Stories About Monkeys

Stories About Monkeys

Welcome to the Top 28 Stories About Monkeys, specially curated for kids to read online! This collection of free, downloadable, easy-to-read, and printable PDFs is perfect for children of all ages, from toddlers to kindergarten, elementary students, preschool, and early years students (EYFS). These stories are sure to make bedtime or storytime a fun and exciting adventure for both boys and girls. With engaging pictures, fun audio, and text in simple English, these stories are designed for educational and entertaining purposes, so it’s a win-win for both parents and kids.

Monkeys have always held a special place in the world of children’s literature, and for good reason! These lively and curious creatures not only help create an enjoyable learning experience for kids, but also impart important morals through their tales. Stories that revolve around monkeys captivate the imagination of young readers, ensuring that they are engaged in the storytelling process. Whether it’s a classic fable, a tale of adventure, or a story about friendship, monkey stories can help teach valuable life lessons in a lighthearted and entertaining way.

So, as night time falls, snuggle up together with your little ones and enjoy this collection of the best monkey stories, which are perfect to tell or read aloud during those cozy bedtime moments. While they drift off to sleep, you’ll not only be fostering their love for reading, but also introducing them to a world of fun, education, and timeless life lessons. Happy reading!

Top 28 Stories About Monkeys for kids to read online:

  1. The Monkey And The Camel: At a celebration for King Lion, the Monkey danced gracefully to the enjoyment of the animals. The Camel became envious and attempted to dance, but his awkwardness and weight made him look foolish, eventually causing the animals to drive him out. Refreshments were served, consisting mostly of Camel’s hump and ribs. A downloadable PDF of the story is available.
  2. The Monkey And The Dolphin: In this story, a Greek ship wrecks off the coast close to Piraeus, and the Dolphins come to the rescue, saving all the shipwrecked people. However, when a Monkey struggles in the water, one of the Dolphins mistakes it for a man and helps by letting the Monkey climb on its back. The Dolphin strikes up a conversation with the Monkey and asks if it frequently visits Piraeus. The Monkey proudly claims that it is best friends with Piraeus, which surprises the Dolphin. As a result, the Dolphin ditches the Monkey and swims off in search of someone else to save.
  3. The Monkey And The Cat: In this story, a clever monkey tricks his cat friend into getting roasted chestnuts from the fire. The cat eventually gets burnt paws, and the monkey eats all the chestnuts. After the incident, the cat avoids the monkey and settles for mice and rats. The story comes with a downloadable PDF eBook.
  4. Jupiter And The Monkey: The story tells of a baby show in the forest, and how a Mother Monkey presented her ugly baby among the contestants. Though the other animals laughed, the mother was sure that her baby was the prettiest, sweetest, and dearest darling in the world. The story’s message is that a mother’s love for her child is unconditional and beautiful. An ebook of the story is available for download.
  5. The misbehaving monkey’s New Year resolutions: A misbehaving monkey named Moki lived on the island of Bali and loved playing tricks on tourists until he overhears a group of them talking about their New Year’s resolutions. He decides to make his own resolutions to be a helpful monkey and write down three small, measurable, and attainable goals. Moki set out to show tourists the best places in Bali, help them safely drive a scooter, and bring them fruit from the jungle to make his resolutions a reality. In a few weeks, Moki becomes known as the kindest and most helpful monkey of Bali and succeeded in fulfilling his New Year’s resolutions.
  6. The jungle potluck: In a lush jungle, a group of animal friends decided to have a potluck dinner to celebrate their friendship. Each friend brought their signature dish to the table, such as a fruit salad made of colourful jungle fruits, grilled antelope steaks, famous peanut and banana stew and coconut cocktails. They feasted, socialized, and even sat around the campfire singing and telling stories. The animal friends knew that they would always be the best of friends. The story ebook is available for download as a PDF.
  7. Dembe and the park rangers: The story is about a gorilla named Dembe who was the leader of his family in the mountains of East Africa. He had to protect his family from poachers who were hunting illegally in the jungle. He fought bravely against them and inspired others to protect the wildlife and natural habitats. He even worked together with park rangers and conservationists to combat illegal logging and help during natural disasters. Dembe’s efforts paid off, and the rainforest became a place of beauty and harmony once again.
  8. Part 8: My Father Meets A Gorilla: The story is about a man who is trying to find and capture a dragon. Along the way, he eats some tangerines and overhears two boars talking about how the tigers and other animals are distracted. He reads some signs and eventually meets a gorilla who threatens him but is distracted by fleas. The man offers magnifying glasses to some monkeys who help him escape while they hunt for fleas.
  9. A Monkey Objects To Criticism: The story is about a monkey and a bird who sit on a tree during rain. The bird wonders why the monkey shivers with cold, and the monkey destroys the bird’s nest in response, telling the bird he has strength to destroy, but not to build. There is a link to download the story in eBook format.
  10. Dr. Dolittle and the Ape Bridge: In this story, Queen Ermintrude’s husband, the King of Jolliginki, sends soldiers and servants to capture Doctor Dolittle who has fled into the jungle with his animal friends. They are chased by the king’s army until they reach the Land of the Apes and must cross a bridge made of living apes to escape. Along the way, they travel through the jungle, camp, and listen to stories about history and nature. The doctor is pleased to witness the famous “Ape Bridge” and escape the king’s army.
  11. Dr. Dolittle and the Prince: The story follows Dr. Dolittle and his animal friends as they become lost in a dense jungle while searching for a way home. Accidentally wandering into the palace garden, they are captured by the king’s men and locked in prison. Meanwhile, Polynesia the parrot hatches a plan to help Prince Bumpo become a golden prince, by convincing him to secretly visit Dr. Dolittle in prison. The story ends with the prince turning into a golden prince, and the doctor and his friends finally being freed from prison.
  12. Dr. Dolittle and the Unique Animal: In the story, the Pushing Pullyu animal, which has two heads with horns on each, is very shy and difficult to catch. Despite many attempts by hunters and animal keepers, no one ever caught one until a group of monkeys managed to convince the animal to go with Dr. Dolittle to be exhibited in the land of humans. Though initially hesitant, the Pushing Pullyu animal agreed to go after meeting the doctor and trusting his kindness. The doctor and his animal companions then left the jungle to return home, bidding farewell to their friends and the Great Gorilla who marked the spot where the doctor sat and ate with them.
  13. Dr. Dolittle at the Ape Council: The Apes are saddened to hear that Dr Dolittle must leave to go back home due to his debt. They try to convince him to stay by promising him a bigger bed and a new home, but Chee-Chee explains that in the land of humans, everything requires money, and he needs to go back to pay his debts. The Apes offer to give him a rare animal as a gift, and they settle on the Pushmi-Pullyu, an animal that no human has ever seen before. The story ends with a download link to the PDF version of the book.
  14. Dr. Dolittle and the Leader of the Lions: In this story, Dr. Dolittle is busy treating sick monkeys and separates the sick from the healthy ones. He builds a big house and asks other animals for help in nursing the sick. The Lion and other animals refuse, but when the Lioness asks the Lion to apologize and help, he and the other animals come to assist Dr. Dolittle. Eventually, all the monkeys get better, and the doctor’s work is done.
  15. Dr. Dolittle receives a message from Africa: In this story, the animals are gathered together in the kitchen because of the cold winter. Suddenly, the monkey, Chee-Chee, runs in with a message from his cousin in Africa, asking for the doctor’s help with a spreading disease that is killing the apes. The doctor agrees to go, but the problem is that they don’t have enough money to buy tickets for everyone. The doctor decides to borrow a boat instead of buying tickets and they all head off to Africa. On the ship, the animals learn about life at sea and the doctor asks for directions to Africa but the Swallow tells him that she has been to Africa many times before and she will show them the way.
  16. The Jellyfish and the Monkey: In ancient Japan, the Dragon King of the Sea wanted a bride and found a beautiful dragon princess to marry. They were happy until she became ill, and the doctor told the king that only the liver of a live monkey would save her. The king sent a jellyfish to Ape Island to fetch a monkey, but the jellyfish tricked an ape into coming with him by inviting the ape to see the palace. The jellyfish realized halfway that he needed the liver and became afraid, but the ape promised to give him one. However, the ape broke his promise, and the jellyfish returned to the palace empty-handed and lost his shell as punishment.
  17. How Night Came: This is a story about how night was brought into the world at the beginning of time. The daughter of the Great Sea Serpent, who had married one of the sons of Man, grew tired of daylight and wished for a little of the darkness from her father’s kingdom. Three servants were sent to bring the darkness back, but they were scared and accidentally let out all of the night creatures. However, the daughter slept peacefully in the darkness and felt refreshed when she woke up. As a result, the servants were turned into monkeys, and night now quickly falls upon the earth in Brazil accompanied by a sunset chorus from the creatures of the night. There are also download links for an ebook version of the story.
  18. How the Monkey Became a Trickster: In this story, beasts in a garden can eat any fruit they want as long as they make a polite bow, use the correct name of the fruit tree and say “please.” However, they struggle to remember the long hard name of the most splendid tree which bore the most tempting fruit. A monkey who could play the guitar came up with a trick to remember the name by making up a little tune which he sang on his way from the house of the old woman who could recall all the fruit tree names to the wonderful tree. Although the monkey found the fruit bitter and sour, he never forgot the long name and used it to trick other beasts into tasting the unpleasant fruit.
  19. How the Monkey and the Goat Earned Their Reputations: A tiger and a goat set out on a journey and encountered obstacles along the way. The tiger tricked and took advantage of the goat, but when he teamed up with a monkey, the monkey was clever and refused to be misled. The monkey caught the tiger in his deceit and the tiger received his punishment. As a result, the goat is known as someone easily imposed upon, while the monkey earned a reputation for being clever.
  20. How the Monkey Got a Drink When He Was Thirsty: In this story, a mischievous monkey teases a tiger by singing a song about having his bones in his guitar. The angry tiger tries to catch the monkey, but he keeps hiding and playing tricks until he finally disguises himself with honey and leaves to get a drink without the tiger recognizing him. Later, he uses resin and leaves to keep up the trick until he can find water elsewhere. The story teaches children the use of strategy and wit to get out of tricky situations.
  21. How the Monkey Got Food When He Was Hungry: The story is about a monkey who needed meal to make porridge and borrowed it from other animals promising to pay them back at different times. However, the monkey was not sick like he pretended to be and invited all the animals in his house to hide them under his bed except the tiger who demanded his meal back. The monkey escaped while the bed broke down with the tiger’s weight, and the fox, dog, and tiger ate each other.
  22. Why the Bananas Belong to the Monkey: This is a story about how the monkeys came to believe that all the bananas belong to them. A little old woman made a bargain with the largest monkey to gather bananas for her, but he tricked her and took all the big, ripe bananas for himself. The old woman created a wax image of a boy carrying bananas, with a basket of good bananas to tempt him. The monkey got trapped in the wax and called upon other monkeys to help him, who piled up on each other and shouted out to the sun. The sun melted the wax, and the monkey was freed. The old woman stopped growing bananas and moved away, leaving the garden to the monkeys.
  23. How the Monkey Escaped Being Eaten: In this story, people used to eat fruits and nuts until they became scarce, and they had to resort to eating different animals. The monkey was caught by a man who wanted to eat him but escaped. The man’s children let him put some sticks and an empty coconut shell in the pot and boil them, pretending it was the monkey. When the man realized what had happened, he never tried to cook monkey stew again. A downloadable ebook is also available for offline reading.
  24. Why the Monkey Still Has a Tail: The story is about a monkey and a rabbit who made a contract. The monkey was supposed to kill all the butterflies, and the rabbit was supposed to kill all the snakes. One day, the monkey thought it would be funny to pull the rabbit’s ears, pretending they were butterflies, and the rabbit plotted revenge. The rabbit asked the armadillo for help and caught the monkey napping. They rolled a big stone onto the monkey’s tail, and as he tried to free himself, it broke off. The cat ran off with the tail, and when the monkey asked for it back, the cat demanded milk, which led to a long chain of favors and requests until the monkey finally found a spring for the river, got his tail back, and became very happy.
  25. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Winged Monkeys: Four travelers, lost on their journey to the Emerald City, call upon the field mice to find the way. The Queen of the Mice advises Dorothy to use the charm inside the Golden Cap to summon the Winged Monkeys to give them a lift. The King of the Winged Monkeys tells the story of how they lost their freedom to the owner of the Golden Cap, and agrees to give them a free ride to the Emerald City. When they land, the travelers are grateful for the help of the Winged Monkeys, and glad to be at their destination.
  26. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Country of the Quadlings: The four travelers encounter the armless Hammer-Heads who won’t let them cross the hill to reach the country of the Quadlings. The travelers try to cross anyway, but the Hammer-Heads use their shooting heads to knock them down the hill. The Tin Woodman suggests calling the Winged Monkeys with the Golden Cap. They carry the travelers to the country of the Quadlings, a beautiful place filled with fields of ripening grain and pretty brooks. They ask for directions to the Castle of Glinda to see the Good Witch who rules there. A girl soldier lets them in to see the Good Witch.
  27. Naughty Jocko: This story is about a mischievous monkey named Jocko who is mistreated by his cruel owner but is rescued by a kind boy named Neddy and his aunt. Jocko causes a lot of trouble wherever he goes, such as throwing candy and breaking things in a store, tormenting the chickens and cat, and ruining Nelly’s doll’s bed during a tea party. Eventually, Aunt Jane decides that Jocko must go, and he is found dead in a trap. Although Jocko is gone, his mischievous spirit lives on in Neddy, who is often reminded by his aunt to behave better or risk being tied up like Jocko.
  28. How the Elephant got his trunk: In this story, the animals in a zoo are awakened by the chattering of the monkeys, and two of them, Jocko and Tito, spend the night discussing how each animal got its unique characteristics. They tell funny stories about how Mr. Lion’s long hair was pulled by his wife and how Hippo’s body was made up of leftover animal parts. They also share a story about how Mr. Elephant got his trunk after being bitten by Old Man Crocodile. The other animals become upset and noisy, causing the keepers to investigate, but Jocko and Tito fall asleep laughing at the funny stories.

In conclusion, these top 28 stories about monkeys captivate the imagination of kids with their entertaining and educational tales. Featuring clever, curious, and adventurous monkeys, these stories not only provide endless hours of fun-filled reading but also teach important lessons about friendship, problem-solving, and determination. By diving into the colorful world of monkey stories, children not only improve their reading skills but also learn to appreciate the wonderful qualities of these fascinating creatures and the need for kindness towards them. So, embark on a journey with our furry friends and share their heartwarming experiences today!