sure the star shone brightly once again. The reason the giant didn’t like the noise is because of his big ears! He heard everything very clear and loud. So the noise of the cans rattling made him go crazy.

As the night went on, the children’s noise grew louder and louder. And when the first rays of dawn appeared in the sky, the giant finally gave up and fled back to his cave. The children were overjoyed, for they knew that the Three Kings were now able to follow the shining star to their country.

As the day went on, the children eagerly waited for the Three Kings to arrive. At dusk, they finally appeared, riding on beautiful horses or camels, surrounded by a glittering procession of musicians and dancers.

As they made their way through the towns, the Three Kings stopped at every house to give gifts to all the good girls and boys. And when they reached the center of the capital, they held a special feast, where everyone gathered to eat the King’s Cake.

The King’s Cake was a round cake shaped and decorated like a crown, and inside it was hidden a small toy, often a small baby to represent Baby Jesus. It was believed that whoever found the toy in their slice of cake would have good luck for the rest of the year.

And so, the Three Kings holiday became a time of joy and celebration, as families came together to share in the magic of the season.