The polar bear plunge day

Once upon a time, in the land of Canada which was covered in snow and ice in winter, there lived a polar bear named Puddles.

One day, Puddles heard about a special day and tradition called “Polar Bear Plunge Day,” where people from all over Canada jump into the icy cold water on New Year’s Day as a way to celebrate the new year. Since the name was Polar Bear Plunge day, Puddles thought this was also for polar bears and he was excited to join in the fun. He invited all his polar bear friends to come along, but they refused. They were scared the humans would hurt them.

On the day of the Polar Bear Plunge, the first of January, Puddles put on his warmest coat and made his way down to the beach to a town near to where he lived, all alone. There were so many people there, all dressed in their bathing suits, but with warm coats, hats and mittens with them. They were ready to take the plunge! But when they saw the big polar bear approach everybody panicked and started to run away. From a safe distance they watched what the polar bear would do. Then the bell rang and the mayor shouted: “It’s time for the plunge!”

Puddles was sad he scared everybody away, but decided that he still wanted to take the plunge and maybe if the people would see him having fun, they would join in too he thought. So, with a deep breath, he ran towards the water and jumped in. The cold water was a shock at first, but Puddles quickly adapted and started having fun. He splashed around and played.

A group of brave friends noticed that Puddles was a friendly, smiley bear and they realized that he just wanted to fit in and join in on their tradition. So the friends took off their warm clothes and jumped in with the polar bear. Puddles was happy and played with them. Soon all the other people on the shore jumped in too and everybody had a great time.

When it got too cold for everybody, the people returned to shore. The group of friends invited Puddles to join them for a cup of hot cocoa and cookies to warm up.

Then it was time to go home and Puddles was sad to leave. But he knew he would always have the memories of his first Polar Bear Plunge to look back on. And he couldn’t wait to come back and do it all again the following year and see his new friends again! As the sun set on the horizon, the new friends said goodbye to each other and headed home, already looking forward to the next cold water plunge.

When Puddles got home, he told all his family and friends about his amazing time at the Polar Bear Plunge Day. So they decided they would join as well the next year. And just like that a new tradition was born amongst the polar bears.