The Fever Dream Monster

One dark and stormy night as thunder was rumbling and lightning was flashing, a little boy named Kai had a terrible scary encounter with a monster. He was fast asleep in his bed when he suddenly woke up to find the creature towering over him.

Kai’s heart raced as he tried to get away from the monster. He jumped out of bed and ran to the door, but the monster followed him, its tentacles writhing and waving as it moved. Kai felt that he was moving very slow, he looked down and saw to his horror that the ground suddenly had changed to sticky syrup. He could hardly get his feet up and the monster was coming closer and closer… But Kai was lucky and made it to the door first, he quickly slammed it behind him. But the monster opened the door and started chasing Kai again.

Kai was terrified. He ran down the hallway, the monster hot on his heels. He turned and ran down the stairs, but the monster was still there, its glowing eyes fixed on him.

Kai’s mind was racing. He had to think of a way to escape. He ran to the kitchen and grabbed a frying pan, swinging it at the monster as hard as he could. But the monster just laughed and kept coming closer.

Kai was out of options. He closed his eyes and braced himself for the worst. But when he opened them, he saw that the monster had vanished.

Kai gasped in relief. It was all just a bad dream! He had been sick with the flu for the past few days, and his fever had caused him to have a terrifying nightmare. It was so vivid and unpleasant that he thought it was real.

Over the next few days, Kai gradually recovered from the flu. And though he never forgot about the monster, he was glad to know that it was just a dream. The end.