Ella the Elephant and the Cart

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a very special elephant named Ella. Ella lived in a beautiful jungle with all of her animal friends. She was the biggest and strongest elephant in the jungle, and everyone looked up to her.

One day, Ella was playing a game of tag with her friends when she accidentally tripped over a branch and fell to the ground. She let out a loud cry of pain as she tried to stand up, but her leg wouldn’t support her.

Her friends quickly ran to get help, and soon the doctor arrived to take a look at Ella’s leg. The doctor examined Ella’s leg and found that she had hurt it very badly. He knew that Ella needed to rest her leg and keep it off the ground in order for it to heal properly.

The doctor tried giving Ella crutches to help her walk, but they were too difficult for her to use. He then tried a wheelchair, but Ella was too big and heavy for it to work. The doctor was starting to get worried. He didn’t want Ella to be stuck in one place while her leg healed.

But then, the doctor had a brilliant idea. He went to his workshop and came back with a small cart. He tied the cart under Ella’s leg so that it was off the ground, and Ella was able to move around easily.

Ella was thrilled to be able to move around again. She felt much better knowing that her leg was getting the rest it needed to heal. She used her cart to visit all of her friends and explore the jungle.

Eventually, Ella’s leg was healed and she was able to walk on it again. She was so grateful to the doctor for helping her and for coming up with such a clever solution. She knew that she would always be able to count on him to help her when she was in need.

And so, Ella lived happily ever after, enjoying all of the adventures the jungle had to offer.