Stories With Witches

Stories With Witches

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Top 46 Stories with Witches, specially curated for kids to enjoy and explore the magic of witches! These captivating tales are perfect for children to read online, or parents can download the pdf versions for free to print and share at bedtime. Featuring a collection of educational and fun short stories, this learning resource is perfect for children embarking on their early years (eyfs) of educational discovery, including toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students of all ages.

Each story in this amazing collection is brought to life with pictures, making them the ideal choice for story time, read aloud, or longer reads; both during daytime and night time. The classic fairy tales and famous stories come in both an easy-to-read English format and an engaging audio option, making them the best choice for girls and boys alike!

These stories with witches are much more than just entertainment before sleep; they also offer moral values that encourage children to embrace kindness, courage, and empathy. Such stories provide a unique way for kids to fall in love with reading and learning, making bedtime not only a time to relax and unwind but a magical journey into a world of wonder.

So, gather around with your little ones, snuggle under the covers, and delve into the fun and mystery of these top 46 witch stories that will surely make bedtime a spellbinding experience for both girls and boys alike! Let the magic begin and embark on this wondrous adventure with your children, introducing them to the captivating world of witches and fairy tales! Happy reading!

Top 46 Stories With Witches for kids to read online:

  1. Brother and Sister: Two siblings, Brother and Sister, ran away from their mean stepmother. They found a house in the forest and Sister tied a golden ribbon around Brother’s neck after he drank from a stream and turned into a deer. He loved the forest and kept escaping into it. One day, he was wounded and when he hobbled back to the house, the hunter overheard him saying the password to get inside. The king came to the house and fell in love with Sister. They all lived together happily until the stepmother tried to kill Sister, but the king saved her and burned the stepmother, causing Brother to turn human again.
  2. Hansel and Gretel: A poor lumberjack and his wife decide to leave their children deep in the forest, but Hansel and Gretel are resourceful and find their way back home using pebbles and breadcrumbs. When they are left in the forest a second time, they stumble upon a house made of bread, sugar, and pancakes, where an old woman lures them in and plans to eat them. Hansel and Gretel outsmart the witch and return home with treasures from her cottage, living happily ever after. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  3. The Goose Girl at the Well: The story is about a young man who helps an old woman with her heavy load, and she rewards him with an emerald. Later he discovers the emerald is a tear from a princess who was sent away because the king was angry. He sets out to find the princess and meets an old gooseherd who turns out to be the old woman. The gooseherd helps the young man reunite the princess with her parents and disappears into thin air, leaving the palace for the princess. The story ends with the narrator reflecting on how such things don’t happen anymore.
  4. The Twelve Brothers: This is the story of a queen who had twelve sons and was expecting a thirteenth child. Her husband, the king, demanded that the twelve sons be killed if the baby is a girl since the princess would inherit the kingdom alone. The queen and her youngest son, Benjamin, flee to the forest when they hear that the baby is a girl. The brothers swore to take revenge on every girl they met and turned into ravens when their sister picked white lilies. To save them, their sister agrees to not smile or speak for seven years. Later, she gets married to a king, but her mother-in-law accuses her of witchcraft and she faces prosecution. Twelve ravens arrive when she is led to the stake, but once they land, her twelve brothers appear, and the queen tells her story to a relieved king who warmly welcomes her brothers as they all live happily ever after.
  5. Rapunzel: The story is about a man and woman who live next door to a wicked witch and grow delicious, juicy rapunzels in their garden. The woman, who is pregnant, craves the rapunzels. The witch agrees to let the man pick as many rapunzels as he wants on the condition that he gives her his child once it is born. After the girl, Rapunzel, is born, the witch takes her and locks her in a tower when she turns 12. A prince hears her singing and visits her every evening until he is caught by the witch. The witch cuts off Rapunzel’s hair, takes her away, and blinds the prince. After wandering for years, the prince hears Rapunzel singing and finds her, breaking the spell. They go to his kingdom with their twins and live happily ever after.
  6. The Little Mermaid: This story is about a little mermaid who dreams of the world above the water. On her fifteenth birthday, she sees a prince for the first time on a ship, but a storm hits, and the ship breaks, forcing her to save the prince. She goes to the surface again and again to watch for the prince and eventually asks a sea witch to turn her into a human so she can be with him. However, there are consequences to her transformation, and the prince falls for another woman, and the little mermaid must pay the ultimate price.
  7. The Tinderbox: In this story, a soldier is offered the chance to become wealthy by a witch who gives him access to three doors leading to chests full of coins, each guarded by a dog. The soldier is also tasked with retrieving a tinderbox from a different tree, which the witch claims as her own. When he returns to the witch, she tries to keep the tinderbox for herself, prompting the soldier to kill her and take the item. Using the tinderbox to summon the dogs whenever he needs money, the soldier eventually falls in love with a princess and marries her after the dogs help him defeat the king and queen who had imprisoned him.
  8. Thumbelina: The story is about a woman who desperately wanted a child but didn’t know how to get one, so she asked a witch for help. A barley grain the witch gave her grew into a tulip and inside it, a little girl named Thumbelina. Living in a nutshell cradle, she eventually gets taken by a toad who wanted her for his son. A fish helps her escape to a new adventure with a beetle and a field mouse, who all saw her differently. Along the way, she saves a bird, and it later saves her by flying her to a warm place where she meets a lovely little flower angel. She marries him and becomes a fairy with wings, while the bird goes to sing adventures to someone who tells fairy tales.
  9. The Adventures of Florian: The story follows Isabella, who, after her father’s death, disguised herself as a boy named Florian in hopes of finding work. Florian eventually ends up working for a wizard in a castle, who gives them gifts upon their departure. Florian then accompanies prince Florizel on a journey where they are cursed by a witch, turning everyone but Florian and Florizel to stone. Florian eventually saves Florizel and they defeat the witch with the help of the wizard who then ultimately marries Isabella to Florizel.
  10. Baba Yaga: A childless couple longs for a child, and the wife lays a stick of wood in a cradle and sings to it. She looks back and sees a little boy where the stick was. The boy, Peter, goes fishing in a boat where he hears the call of a Baba Jaga, a witch, whom he avoids. The Baba Jaga tricks Peter into her house and keeps him in a cage until he grows fat. The boy’s mother sends her faithful servant to find Peter, who ends up in the Baba Jaga’s house and frees Peter after dinner while Baba Jaga is asleep. They flee through the forest while Baba Jaga chases them.
  11. The Raven: In this story, a queen gets frustrated with her restless baby daughter and wishes that she would turn into a raven so that she could have some peace. Much to her surprise, the wish comes true, and the bird flies away into a dark wood. Eventually, a man hears the raven cry and offers to help, but he must follow her instructions carefully. Unfortunately, he falls asleep each time the raven comes to him, and she leaves him a ring and a letter before departing for good. The man sets out to find the golden castle of Stromberg, where the enchanted Princess is being held, and along the way, he procures a magical horse, cloak, and stick from three fighting robbers. Using these items, he manages to enter the castle and remove the cloak so that the Princess can see him, and he frees her from her enchantment.
  12. The Three Princes and Their Animals: In this story, three princes each receive a small animal from a kind wolf, lioness, fox, hare, wild boar, and bear. They mark three birch trees and go their separate ways. The eldest prince marries a woman who subsequently takes part in a plot to kill him, but he is saved by his faithful animals. The youngest brother sets out to find his brothers, who have been turned to stone by a witch. He defeats the witch and saves his brothers, and they all return to the city where the king rewards them. The youngest brother marries the princess and everyone lives happily ever after.
  13. The Six Swans: In this fairytale, a king gets lost in the forest and meets an old woman who will give him directions if he agrees to marry her daughter. The king doesn’t love her daughter but accepts the proposal. Later, the king’s stepmother turns his six sons into swans, and the sister sets out to save them by sewing six shirts out of aster flowers without speaking or laughing for six years. When she is accused of being a cannibal, she is put to the stake, and the moment before her execution, she finishes the sixth shirt and throws them over her six brothers, breaking the spell. Finally, the queen can speak and pleas her innocence, and the stepmother is punished.
  14. The Yellow Dwarf: The story is about a queen with a daughter named Bellissima who is incredibly demanding, making it difficult for any suitor to ask for her hand in marriage. The queen seeks the advice of the Witch of the Desert to help find a suitable husband for her daughter, but ends up agreeing to a marriage proposal from the Yellow Dwarf in exchange for safely passing the witch’s lions. Bellissima also meets the dwarf, but after realizing how unpleasant her life would be with him, she becomes seriously ill. Against her wishes, the princess is promised to the dwarf by the queen and the Desert Fairy, creating a dangerous situation. Despite finding a new suitor, the King of the Gold Mines, Bellissima falls ill with grief, worried about the promise made to the dwarf. The story takes dark turns filled with monsters, mermaids, and swords, leading to a tragic ending for the main characters, who are transformed into two beautiful palm trees.
  15. The Strange Witch of Willowweed: In this story, a princess asks the Strange Witch of Willowweed how to find the bravest boy in the world, and is locked up in an enchanted forest by the witch. Meanwhile, a boy named Kit the Coward seeks the witch’s advice on finding something worth fighting for, and she suggests he ask King Hurlyburly to let him do something brave. Kit becomes commander-in-chief of the king’s army and is sent to invade the neighboring kingdom, but refuses to fight without a good reason. He eventually befriends the real princess in the enchanted forest and rescues her from a giant with the help of the forest animals. At the end, Kit and the princess get married and the Strange Witch of Willowweed returns to her cottage to await her next visitor.
  16. The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe: The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe lived with her many children in a large shoe by a forest. Her husband, a woodcutter, was taken captive by a giant, so their family moved into the shoe. The Little Old Woman’s oldest son, Strong Arm, decided to rescue his father. They gave the giant a painful death and lived happily ever after in a new home. The story highlights the strong bond and love within a family.
  17. The One Hundredth Princess: A king who enjoyed hunting animals got enchanted by a Green Enchantress who wanted him to stop. However, when the king wanted to know more about the forest, the Enchantress refused to teach him. Later, when the Enchantress disguised herself as a kitchen maid, the king fell in love with her and made her the queen. The story ends with the king giving up hunting, making all the animals and everyone in the kingdom happy.
  18. The Rain Elves: In this story, the Rain Elves are excited when they are given permission to come down from their cloud homes to play on the earth. However, their mothers warn them not to all come down at once. The flowers in the garden are thrilled to see the Rain Elves but wish they could stay longer. They send a messenger to the old Wind Witch to ask for her help in keeping the Rain Elves down. The Wind Witch tricks the Rain Elves into all coming down at once and causes chaos in the garden. Eventually, the Sun Man drives her away, and the Rain Elves return to their cloud homes. The flowers realise that it is best to have only a few Rain Elves at a time and to trust the wisdom of the Rain Cloud mothers.
  19. The Courteous Prince: A handsome Prince fell in love with a girl who was not of his rank, but the King did not approve and arranged for her to be sent away. One day while hunting, the Prince took refuge in an old hunting lodge, where a ghostly figure asked if he was a courteous Prince and requested that he gather heather to make her a bed. The Prince followed her instructions, and the next morning, he discovered that the ghostly figure was his lost love, and the curse that separated them was broken by his courtesy. They happily married, and the King finally understood the meaning of the witch’s words. The story is available for download as an ebook.
  20. The Tempest: The summary describes the story of a man named Prospero who was the Duke of Milan. He loved reading books and entrusted the management of his duchy to his brother Antonio. Antonio wanted to become the Duke himself and with the help of Alonso, the King of Naples, he managed to take Prospero away, far out to sea. Prospero and his 3-year-old daughter Miranda wash up on an island enchanted by the witch Sycorax but Prospero frees the imprisoned spirits and becomes a great wizard. Years later, when Ferdinand, Alonso’s son, arrives on the island, Prospero arranges for him to fall in love with Miranda and they marry. Prospero forgives his enemies and breaks his staff, throwing his magic book into the water. He returns to his duchy and lives a happy life while Ariel becomes free to wander where he wants.
  21. Twinkling Feet’s Halloween: In this Halloween story, a mischievous elf named Twinkling Feet trips his dancing partner and causes all the elves to fall down. However, he soon realizes that he has lost his smile and must find it before midnight or be an elf without a smile forever. After asking Jack O’Lantern and the Happy Little Witch for help, he joins the children’s Halloween party and regains his laughter after swallowing a tiny creature that approached him. He returns to the fairy ring, and Little Fiddler advises him to always keep an eye on his smile while dancing.
  22. Buttercup: In this story, an old woman and her son named Buttercup encounter a witch who tricks Buttercup into crawling into her bag in exchange for gifts. However, Buttercup escapes both times by putting a heavy object in the bag and tricks the witch. The third time, the witch brings him home and commands her daughter to cook him, but Buttercup kills the daughter instead. He then escapes, kills the witch and her husband, takes their gold and silver, and goes back to his mother, becoming a rich man.
  23. The Enchanted Elm: This is a fairy tale about a prince who is transformed into a tree by an evil witch and is unable to communicate with humans, but can talk to trees and birds. He falls in love with a girl who seeks shade under his branches every day, and when she tries to save him from being chopped down by lumberjacks, the King of the Trees and a powerful wizard come to help. The wizard breaks the spell, and the prince is restored to his human form. He marries the girl and lives happily ever after.
  24. The City Under the Sea: This is a story about a merchant with three sons, who is commanded by the king to search for and acquire the Emerald of the Sea. The youngest son eventually sets out to find it, with the help of some magical assistance, and discovers that it has been lost to the bottom of the sea. He also discovers that his other two brothers have been turned into sea creatures as a result of consuming food from the underwater world. Eventually, the youngest son is the only one who manages to retain his memory of his past life and returns to the surface with the emerald, saving his father’s life. The merchant offers his throne to his sons, who take turns ruling over the land and the sea people, while the youngest son sails with his ship and marries a niece of the Sand Witch.
  25. The Legend of Oliver’s Adventure: The story is about a boy born in a village near a large forest. On Mother’s Day, he decides to pick beautiful berries and flowers for his mother from the forest. Lost in his pursuit, he encounters a witch who agrees to give him the gift on one condition. The witch makes him forget his family and home with a curse. The good wizard comes to the forest seeking a cure for his sick wife, but finds the frog Oliver. After hearing his story, the wizard brews a potion that breaks the curse, and Oliver finally reunites with his mother. They share stories and cherish their time together, learning the power of love and family.
  26. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Council with the Munchkins: A young girl named Dorothy is awakened by a sudden shock and finds herself in a beautiful land called Oz after her house was picked up by a cyclone. Upon her arrival, she meets a group of people called Munchkins and the Witch of the North, who tell her that she has accidentally killed the Wicked Witch of the East by landing on her with her house. They thank her for freeing them from the witch’s slavery and tell her to go to the Emerald City to meet the Great Wizard of Oz, who may be able to help her return home. She begins her journey along a yellow brick road, accompanied by Toto, hoping to find the Wizard and get home.
  27. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow: Dorothy feels hungry and finds bread, fruit, and water in her new home in a strange land. She prepares to journey to Emerald City and meets a Scarecrow in a cornfield who wishes to ask the Great Oz for brains. Toto, Dorothy’s dog, isn’t initially friendly toward the Scarecrow, but eventually gets along. The Scarecrow joins Dorothy on her journey to Emerald City to ask Oz for help.
  28. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Rescue of the Tin Woodman: In this story, Dorothy and her companions, the Scarecrow and Toto, are searching for water and come across the Tin Woodman, who had been rusted and unable to move for a year before being rescued by them. He explains that he lost his limbs one by one due to a curse, and is missing a heart. They all set off together to see the Wizard of Oz to ask for what they are missing – a heart for the Tin Woodman and brains for the Scarecrow. Dorothy just wants to return to Kansas. However, they are running low on food and are worried about their next meal. The story ends with a list of downloadable resources.
  29. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Deadly Poppy Field: In this section of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her friends are stranded on a raft in the middle of a river. They are carried far away from the Yellow Brick Road and toward a field of deadly poppies that make them fall asleep. Despite their struggles, they rescue their friend the Scarecrow from the river and carry Dorothy to safety in a meadow away from the poppies. The Lion falls asleep in the poppy field, and they leave him behind, hoping he will eventually wake up. The group then rests, waiting for Dorothy to wake up and continuing their journey to the Emerald City.
  30. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Rescue: Dorothy frees the Cowardly Lion from his prison in the castle and tells the Winkies they are no longer slaves, causing great joy. The Lion suggests they rescue the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman, and Dorothy and the Winkies set off to find them. They find the Tin Woodman, who is taken to the castle where the Winkies mend him using gold. They then find the Scarecrow’s clothes in a tree, which falls when the Tin Woodman chops it down. After stuffing the clothes with straw, the Scarecrow is reunited with the group. They spend a few happy days in the castle before deciding to go back to the Emerald City to claim their respective promises. The Winkies give them gifts to aid them on their journey and they set off, with Dorothy wearing the Golden Cap she found in the Witch’s cupboard.
  31. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Away to the South: In this excerpt from “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy, the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, and the Lion mourn the loss of the Wizard but also feel grateful for their new gifts. They discuss Dorothy’s desire to return to Kansas and the idea of asking the Winged Monkeys for help, but find out they cannot leave the country. They then decide to seek help from Glinda the Good Witch, who lives in the Land of the South. The Lion and Tin Woodman offer to accompany Dorothy on her journey, and they plan to depart the following morning.
  32. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Glinda the Good Witch grants Dorothy’s Wish: In this story, Dorothy and her companions are taken to meet Glinda, the beautiful and young Good Witch. Dorothy tells her story and expresses her wish to return to Kansas. Glinda tells her that her Silver Shoes can take her home in three steps. She also grants the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Lion their wishes before bidding farewell to Dorothy. Dorothy thanks her friends and claps her heels together three times to return home. She finds herself back in Kansas, in front of the new farmhouse Uncle Henry built after the cyclone and without her Silver Shoes which fell off in the flight.
  33. The Silver Horseshoes: A poor prince, in search of riches and a way to climb a slippery mountain to save a princess, receives advice and silver horseshoes from his talking horse. Following the horse’s instructions, the prince finds and takes the horseshoes from a witch, who then traps him in a hole, but he uses the shoes to fly away to the princess’s tower. After escaping with the princess, the prince is praised for his bravery and rewarded with his bride, becoming a hero.
  34. The Tree of Swords: A king’s daughter is turned into a brindle cow by a wicked witch after the king fails to invite her to a royal feast. The witch agrees to change her back only if the king gets a pear from the tree by a mountain of ice. The tree is guarded by a three-headed troll who can only be defeated by a belt he wears. The king offers a reward for anyone who can get the pear and a peasant boy agrees to try in exchange for the brindle cow. With the help of fairies, the boy gets the pear, defeats the troll, and saves the princess, who insists on marrying him. The peasant boy declines, however, and marries a peasant girl instead.
  35. Nardo and the Princess: The story is about two twin brothers, Nardo and Stephen, who have opposite personalities. Stephen was selfish while Nardo was kind and good. One day, an old beggar man came to the palace asking for a night’s lodging and food. Stephen didn’t allow him to enter, but Nardo did. The beggar gave Nardo a ring that granted wishes. Stephen wanted the ring, so he got a witch to cast a spell over Nardo and stole the ring. The Princess, whom Nardo loved, was sad when he became cold towards her. One night, she rescued a nightingale and the fairy revealed the truth behind Nardo’s behavior. The fairy retrieved the ring, broke the spell, and returned the ring. In the end, Stephen mended his ways, and the truth remained hidden from him.
  36. Nicko and the Ogre: In this story, an ogre is causing trouble by eating all the fish in a river and making too much noise when he sleeps. A young man named Nicko seeks the help of an old witch who tells him the only way to get rid of the ogre is to ask a mermaid for a secret. Nicko dresses up as a fish and goes into the river to find the mermaid, who eventually reveals that a mortal must come and marry her to break the curse. Nicko falls in love with the mermaid, they get married, and together seek the help of Father Neptune to get rid of the ogre. The witch changes the ogre into a rock, and Nicko and the mermaid (who is actually a king’s daughter under a spell) live happily ever after.
  37. Sunev: This is a story about a beautiful girl named Sunev who was transformed into a tiger by a jealous witch. Sunev found refuge in the forest and made friends with various animals who protected her. Meanwhile, the witch sent her own daughter, who was less beautiful, to be presented as a potential wife to a prince who was seeking a bride. Sunev was eventually restored to her true form by the goddess Venus and became the prince’s chosen bride. The witch’s daughter, who was actually a stolen baby, married a lord who loved her. Both girls were made happy by Venus, who claimed them as her godchildren.
  38. Cilla and the Dwarf: This is a story about a brave kitchen-maid named Cilla who sets out to find the missing Princess, who has been taken by an ugly dwarf. Cilla meets a witch who gives her a magical bean that helps her find the Princess. Cilla saves the Princess by twisting the dwarf’s nose, transforming him into a toad, and feeding the bean to a starving rabbit, which transforms the Princess back to her true form. Cilla is rewarded by the King but asks only for a small cottage and cow to be near the Palace where she can see the Princess every day.
  39. Greta and the Black Cat: A woodsman called Peter finds a baby girl in a bundle while chopping down a tree. He takes her home to his wife, Martha, but she is not happy about having another mouth to feed. Peter insists on keeping the baby, who they name Greta, and she grows up with their son Robert. Greta is treated poorly by Martha and Robert, who make her do all the housework. One day, when Robert tells Greta to chop a pile of wood, she can’t do it and runs away. She stumbles across a black cat, who she helps, and in return, the cat takes her to a witch’s cave. The cat is revealed to be a prince and proposes to Greta, who agrees. They return to Peter’s house, but only Peter recognizes Greta as he thought she was lost forever.
  40. The Dolphin’s Bride: A poor little beggar girl named Nitta, who was turned out-of-doors by her hard-hearted aunt, was crying by the ocean when a big dolphin poked his head out and asked what was wrong. When Nitta told him, the dolphin offered her a home in his house at the bottom of the ocean. Nitta agreed and jumped on his back, and they plunged into the sea. She found a beautiful house filled with luxurious rooms and chose a blue silk one for herself. One day the dolphin asked Nitta to strike his head off with a sword to release him from a spell. After hesitation, she swung the sword and as it fell, she felt herself slipping away, but then she opened her eyes to see a handsome man bending over her. He was the prince whom the witch had turned into a dolphin, and he asked Nitta to become his princess. They were married that same day in a wonderful castle.
  41. The Green Cat: In this story, Old Witch Betto is angry for not being invited to a village fête and brings heavy rain to spoil it. Hans, who was to be married during the fête, decides to climb a mountain to stop the rain. He meets a frog who tells him to find the green cat that is guarded by a dwarf, and the green cat can stop the rain and make Old Witch Betto disappear. With a lot of effort and overcoming obstacles, Hans finally finds the green cat and brings it to Old Witch Betto’s cave, which makes her disappear and restores the prince and princess, who had been transformed by the witch. Hans saves the fête, and he and his lover Gretchen can finally get married.
  42. The King’s Servant: This is a story about a King’s servant named Muccio who was changed into a cat, a lion, and a dragon by jealous palace servants who paid a witch to cast a spell on him. The King eventually discovered the spell and paid the witch a barrel of gold to restore Muccio to his original form. The wicked servants were punished with a lifetime of working for Muccio, who becomes even more cherished by the King. The story emphasizes the moral lesson that greed and envy can lead to downfall and punishment.
  43. Princess Marzell: In this story, Princess Marzell refuses to marry the princes chosen for her by her parents. A servant named Michio seeks help from an old witch to make the princess fall in love with him so he can become king. She transforms Michio into a handsome man who wins the affection of Marzell, and they marry. However, Michio abandons her in a forest and tries to get rid of her using a magic bag. He fails because he unintentionally sneezes out the magic wafer, and the bag jumps into a river with no one inside. Marzell is eventually found by her father’s servants and goes back to the castle, where she lives happily ever after as a ruler.
  44. How Old Witch Neda Stole the Moon and the Sun: This is a story about an old witch named Neda who used to sweep the skies with her broomstick, which upset the little stars who believed she was taking off their veils. Angry stars attacked Neda, and she accidentally captured the Moon. She then went on to capture the Sun. The stars decided to send the Little Star to rescue them. Little Star managed to get the Sun and Moon back, and as a reward, she became the brightest star and her accomplishment was commemorated in a big cross made of stars. The old witch never bothered the stars again.
  45. The Golden Chain: In this fairy tale, a Prince is turned into a lion by a wicked witch on his wedding night. The Princess still wants to marry him and they live in a cottage in the forest while the Princess searches for a golden chain to restore him to human form. With the help of a fairy and some magical creatures, she obtains the chain and frees her husband from the spell. They live happily ever after and rule their kingdom together.
  46. The Lost Fairy: This story is about a fairy who falls in love with a mortal and wishes to become mortal herself to be with him. She seeks the help of an old witch, who warns her of the consequences of being discovered by her queen. She receives magical shoes and instructions to throw them away immediately after reaching her lover, but she forgets. The fairy’s disappearance leads to a search by the queen and the fairies, who eventually find her. She is turned into a white rabbit by the queen’s wand and never recovers her fairy form. However, the rabbit is adopted by a peasant who marries her when she turns back into a human. They have a baby girl whom they bless with happiness, and the little family lives happily ever after.