Stories About Siblings

Stories About Siblings

Welcome to our fantastic collection of the Top 26 Stories About Siblings, specially curated for kids, children, and toddlers who love to read, listen, and learn! Our stories are perfect for bedtime or any time and are available to read for free online, or to download as a PDF or printable version. Get cozy with our educational and entertaining tales that are designed for preschoolers, kindergarteners, elementary students, and little ones in their early years (EYFS). We are delighted to offer you exciting stories with pictures, easy to read and follow, along with audio adaptations in English for a fun and engaging story time experience.

Reading and sharing stories about siblings provide children an enjoyable glimpse into the lives of brother and sister duos, teaching them about love, friendship, competition, as well as the importance of family bonds. These handpicked stories will not only appeal to both boys and girls but also include night time adventures, classic fairy tales, and good moral lessons that will leave a lasting impression on young readers. Our longer, more intricate stories challenge their imagination, while the short stories cater to their attention spans. By reading these tales aloud or listening to audio versions, children further develop their language skills and their love for storytelling. So, snuggle up with your little ones and get ready to dive into a world of imagination with our collection of stories about siblings. Have a fantastic story time, and sleep tight!

Top 26 Stories About Siblings for kids to read online:

  1. Brother and Sister: In this story, Brother and Sister run away from their cruel stepmother and find themselves in the forest. However, the water in the forest is bewitched by their stepmother, and Brother turns into a deer after drinking from one of the springs. Sister ties a golden ribbon around the deer’s neck and leads him to an empty house. The king’s hunting party eventually leads him to Sister and Brother’s house, where he falls in love with Sister, and they both live happily ever after.
  2. One Eye, Two Eyes and Three Eyes: The story is about a girl named Two Eyes who is mistreated by her family because she looks normal. A wise woman gives her a goat that provides her with unlimited food, but her jealous sisters and mother kill it. When Two Eyes buries the goat, a magical tree grows in its place that only she can pick from. A knight takes her to his castle and they get married, and the tree follows her there. When her impoverished sisters show up looking for help, Two Eyes forgives them and shares her wealth.
  3. The Twelve Brothers: The story is about a queen who gives birth to a girl and her husband, the king, orders the death of their twelve sons. The boys flee and vow revenge on any girl they meet. The girl grows up and goes in search of her brothers. When she finds them, they promise not to harm her, and she lives with them until the day she tries to pick twelve flowers for them, and they turn into ravens. She then has to live in a tree for seven years without speaking or laughing while her brothers are ravens. Eventually, she marries a king who later accuses her of being a witch, and she’s sentenced to death. On the day of her execution, her brothers appear as ravens and save her. The story ends with them living together happily ever after.
  4. Little Thumbling: In this story, Little Thumbling is the youngest of a poor woodcutter’s family in a time when food is scarce. When the parents decide to leave them in the forest due to the lack of food, Little Thumbling uses pebbles to find their way back home. Later on, when they are left in the forest again, they come across a giant’s home seeking food and shelter. Little Thumbling saves them from being eaten by the giant and takes all his wealth back home to his family. The giant realizes his mistake and promises never to eat another child again.
  5. The Wild Swans: This is the story of a princess named Elize, whose wicked stepmother turned her eleven brothers into swans. Elize worked tirelessly to help her brothers break the curse by making jumpers out of nettles. She was thrown into jail by the king but managed to finish the jumpers just in time and saved her brothers. Eventually, the king realized his mistake and embraced Elize, who had proven herself to be brave and loyal.
  6. The Four Skillful Brothers: A father sends his four sons to learn a trade and find their place in the world. The eldest becomes a skilled thief, the second a stargazer with a powerful glass, the third a skilled hunter with a gun that never blocks, and the youngest an expert cutter with a needle that can sew anything together. Four years later, they reunite and return home, where their father tests their abilities with a challenge. Later, they rescue a kidnapped princess and all claim to deserve her hand in marriage, but the king grants them each a piece of land instead, and they live happily ever after.
  7. Snow-white and Rose-red: The story is about two helpful and kind sisters, Snow-white and Rose-red, who live in a cottage with their mother. A friendly bear visits them every night and becomes their friend. When the bear disappears in the spring to guard his treasure against wicked dwarfs, the sisters help a dwarf whose beard gets caught in a fishing-line. The dwarf is ungrateful and selfish, but the sisters rescue him from a bear who attacks him. The bear transforms into a handsome prince who marries Snow-white, and his brother marries Rose-red. The dwarf is never seen again.
  8. Sisterly Love in a Snowglobe: This is a story about a little girl named Lily who loses her big sister in a tragic accident, leaving her devastated. Her parents give her a snowglobe that her sister left for her, and Lily learns that she can relive all the good memories she had with Daisy by shaking the snowglobe. Over time, Lily realizes that her sister will always be with her in her heart, and she doesn’t need the snowglobe to remember her. She learns that even though she can’t see her sister anymore, Daisy will always be her guardian angel.
  9. The Snow Globe Family: The story is about a boy named Jack who has a bad attitude towards his family. After a big fight with his parents, he discovers that the evil snow queen has taken his family and locked them in a snow globe. Jack does everything he can to make things right and save his family, but nothing works until he learns the power of forgiveness. Finally, his family is released, and Jack understands the importance of family and being grateful.
  10. The morning and the evening star: Two stars, Tschen and Shen, sons of the Golden King of Heavens, quarreled and made a vow to never look at each other again. Henceforth, Tschen appears only in the evening, and Shen only in the morning until Tschen disappears. It is said that when siblings fight, they are like Tschen and Shen. The story is available to download as a PDF to read offline or print.
  11. Blanca and Rosalinde: This is a story about two sisters, Blanca and Rosalinde, and their encounter with a sorceress who rewards them for their kindness. Blanca becomes a queen, but with that comes jealousy and unhappiness, while Rosalinde is content with her simple life on a farm. Blanca eventually realizes that true happiness lies in contentment and chooses to stay with her sister instead of returning to the palace. The story highlights the importance of kindness and finding happiness in simple pleasures.
  12. The Six Swans: In this fairy tale, a king becomes lost in a forest and encounters a witch who offers to guide him out on the condition that he marries her daughter. He agrees to the deal and later marries the daughter, but his stepmother, jealous of his previous children, curses them to turn into swans and fly away. Only the daughter escapes and dedicates herself to making six shirts out of aster flowers to break the curse. After being falsely accused and imprisoned, she finishes the shirts, which transform her brothers back to human form. The story ends happily with the family reunited.
  13. Sunshine and her siblings: The story is about Mother Nature, who has several mischievous children who often cause chaos. One day, she takes a nap, and the eldest daughter, Sunshine, promises to keep her siblings under control until their mother wakes up. However, some of the children misbehave, and when Mother Nature finally wakes up, she is not pleased. But Sunshine did her best, and everything is put in order. Finally, everyone is happy, and they celebrate the arrival of Spring.
  14. The boy with the moon on his forehead: The story is about a king who has six queens but no children, and he sets out to find a seventh wife. He hears a conversation between a poor woman and her daughter and decides to marry the daughter because she promises to bear him twins: a son with the moon on his forehead and the stars on his palms, and a daughter who is extraordinarily beautiful. The six queens persuade the new queen to ring a golden bell, and when she does, the king comes quickly, but he is angry that she rang it too early. When the son is due, she rings the bell again, but the king does not come, and the six queens persuade her to be thrown out of the palace. She gives birth to the promised twins, but the midwife replaces them with puppies and takes the twins away. The boy and the girl are saved by a potter and his wife, who pretend that the twins are theirs. The boy with the moon on his forehead and stars in his palms sets out on a dangerous journey to retrieve the kataki flower that his sister needs, killing the bees that protect it. He meets a beautiful young lady who tells him how to defeat her invincible species. He returns home and meets the king, who learns the truth about what happened, has the six queens executed, and restores the seventh queen’s honor. The boy and his family live happily ever after.
  15. The Worthy One: After a poorly ruling king dies, his four sons quarrel over the crown until the king’s advisors and wise men propose that the one who confesses and avoids the most of their father’s crimes and immoralities will become king. The eldest three proudly list their father’s wrongdoings, but the youngest, not wanting to speak ill of his father, says nothing. The advisors and wise men embrace him as the worthy one and future king.
  16. Why the Sea is Salt: The story revolves around two brothers, one rich and the other poor. On Christmas Eve, the poor brother asks for help, but the rich brother refuses, only giving him a piece of bacon. The poor brother sets off for Hell with the bacon, and meets an old man who helps him obtain a hand mill that can grind anything. With this, the poor brother becomes rich, but in the end, loses the hand mill to a sailor who mistakenly grinds salt, sinking his ship. And that’s why the sea is salty.
  17. The City Under the Sea: This is a story about a merchant who is ordered by the king to find the rare Emerald of the Sea from the Land of the Dawn. His three sons take turns in searching. However, the youngest son succeeds after seeking advice from the Witch of the Sand and finding the underwater world. He also finds his lost brothers and brings the emerald back. The king is enraged and orders the merchant to be thrown into the sea. However, the youngest son uses the power of the emerald to raise the sea level, destroying the palace and freeing his father. Eventually, the family shares the throne, and the youngest son marries the niece of the Sand Witch.
  18. The Twins with the Golden Stars: A farming couple with three daughters goes into the forest to pick strawberries. They are met by the son of the emperor, who falls in love with the youngest daughter, Laptitza. The couple’s daughters make promises on what they can offer their husbands, and Laptitza promises two sons with golden hair and a golden star on their forehead. The wicked empress who had planned to marry her daughter to the new emperor causes a war and steals Laptitza’s twin sons, replacing them with puppies, and locking Laptitza up. The twins grow quickly into handsome princes with golden hair and a golden star. They finally reunite with their mother and father, and the wicked empress and her daughter are punished.
  19. The seven ravens: The story is about a man who had seven sons and a daughter who was very weak and small. When the daughter asked about her brothers, she discovered that they were turned into ravens because of her. She set out to find them and was given a piece of wood by the stars, which later got lost. She then unlocked the glass-mountain castle with her little finger and found her brothers who were turned back to humans when she dropped her ring into their drink. They all returned home happily, and the little girl’s little finger grew back.
  20. Mother’s Day Mayhem: In this story, two siblings, Ricky and Sienna, plan an elaborate breakfast-in-bed for their mother on Mother’s Day. However, a series of mishaps, including spilled flour, honey and milk, leaves the kitchen in a shambles. When their mother discovers the mess, Ricky and Sienna confess their plan but also apologise for the mess. However, their mother is appreciative of the effort and love they put into the gesture and they clean up the kitchen together. Finally, they enjoy a delicious breakfast and spend the day together as a family, making it a special Mother’s Day. The story is available for download as a PDF.
  21. Kate Crackernuts: In this story, two stepsisters, Anne and Kate, love each other despite the queen’s jealousy of Anne’s greater beauty. The queen tricks Anne by sending her to the henwife to collect eggs without eating anything. On the third day, the queen accompanies Anne so that she doesn’t eat anything and the henwife decapitates Anne and replaces her head with a sheep’s. Undeterred, Kate takes her stepsister on an adventure where she uses her intelligence and bravery to help a prince. In return, Kate marries the prince, and Anne is healed of the queen’s curse in a heartwarming ending.
  22. Nardo and the Princess: In this story, there are two twin brothers, Nardo who is kind and good, and Stephen who is greedy and selfish. When an old beggar man arrives at their father’s palace asking for food and lodging, Stephen wants him turned away, but Nardo shows kindness. The beggar man rewards Nardo with a magical ring that can grant him any wish, but Stephen wants the ring for himself, so he enlists the help of an old witch who puts a spell on Nardo. After falling in love with a Princess, Nardo remembers the ring and wishes for her love, but Stephen still possesses the ring and has fallen under the witch’s spell. With the help of a fairy who turned herself into a nightingale, the Princess and Nardo hatch a plan to get the ring back and break the spell. In the end, Stephen becomes a better man, and Nardo and the Princess keep his secret.
  23. The Gingerbread Rock: The story is about a brother and sister named Hans and Lisbeth, who were taken in by their miser uncle after their parents died. One night, they found a gingerbread rock in the woods and ate some of it. They later discovered that the rock was actually a gingerbread house and met an old man living inside. The old man was kind to them and allowed them to bake more gingerbread and fix the damage they caused. Their uncle later found the gingerbread rock and attempted to take it home but turned to stone. The old man was actually a wizard and helped the children find their family’s hidden treasure. The story teaches the value of kindness and generosity.
  24. The Goblins’ Feast: In this story, siblings Florence and Nicholas meet a Goblin who takes them to a land where the trees are full of delicious food. The Goblin warns the children that they need to help themselves as it only happens once a year and each person has to get their own share. Nicholas and Florence gorge themselves on sandwiches, cake, ice cream, and candy. However, when they awaken from a nap, they find the Goblins all asleep and soon realize that they could have been turned into trees or rocks. They leave the land and head home still feeling hungry.
  25. The Story of the Silver Box: The story is about two orphans, Hans and Nella, who let an old man seeking food and shelter into their home. The next morning, the old man had disappeared, leaving behind a silver box that they buried in the garden to keep safe for him. The box led them to a golden mountain which they didn’t take much of, instead opting to buy a horse and cart and live a comfortable life. They later found a charming cottage furnished perfectly for them, which they believe was given to them by fairies. The story ends with them being embraced by the transformed tree and feeling protected by the old man.
  26. The Pin Brothers: A story about a quarrel in a work-basket between the pins, needles, scissors, and threads about which one is the most useful and important. The argument becomes heated, and they become so entangled in their anger that they cannot get apart and hang on the basket in a regular snarl. The mistress of the house saves the day by untangling everything with the help of the scissors and wishes that the mischievous kitten that caused the mess doesn’t come back.

In conclusion, the Top 26 Stories About Siblings for kids offer a delightful and heartwarming collection of tales that not only entertain young readers, but also provide valuable life lessons. These stories explore the deep bond and unique experiences shared between siblings, highlighting the importance of love, loyalty, communication, and even healthy rivalry. As children immerse themselves in these diverse narratives, they will gain a greater appreciation for the special connection with their own brothers and sisters, promoting kindness, empathy, and collaboration. Ultimately, these sibling stories are a wonderful addition to any child’s reading list, fostering personal growth and strengthening family ties.