Stories About Fruits

Stories About Fruits

Welcome to the Top 20 Stories About Fruits, a fantastic collection designed especially for kids, children, and toddlers of all ages to enjoy during their bedtime, story time, or at any moment they crave some adventure! This amazing selection of stories is made to be read, listened to, and enjoyed online for free, making them accessible for everyone. We have designed these tales to be easy, fun, and engaging for both preschool and elementary school students, and even kindergarten and EYFS kids who are just starting their reading journey. Our delightful selection is available in a variety of formats, like pdf, audio, and even read aloud options, perfect for download and even providing printable versions for portable story time fun!

Featuring famous fairy tales, good morals, and plenty of fruits that can spark children’s curiosity and creativity, these tales will inspire learning and foster the development of healthy eating habits. Engaging with these stories will not only captivate their attention, but will also provide a foundation for early years education. With the perfect blend of classic and modern tales, these stories are sure to entertain both girls and boys, creating enchanting adventures for them to fall asleep to.

In today’s world, where digital learning and educational resources are abundant, the simplicity of a good, short story full of fruits can be incredibly refreshing. Our collection includes a diverse range of stories, some with beautiful pictures and others designed for longer reading experiences. We hope you and your children will enjoy reading and sharing these Stories About Fruits, experiencing the unique bonding moments, night time relaxation, and timeless memories that story time can bring.

Top 20 Stories About Fruits for kids to read online:

  1. Uncle Wiggily makes a cherry pie: Uncle Wiggily refuses a fortune and continues his journey to find his own. He comes across a hedgehog who longs for cherry pie but always messes it up. Uncle Wiggily teaches him how to make a cherry pie and they enjoy it with a circus dog who visits them and feels better after having some pie. They spend the night together and have more cherry pie the next day.
  2. The Amazing Life of a Banana Tree: A small banana plant in the tropical rainforest grew taller and taller, producing more and more bananas that reached towards the sun. The animal residents of the rainforest enjoyed its fruit, from elephants to toucans and bats. Over the years, the banana plant became a tall, mighty tree with hundreds of bananas, proud to provide nourishment and help keep the rainforest healthy. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  3. The Sleeping Apple: A child tries to wake a sleeping apple by calling to it, asking the sun to shine on it, and convincing a bird to sing to it, but none of these methods work. Finally, the wind blows so hard that the apple falls from the tree and lands in the child’s lap. The child is happy and thanks the wind for waking the apple. The story is available for download as a PDF for offline reading or printing.
  4. The Strawberry Shortcake: The story is about a family making a delicious strawberry shortcake, with each family member contributing to the process. They all keep it a secret from the father until they surprise him with it at dinner, and he is shocked and surprised. The story can be downloaded as a PDF.
  5. The raspberry worm: In this story, two sisters named Lisa and Aina find a worm in their raspberries and save it from being eaten by a sparrow. The next day, they get lost in the woods while picking raspberries and end up sleeping in the midst of raspberry bushes, under the protection of the Raspberry King, who rewards them with gifts for their kindness. They are then guided home by a bird and return to make delicious raspberry jam with their newfound bounty.
  6. Story of the wonderful mango fruit: In the city of Tiruvidaimarudur, a poor couple raise a parrot as their own child. The parrot learns of a mango tree beyond the seven oceans whose fruit grants perpetual youth. Wanting to share this with its parents, it convinces a flock of other parrots to take it to the tree to retrieve a fruit. Along the way, the bird decides to give the fruit to the aging king, who plans to share the gift with his subjects. However, a misunderstanding leads to tragedy and punishment for the poor couple, until the parrot returns in a new form to rectify the situation.
  7. The Fruit Smoothie Party: A group of fruits were having a party in a kitchen and discovered a blender, which they used to make a smoothie. They experimented with different combinations of flavours and textures and eventually made amazing smoothies that were loved by the whole family. They loved surprising the kids every morning with a new, yummy smoothie to start their day right! An ebook (PDF) is available for download.
  8. The Four Apple Trees: This story is about a man who wanted to create an orchard and hired someone to plant his trees while he was gone. The worker only managed to plant four trees in the time he had because he took great care and did everything perfectly. When the owner returned, he was disappointed with only four trees and hastily planted the rest on his own, which turned out to be a mistake. The four trees that were carefully planted are still alive and healthy today, while the others perished a long time ago. The story teaches us that doing something with care and patience is always better than doing it quickly and without attention to detail.
  9. Yu Yuzu: A little yuzu fruit named Yu meets some apples who mock him and say that nobody knows what a yuzu is. Feeling sad and lost, Yu visits his wise old friend, the lemon, and asks how he can become as popular as the apples. The lemon tells Yu that he doesn’t need to be like the apples but needs to be the best yuzu he can be and embrace his uniqueness. Yu travels from village to village, sharing his unique taste and texture with others, and soon becomes popular and well-known.
  10. Lemmy The Lemon: This is a story about a sour lemon named Lemmy who went on a journey to find the secret to being sweet. He spoke to many fruits along the way but eventually met a wise apple who told him that the secret to being sweet is to be true to yourself. Lemmy learned to embrace his sourness and returned to the fruit basket as a happy and confident lemon. He taught all the other fruits that it’s important to be yourself and that everyone has something special to offer. The story ends with Lemmy living happily ever after, making the best lemonade in the fruit basket.
  11. The Tree: The story is about a tree that eagerly waits for its buds to turn into blossoms, which will later become berries. Despite its buds being threatened by frost, and its blossoms being threatened by the wind, the tree manages to bear fruit for a passing girl who promises to come back and share it with others. The story teaches the value of patience, generosity, and appreciation.
  12. The Scarecrow: A farmer has a beautiful cherry tree that is always stripped of its fruit by birds before he can pick it. He decides to make a scarecrow that is so scary it will frighten the robins away. His scarecrow scares away all the birds, including the robins at first, but they soon realize it is harmless and move back in peacefully. They enjoy the cherry tree and even raise their family there, undisturbed. The farmer never bothers to check how the robins were able to live in the tree. The story ends with the robins living happily in the cherry tree, all thanks to the harmless old scarecrow.
  13. Letter A Story: This is a story about the letter A, who lives in Alphabet Land with its friends B, C, and D. They have a picnic in Letter Park, and after eating, they play the Animal Alphabet game. All the letters of the alphabet join in, and they all have a great time. A makes a promise to have more fun days like this together, and they all agree to meet up in Letter Park again.
  14. How the Monkey Became a Trickster: In this story, the animals in a garden obey a rule where they must ask for permission before eating the fruit and not be greedy. However, the monkey wants to try a fruit from a tree with a long, hard-to-remember name that no one has ever tasted. The monkey tricks an old woman who knows all the tree names into telling him the name, and he creates a song to help him remember it. When he finally eats the fruit, he realizes it tastes terrible, but he continues tricking other animals into trying it.
  15. Why the Bananas Belong to the Monkey: In this story, Brazilian children associate bananas with monkeys, believing that the monkeys think all the bananas belong to them. Once, a little old woman who had a garden of banana trees made a deal with the largest monkey to gather the bananas; however, he kept all the big and ripe ones for himself. The woman then made an image of a little boy with a basket of bananas on its head and tricked the monkey. When the monkey tried to take the bananas, he discovered that the image was made of wax and his hands, feet, and body became stuck. After calling for help, the monkeys created a pyramid to reach the sun, who melted the wax with his rays. In the end, the woman moved away, leaving the monkeys in possession of the garden full of banana trees.
  16. Charlie and the Blossoming Earth Day Garden: In this story, a young boy named Charlie has a dream to create a garden filled with wildflowers, vegetables, and fruits using only natural methods. With the help of his mother, Mrs. Green, they plant a variety of wildflowers to attract pollinators like bees, compost using kitchen scraps, and use natural methods to keep pests at bay. They also conserve water using drip irrigation and rainwater collection. Charlie and Mrs. Green share their love for the environment by hosting an Earth Day event, where children learn about the benefits of a chemical-free garden, water conservation, and composting. The event inspires the transformation of their town, Greenleaf, leading others to create their Earth Day gardens. Eventually, Charlie founds a nonprofit organization, and his vision grows into a movement that touches many lives, and he couldn’t have been more proud.
  17. The Proud Little Apple Blossom: In this story, a proud apple blossom criticizes the plain dandelion for not being as beautiful as her. However, a sunbeam and children in the field appreciate the dandelion’s beauty, and an old woman uses its roots to make tea for the sick. In the end, the princess admires the feathery crown of the dandelion and including it in her picture with the apple blossoms. The story teaches us to appreciate the beauty and value in all things, both big and small.
  18. Uncle Wiggily and the Watermelon: Uncle Wiggily meets a slow snail who suggests asking the fleas for his fortune. He declines and continues his journey until he reaches the top of a hill. There he finds a green, striped object that he mistakes for a football, but it turns out to be a watermelon, which he and a grasshopper eat. A bear appears and tries to catch Uncle Wiggily, so the quick-thinking grasshopper tells him to hide inside the watermelon. The melon rolls down the hill with the bear chasing it, but when it bursts, Uncle Wiggily escapes unharmed, and he continues on his journey.
  19. Uncle Wiggily Goes Berry Picking: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and Kittie Kat walk through the woods searching for his fortune. When they meet an old lady, she tells them where Uncle Wiggily’s fortune can be found. The old lady asks Uncle Wiggily to pick berries for her, and as they do this, a wolf appears to attack them. Luckily a red monkey comes along and scares the wolf away while also helping them to pick the berries. They take the berries back to the old lady, who makes them a big berry pie.
  20. Uncle Wiggily and the Lemonade Stand: Uncle Wiggily, an old gentleman rabbit, wanted to go on an adventure in his airship despite the hot sun. While he was out, two squirrel brothers set up a lemonade stand but someone stole their sugar. Uncle Wiggily, unable to drink the sour lemonade, sweetened it with honey he bought for Nurse Jane, the muskrat lady. The squirrel brothers then sold enough lemonade to buy ice cream cones and gave one to Uncle Wiggily in thanks.

In conclusion, the Top 20 Stories About Fruits provide young readers with an exciting and educational online journey exploring the wonderful world of fruits. These stories not only spark children’s imagination and creativity through colorful tales and engaging characters, but also enlighten them about the health benefits, cultural significance, and environmental impact of various fruits. By reading these vibrant and informative stories, children of all ages will have fun while gaining a deeper appreciation for the fruits they enjoy in their daily lives, ultimately encouraging them to live a healthier and more environmentally conscious lifestyle.