Stories about cats

Stories about cats

Welcome to the Top 50 Stories about Cats for kids to read online! This splendid collection of cat tales is perfect for children, ranging from toddlers and preschoolers to kindergarten and elementary students. With easy-to-read bedtime stories available in pdf format, these free, downloadable, and printable stories are designed for storytime, be it night time or any time of the day. Featuring both classic, good fairy tales along with new, exciting stories, this collection is sure to engage both girls, boys, and even their grown-ups! Engaging illustrations and delightful narratives make this an ideal compendium to help early years and eyfs children fall in love with reading.

The importance of stories about cats cannot be overstated since they often come with moral lessons that teach children about timeless values and life lessons. These educational stories, with enchanting pictures that captivate young minds, make learning fun and enjoyable. From famous feline tales to lesser-known adventures, this collection of cat stories caters to all tastes. Each tale is ideal for reading aloud, whether it’s during bedtime or a cozy, family storytime. The Top 50 Stories about Cats feature both short, easy-to-read tales for a quick reading session and longer, more detailed narratives for extended enjoyment.

Available online with options for audio and English translations, this library of cat stories is a valuable resource for educators and parents alike. As children immerse themselves in these fun, charming tales, they will develop their language skills, stimulate their creativity, and experience the joy of reading. So, cozy up and dive into the wonderful world of whiskers and paws with this purr-fect compilation of Top 50 Stories about Cats for kids!

Top 50 Stories about cats for kids to read online:

  1. Pippo: An old beggar gives his two sons gifts before going to prison: his eldest son gets a sieve and his youngest son gets a cat. The cat starts bringing gifts to the king in the name of the youngest son, who eventually meets the king and becomes wealthy. However, the youngest son forgets the cat’s role in his success and the cat leaves him.
  2. Dick Whittington And His Cat: The story is about a young orphan boy named Dick Whittington who dreams of going to London. He sets out on foot and eventually ends up working for a wealthy merchant named Fitzwarren. Dick befriends the merchant’s daughter, Alice, and overcomes challenges including a mean chef, rats in his attic, and the loss of his beloved cat. Eventually, a ship trade for which everyone in the house invests money results in a large fortune, and Dick becomes a Lord and the mayor of London. He donates a significant portion of his wealth to the city, builds a church, opens a hospital ward, and a library, and helps provide shelter for students in his own house. He lives happily ever after with Alice and their children.
  3. Belling the Cat: In this story, the mice are discussing a plan to free themselves from the cat who is their enemy. The young mouse suggests hanging a bell around the cat’s neck so they can hear when she is approaching, but the old mouse questions who will bell the cat. The story ends with a downloadable PDF of the story.
  4. Where the sparks go: A dog and a cat are dozing in front of a fireplace when sparks start flying. The cat is skeptical about the utility of the sparks, as some fly up the chimney. One spark falls near the cat, sparking a conversation about the spark’s fate at the top of the chimney. The cat assumes that it would turn into soot, but the spark instead claims that it lives forever sparkling in the sky. The cat is unconvinced and believes that the spark is silly, mistaking stars seen from the chimney top for the spark’s kind instead. Despite this, the spark insists that they make bright light. The spark is then blown back into the fireplace by a door opening, leaving the cat to consider that the spark might have been right.
  5. The Rat And The Elephant: A proud rat, feeling ignored by a grand procession led by the king and his luxurious elephant, tries to prove his worth and importance to the crowd watching. However, he is soon made to realize that he is not as important as he thought when the royal cat spots him. The story highlights the foolishness of pride and the dangers of overestimating one’s worth. A free downloadable ebook of the story is also available.
  6. The Monkey And The Cat: This story is about a cat and a monkey who lived together as pets and were constantly looking for something to eat. One day they saw some chestnuts roasting on the fire, and the monkey asked the cat to get them. The cat tried several times, burning her paw each time, while the monkey ate all the chestnuts. When their master came in, the cat was left with a burnt paw and no chestnuts, and she later avoided the monkey and contented herself with mice and rats. A downloadable ebook (PDF) is also available.
  7. The Rabbit, The Weasel, And The Cat: A wise old Cat helps settle a dispute between a Rabbit and a Weasel who took over the Rabbit’s home. The Cat, who claims to be deaf, gets them to come close to her ears to tell their stories, but then catches them both under her claws. A downloadable PDF of the story is available.
  8. The Cat, The Cock, And The Young Mouse: A young mouse ventures out for the first time and sees two creatures – a kind-looking one and a terrifying monster with red meat hanging from his head. The mouse escapes the monster and tells his mother about it. She explains that the kind-looking creature was actually a cat, who bears a grudge against mice, and the terrifying monster was just a harmless bird. The moral of the story is to not judge people by their looks. There is also a link to download the story as an ebook.
  9. The Cat And The Old Rat: In this story, a cat is so watchful that mice don’t dare show themselves. The cat pretends to be dead, so the mice think they’re safe and come out to celebrate, but the cat catches them. Later, the cat disguises itself in flour and lies in wait for the mice, but an old rat warns them it might be a trap. A downloadable PDF ebook of the story is available to read offline or print.
  10. The Tale Of Tom Kitten: The story is about three little kittens named Mittens, Tom Kitten, and Moppet who are dressed up by their mother for guests. She sends them outside to keep clean, but they end up falling on their noses and getting dirty. While trying to put them back together, they encounter Mr. Drake Puddle-Duck and his two companions. Eventually, the kittens are punished for being dirty and sent to bed with measles, even though they were not sick at all. The Puddle-Ducks go looking for their missing clothes afterward.
  11. Uncle Wiggily and Puss in Boots: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes to buy a new pair of boots and takes his old boots to the shoemaker to get them mended. On his way back home, he meets a cat called Puss in Boots who has lost his boots and is afraid he will no longer be able to be in storybooks. Uncle Wiggily gives him his new boots and solves his problem. Then he meets three kittens who have lost their mittens and gives their mother red yarn to knit new ones. Finally, he meets a cat called Cat Mole who has burned a hole in her petticoat and gives her a needle, thread, and a piece of white flannel to repair it. Later, when Woozie Wolf chases Uncle Wiggily, the cats use their new mittens and Puss uses his new boots to defeat the wolf and save Uncle Wiggily.
  12. Puss in Boots begins his travels: Puss in Boots, Jr. finds a portrait of his father in the attic and is inspired to go on adventures like his father did. He puts on a pair of boots and a hat, and takes a cane before setting off. While walking, he helps a little pig, who takes him to have lunch with his mother. A free eBook download is available.
  13. Puss in Boots junior visits the old woman in the shoe: In this story, Puss sets out on a journey to find his father’s home and meets the Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe and her many children. He enjoys a bowl of broth with them and plays a game of tag with the kids before resuming his journey. The story ends with a link to download the ebook.
  14. Puss in Boots junior and the three little kittens: In this story, Puss Junior helps three little kittens find their lost mittens, and in return, they promise to help him find his missing father. They search in various places, including the barn where they come across a mouse and a rat, but eventually, the black kitten finds the mittens in the tool closet. The story ends happily, with the kittens getting their mittens back and Puss Junior gaining new friends. A downloadable PDF version of the story is available for offline reading or printing.
  15. What happened Christmas eve: On Christmas Eve, two children can’t sleep and sneak downstairs hoping to catch Santa. They see something on cousin Nellie’s roof and think it’s Santa, but it ends up being a big white cat. The children go back upstairs to bed, and the father finds the cat with her kitten outside and brings them in for the night. The next morning, the children find presents from Santa under the tree, including a sweater for Fred with a new white kitten sitting on it. The family enjoys a Merry Christmas.
  16. Baba Yaga: A childless couple receives a son after the wife sings and rocks a stick in a cradle. Their son Peter goes fishing and his mother comes to call him for lunch. A Baba Yaga overhears and lures Peter away with a little cake. The Baba Yaga plans to fatten Peter up for a meal but a faithful servant, with the help of a cat, rescues him. The Baba Yaga, blinded with tar while she slept, is angry and the servant takes Peter home to his grateful mother.
  17. Alice in wonderland: A Race: In this story, Alice meets a group of wet and cross animals and birds who are trying to figure out how to get dry. The Dodo suggests that they have a race, and they all join in. When they finish, the Dodo declares everyone a winner, and Alice hands out prizes she found in her pocket. Later, the Mouse refuses to tell his “long and sad tale” about why he hates cats and dogs, and the animals scatter when Alice mentions her cat, Dinah. Alice feels sad and lonely and wishes she could see Dinah again. There are links to download an ebook version of the story.
  18. A Christmas Tale of Friendship: The story is about a lonely stray cat who wanders the streets on Christmas Eve, hoping to find warmth, comfort, and a home. Despite being rejected by families and attacked by other cats, he eventually catches the attention of an older woman and they form a heartwarming friendship. They enjoy a warm meal together, snuggle up, and feel happy and content for the first time in a long while. The story is available for download in PDF format.
  19. Alice in Wonderland: Pig and Pepper: In this chapter of the story
  20. Mrs Tabby Gray and her three little kittens: The story is about Mrs. Tabby Gray, her three kittens and their desire to go to the big house to experience milk and bread. When Mother Tabby finds an elegant new home for them in a large trunk where some old clothes are kept, she moves them there. However, the trunk is closed and locked with a kitten still inside. Mother Tabby Gray mews pitifully, trying to get her kitten back, but it is only through the kind heart and curiosity of the lady who owns the trunk that finally leads to the trunk being unlocked and the reunion of mother and kitten. However, Mother Tabby Gray decides afterward that a barn is the best place to raise her children.
  21. The cat and mouse in partnership: In the story, a cat and a mouse agree to live together and store a pot of fat for the winter under the safety of the church. The cat, however, keeps going out by pretending to be a godmother and, with each visit, secretly eats some of the pot. When the winter arrives and they check the pot, they discover it is empty, and the cat reveals that she had been eating it all along. In the end, the cat eats the mouse too when she tries to protest, showing that the cat was not a true friend after all.
  22. Night Watchman and the Kitten: This is a story about a security guard named Mark who was afraid of the dark. Mark worked alone in a big, dark warehouse and his fear made it difficult for him to do his job. However, he decided to overcome his fear step by step, and one day he found a small kitten that had become trapped inside the warehouse. From that day on, Mark brought the kitten to work with him every night and it helped him to conquer his fear. The kitten became his companion and friend, and Mark gained the admiration of the warehouse staff for his bravery.
  23. The Story of Miss Moppet: The story is about a kitten named Miss Moppet who thinks she’s heard a mouse and tries to catch it. However, the mouse makes fun of her and she ends up hitting her own head. The mouse comes closer and Miss Moppet thinks he looks ill, so she tries to catch him again and ties him up in a duster. But the mouse wriggles out and runs away, while Miss Moppet dances a jig on top of the cupboard. The story is available for download as an ebook or a printable PDF.
  24. Jet The Cat: This is a short story about a black cat named Jet, who was never too fond of company and would growl and hiss at strangers. However, his nature changed when he took a poor, forlorn old cat, called Tramper, under his wing. Jet shared his food with Tramper and allowed him to share his bed. As time passed, Jet became more gentle and no longer growled at other cats. The story suggests that Tramper might have had a positive influence on Jet and made him a better cat.
  25. Dot The Kitten: The story is about a little white kitten named Dot who loves to watch her grandma knit and play with the yarn. Although she is too inexperienced to catch rats, she enjoys spending time with her grandma and playing. The story is available as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  26. Part 1: My Father Meets The Cat: The story is about a boy who befriends an old alley cat and his struggles to convince his mother to let him keep and feed it. The cat reveals to the boy that it knows of a way for him to fly while he’s still a little boy, and it tells him a story about Wild Island, which is mostly jungle and inhabited by very wild animals.
  27. Part 2: My Father Runs Away: The story is about a cat who tells a boy about a baby dragon on Wild Island. The dragon is tied up and expected to carry heavy loads across the river all day and all night. The boy decides to rescue the dragon and plans to go to Wild Island using a ship. With the cat’s help, he prepares everything he needs for the trip and hides them. He goes to the docks at night and sneaks onto the ship, hiding amongst some wheat bags.
  28. Why dog and cat are enemies: A lucky ring that always provided the owner with enough to live on was sold by a man and his wife, who did not know its value, and they subsequently became poor. The pet dog and cat took counsel together and decided that the ring had to be retrieved. After some effort, the mouse gnawed a hole in the chest and the cat got hold of the ring. The cat promptly returned home, while the dog took longer to navigate through obstacles. The cat was praised while the dog was beaten for not retrieving the ring. As a result of this, the dog became angry at the cat and chased her, and cat and dog have been enemies ever since.
  29. The Wonderful Dog and the Miraculous Cat: This story tells of an old wizard who leaves a wizarding school after an argument with the headmaster and moves into a cottage in the countryside. He takes in a stray dog and cat and teaches them magic and other subjects, making them highly educated. When the animals grow restless and want to see the world, the wizard sends them on a mission to help a king break a spell caused by the headmaster. The animals disguise themselves and encounter the headmaster and another evil wizard, whom they defeat with the help of their master. The spell is lifted, and the animals return home with their master, where they live happily ever after.
  30. Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess: In the story, a king who fell in love with a princess must overcome a curse in order to marry her. After he does, they have a child with a very long nose whom the queen and the entire kingdom try to convince is handsome. When the prince grows up, he sets out to marry a dear little princess and meets an old fairy who helps him face the truth about his nose. Ultimately, the prince’s self-love prevents him from acknowledging his true fault until it obstructs his kiss with the princess. Only then does he accept its length and magically has it reduced to a reasonable size, marries the princess, and lives happily ever after.
  31. The White Cat: The story is about a king who wants to retire and has his three sons search for a small, beautiful dog, with the youngest prince finding a castle inhabited by cats. He becomes attached to a white cat and wins his father’s competition with the help of the cat, but the king gives them another task to find the most beautiful princess. The prince returns to the castle of the white cat, who tells him to cut off her head. He reluctantly does it and discovers a beautiful young woman emerges from the cat’s body. She tells the prince that she was the daughter of a king, her mother was enchanted by a fairy castle, and as an infant, she was taken from her mother. Her mother gave her away for a fruit that tasted amazing. The princess fell in love with a prince but was turned into a cat and later freed when her true love looks alike. They bring the princess to the king and marry, the prince declines the crown, and they all live happily ever after.
  32. Puss in Boots: A miller’s son inherits only a cat after his father’s passing and is worried about making a living. The cat offers to bring him good fortune if he follows his instructions. The clever cat catches rabbits and other prey to present to the king as gifts from his master, the Marquis of Carabas. The cat also tricks a giant into turning into a mouse, and he catches and eats the mouse. He then leads the carriage to the giant’s castle and pretends that it’s the Marquis’ residence. The king is impressed and offers his daughter’s hand in marriage to the Marquis, who the cat has now made very wealthy. The cat lives a luxurious life, and they all live happily ever after.
  33. Kuratko, the Terrible Chick: This is a story about an elderly couple who raised a chick, Kuratko, as if it was their own child. However, Kuratko had a voracious appetite and consumed all their food, leaving the couple hungry and angry. Eventually, Kuratko ate the couple and went on to eat others. The story ends with a cat, Kotsor, defeating Kuratko and having him for dinner. The couple realizes that Kuratko was terrible and ungrateful, never wanting to hear his name again. There is a link to download the story as an eBook at the end.
  34. Schippeitaro: The story tells of a young warrior in Japan who sets out on an adventure and becomes lost in a magical forest. He overhears a conversation between cats who are plotting to sacrifice a girl from a nearby village to the Spirit of the Mountain. The boy tries to save the girl and learns about a legendary dog called Schippeitaro. He borrows the dog from its owner, hides it in the sacrificial box, and kills the monster when it appears, saving the girl and the village. A festival is held every year in memory of the warrior and the dog.
  35. Reynard the Fox: In the story, King Noble the Lion summons Reynard the Fox to court to be tried for his many crimes, such as insulting Izegrim the Wolf, stealing from Curtise the Dog, and eating Chanticleer the Cock’s children. Reynard tries to trick Bruin the Bear and Tibert the Cat to escape punishment, but ultimately ends up killing and eating Kyward the Hare. Despite this, Reynard manages to convince King Noble of his innocence and is even made a baron and counselor.
  36. The Queen of Lanternland: A young prince goes on a journey and gets lost in the mountains until he finds a waterfall that takes him to a strange place called Lanternland, the underworld. There, he meets the beautiful queen who is soon to be married to the powerful wizard Dragondel and the prince tries to prevent the wedding. He saves a kitten that leads him to an old cat who helps him save the queen by swapping a fake talisman for the real one. The wedding guests sail to pick up the queen for the wedding, but the prince creates a whirlpool with the talisman and saves the queen who falls in love with him and they live happily ever after.
  37. How the Rabbit Lost His Tail: In this story, we learn that rabbits used to have long tails, but a jealous cat stole one of them with a knife. The rabbit woke up to discover his missing tail, but instead of being angry, he generously gave the cat permission to keep it if she gave him the knife used to cut it off, which she did. The rabbit then went on a series of exchanges culminating in delicious lettuce, which he found to be even more valuable than his tail. He doesn’t mind that rabbits now have short tails because lettuce makes him extremely happy. The story ends with links to download an ebook of the story.
  38. A Barnyard Talk: Animals on a farm argue about who is the most important. The cock thinks he is because he wakes up the children for school, the hen believes she is because she lays eggs for pancakes, the cat claims it is she because she keeps the rats and mice away, and the dog insists he is the most important for guarding the house. The farmer interrupts and says they are all important, and feeds them all accordingly. They all become happy and stop arguing.
  39. Why the Monkey Still Has a Tail: In this story, a monkey and a rabbit make a contract to kill the snakes and butterflies, respectively. One day, the monkey plays a trick on the rabbit, so the rabbit seeks revenge and with the help of an armadillo, he manages to break off the monkey’s tail and return it only after the monkey goes through a series of tasks. The monkey learns to appreciate his tail and takes good care of it, as it makes him happy.
  40. The Owl And The Cat: In this story, an owl and a cat set off on a journey to find a ring so they can get married. They discover a mysterious land and meet a Piggy-wig who has the ring they need. They get married and have a feast with a runcible spoon. As the sun sets, they dance under the moonlight, bound by love and friendship, and continue their adventures together. The story offers a downloadable PDF of the eBook.
  41. Uncle Wiggily and the Campfire: Uncle Wiggily meets a friendly berry bush and needs her help to dig a tunnel to escape her prickly branches. She gives him berries for his journey, and he continues on his quest for his fortune. He visits a hollow stump, a house built of bark, and a house made of clothespins, where he finds a bank filled with pennies. However, he puts the coins back when the cat who owns them arrives. The cat helps Uncle Wiggily search for his fortune and builds a campfire to keep them safe from the three-headed wushky-woshky who tries to eat them at night. The next morning, they continue on their adventure together.
  42. The Silver Horseshoes: A king offered his daughter’s hand in marriage to any man who could climb a slippery mountain to reach her tower. A poor prince’s horse told him to get silver shoes from a witch in the woods, and after avoiding the warnings of several animals, he succeeded. When the witch tricked him, the prince used the shoes to escape, then climbed the tower and rescued the Princess. The story ends with the prince winning the princess and the King’s admiration.
  43. The Cat And The Goat: A cat is walking down the road mewing sadly when she meets an old goat who asks her why she is sad. The cat doesn’t respond and keeps mewing, making the goat increasingly concerned. When he asks the third time, the cat becomes angry and starts hissing and screeching at the goat, who runs away zigzagging and bleating in fear. The cat finds this comical and forgets what she was sad about. The story ends with the moral that perhaps only cat-sorrow can be forgotten.
  44. Greta and the Black Cat: A woodsman named Peter finds a baby girl in the woods and takes her home to raise with his son. Greta, as they name her, grows up as a servant to the family, and when she is ordered to chop wood, she runs away. She comes across a black cat who leads her to a cave inhabited by a witch and the cat, who is actually a prince. The witch is part mortal and afraid of the prince, who has magic powers. They ask the fairy who finds the prince to turn the cat back into a prince and reveal the witch’s secret. The prince and Greta marry and become royalty. They give Peter a bag of gold, but no one else recognizes Greta as the princess.
  45. Catville Gossip: In this story, Mr. Tommy Kat is in love with Tabby Gray, but she is fickle and has many other suitors. Tommy is determined to win her over and proposes to her at the door of Minister Cat. They are quickly married, and their reception is a success. Downloads of the story in PDF format are available.
  46. How the Mice Caught The Cat: Gray Mouse and his brother Whiskers are puzzled by the fact that Cat never tries to catch them in the pantry. They soon discover that Cat is not doing her job. She eats the cream and meat and then lets the mice take the blame. One day, they spot a trap next to the sleeping Cat, and Whiskers has an idea. He pokes the end of her tail into the trap. Cat meows and jumps around trying to dislodge the trap, but in vain. Whiskers and Gray Mouse think it is hilarious. Cat is more careful with her tail after that, and the maid scolds her for being negligent in her duties.
  47. The Green Cat: In this story, Old Witch Betto is angry for not being invited to a fête in the village and is causing heavy rain to spoil their celebration. Hans, who was supposed to be married during the fête, sets out to find a way to stop the rain and comes across a frog who tells him that he can stop Old Witch Betto by finding the Green Cat, the only thing the old witch is afraid of. The frog guides Hans to the Green Cat but warns him that he must find the dwarf who is guarding the cat, and that thousands of insects guard the entrance to his cave. Hans succeeds in obtaining the Green Cat and goes to Old Witch Betto’s cave where the cat transforms into a princess. Old Witch Betto disappears, and the rain stops, and finally, Hans and Gretchen get married.
  48. The Catbird: In the story, a little thrush decides to leave the woods and build a nest near the house of Mr. Man, believing it to be a safer place to raise his family. However, there is a risk from the cat that lives in the same yard. The thrush outwits the cat by imitating her vocalizations, creating confusion, and protecting the nest. As a result, all the birds started calling them Catbirds, and they never lived in the woods again but always build their nests near where Mr. Man and Mistress Cat live without fear. The story is available to download as an eBook.
  49. The King’s Servant: A king’s servant, Muccio, is favored by the king but disliked by the other servants who envy him. They pay an old witch to turn Muccio into a cat, then a lion, and then a dragon in hopes of getting rid of him. However, the king finds out and pays the witch for the truth, learning that Muccio was not really lost but transformed. Muccio forgives the servants, but the king punishes them by making them serve Muccio for the rest of their lives, and Muccio becomes even more favored by the king. A downloadable eBook version is available.
  50. The Moonlight Sail: In this story, Mr. and Mrs. Mouse decide to move their family from a field to a house for the summer, so their children can learn more and be safe from dangers. When they encounter a pond made by a heavy rain and wish they had a boat, Mr. Mouse finds a flat piece of wood and turns it into a makeshift boat. However, they get stuck in the middle of the pond, and a cat threatens to catch and harm them. Mr. Mouse cleverly convinces the cat to help them get to land, and they escape safely.

In conclusion, the Top 50 Stories about cats for kids offers a delightful reading experience that not only amuses young readers but also provides valuable life lessons. These engaging tales, which showcase the unique antics, charming personalities, and loving nature of cats, inspire empathy, responsibility, and a deeper appreciation for our feline friends. Purrfect for children of all ages, these stories serve as an excellent gateway into the magical world of literature and a fantastic opportunity to bond with our whiskered companions through enchanting adventures and heartwarming narratives.