The Turtle and the Monkey

Once upon a time, in the verdant heart of the Philippines, there lived a clever Monkey and a persevering Turtle, neighbors in the lush rainforest. They were friends, but their personalities often led them to clash.

One day, Turtle found a banana tree growing in a clearing. She couldn’t climb the tree to get the bananas herself, but she knew Monkey could. So she proposed, “Monkey, let’s plant this banana tree together. When the time comes, we can share its fruit equally.”

Monkey, who loved bananas, quickly agreed and they planted the tree. Over time, Turtle diligently watered the tree, while Monkey eagerly awaited the fruit, doing little work.

Months passed, and the banana tree finally bore fruit. Seeing the ripe bananas, Monkey quickly scampered up the tree and began to gobble them up. “Monkey,” called Turtle from the ground, “don’t forget our agreement! Half of those bananas are mine!”

But Monkey only laughed. “If you want your share, come up and get them!” Monkey knew full well that Turtle could not climb.

Turtle was hurt by Monkey’s betrayal, but she didn’t lose her composure. She had a plan. “Monkey, at least throw me the banana peelings. My children will eat them.”

Monkey thought this a fine joke and threw all the peels at Turtle. Turtle gathered them up, not letting a single one go to waste.

Time passed and a local king announced a grand feast to which all animals were invited. He promised a special reward for the most unique gift. Remembering the banana peels, Turtle had an idea.

She gathered the peels and carefully cleaned them. Then, she skillfully wove them into a beautiful mat, its texture soft and shiny, with a pleasant aroma of bananas that permeated the air around it.

On the day of the feast, Monkey brought a bunch of bananas while Turtle brought the woven mat. When the king saw the mat, he was amazed. “This is a truly unique gift, made with patience and resourcefulness,” he declared. He awarded Turtle the special prize, a vast field filled with all kinds of fruit trees.

Monkey, seeing this, was filled with envy and regret. He realized his mistake too late. His greed and betrayal had cost him a true friend and the reward he could have had.

From then on, Turtle lived happily in her fruitful field, sharing her bounty with all the forest animals, while Monkey was left to reflect on his actions, learning a hard lesson about fairness and friendship.

And so, the tale of the Turtle and Monkey has been told through generations, reminding us that greed leads to downfall, while patience and integrity are the real keys to success.