Jungle Stories

Jungle Stories

Welcome to the Top 22 Jungle Stories for kids to read online! This fantastic collection of fun, educational, and entertaining tales has been specially curated for children of all ages, making it the perfect choice for bedtime or story time. Our selection of stories is available in different formats, including PDF, free to read online, download, and even printable versions, offering options that cater to your child’s learning style. Each story in our collection is accompanied by beautiful illustrations, easy-to-understand language, and engaging audio to keep your child captivated.

Jungle Stories have always been a favorite among girls and boys, providing a unique portal into an exciting world full of adventure and mystery. These timeless tales create the perfect atmosphere for night time reading, inspiring children to journey deep into the realm of imagination as they drift off to sleep. From classic fairy tales to modern adventures, these stories are filled with fascinating characters, captivating plots, and important moral lessons that will remain with your child long after the last page is turned.

Whether you’re looking to engage with your little one during their early years or searching for entertaining stories for preschool, kindergarten, or elementary students, our Top 22 Jungle Stories collection has something for everyone. Each story is designed to promote learning, foster creativity, and ignite a lifelong love for storytelling in toddlers and older kids alike. So gather around the screen and immerse yourselves in the captivating world of Jungle Stories – where imagination runs wild and adventure awaits at every turn.

Top 22 Jungle Stories for kids to read online:

  1. Why the elephant has small eyes: In this story, when animals and men could freely mix, the clever tortoise tricks an elephant into giving up both of its eyes so he can have all the food. The elephant then borrows eyes from a worm, but the flesh around the worm’s eyes grows to close the sockets, leaving the elephant blind and the worm without eyes.
  2. The Great Amazon Wildfire: A wildfire breaks out in the Amazon rainforest during a hot and dry summer, putting the lives of the animals and the forest in danger. But a group of skilled warriors called the Fire Warriors bravely fought the flames, working tirelessly for days to protect the forest. Despite setbacks, the Fire Warriors eventually get the upper hand and extinguish the fire with the help of changing winds that bring much-needed rain. The animals are able to return home, and the Fire Warriors become heroes and guardians of the land, remembered for generations to come. An eBook (PDF) is also available for download.
  3. Kanan, the boy in the jungle: The story is about a boy named Kanan who was lost in the jungle as a baby and was adopted and raised by a group of friendly okapis. He grew up learning about the jungle and befriended all kinds of animals, except for Titan the tiger who hated Kanan. One day Titan got stuck in a fire and Kanan, with the help of his animal friends, saved him and healed his injuries. Titan realized Kanan was useful and made peace with him, and together they ensured the jungle was a safe place for all. A PDF version of the story is available for download.
  4. The jungle potluck: A group of animal friends in the jungle decide to have a potluck dinner to celebrate their friendship. Each of them brings their signature dish to share with the group, including a fruit salad made by a clever monkey, grilled antelope steaks turned into a chocolate pie by a brave lion, peanut and banana stew made by a friendly elephant, and coconut cocktails brought by a clever snake. The dinner is a huge success, and the animal friends spend the night singing and telling stories around the campfire, knowing that they will always be the best of friends.
  5. Dembe and the park rangers: A majestic mountain gorilla named Dembe, who leads his family in the East African jungle, encounters a group of poachers while out foraging for food. Dembe charges at the poachers, while his family runs away deeper into the forest. The poachers are arrested by conservationists and park rangers, who have been alerted by the gorillas’ distress calls. Dembe then becomes a fierce protector of the jungle, standing up for his family and fighting against all threats. His bravery inspires others to protect the beautiful, wild places of the world. Finally, the jungle flourishes under the rangers’ and conservationists’ tireless efforts.
  6. The Lone Rhino’s Return: The story is about a grumpy old rhinoceros named Rhino who lived in the jungle and preferred to be alone. He left the jungle in search of a quieter place to live in solitude but eventually became lonely. Rhino realized his mistake and returned to the jungle, where he was welcomed back by the other animals. The story teaches the importance of home and the companionship of others. There is also a downloadable ebook available to read offline.
  7. How Anansi tied Tiger: In this story, Anansi goes fishing and catches a lot of fish. On the way home, he meets Tiger who demands to know what’s in Anansi’s basket. Anansi lies about its contents, but Tiger catches him in the lie later on. When they come across a fruit tree, Anansi tricks Tiger and ties him to the tree. Anansi taunts Tiger and leaves, while Hunter comes by and kills Tiger.
  8. The Amazing Life of a Banana Tree: A small banana plant in the rainforest grows big and strong, producing delicious fruit that is enjoyed by the animals of the rainforest. The banana plant becomes a tall, mighty tree, providing nourishment to all who know it and helping to keep the rainforest healthy and thriving. It is proud of its accomplishments and lives happily ever after.
  9. The Stinky Flower: The story is about a unique partnership between blowflies and a rafflesia plant in the Southeast Asian rainforest. The blowflies are drawn to the plant’s pungent scent and they lay their eggs on the plant’s petals, while the rafflesia uses the flies to spread its seeds. The blowflies are proud of their partnership with the largest flower in the world and are no longer jealous of other insects. The story is available for download as an ebook.
  10. The Island’s Rebirth: The story is about an old man who lived on a small island and loved the simple life of farming. The islanders found treasure and became lazy, causing the natural resources to be depleted. The old man continued to work hard and care for the land. When the treasure ran out, the islanders begged the old man for help, and he taught them how to work the land carefully, restoring the island’s beauty. The old man passed away knowing that his beloved island would thrive for generations to come. An ebook is available for download.
  11. Ella the Elephant and the Cart: In the story, a special elephant named Ella hurts her leg while playing with her friends in the jungle. The doctor tries to help her but struggles to find a solution until he comes up with the idea to tie a cart under Ella’s leg, allowing her to move around easily. Ella is grateful for the solution and continues to explore the jungle until her leg is healed. The story emphasizes the importance of help and finding creative solutions to problems.
  12. Part 4: My Father Finds The River: A man is on a jungle island to find a dragon that is tied along a river. He decides to walk along the beach in hopes of finding the river’s mouth. He naps and eats tangerines during his walk. Later, he talks to a pair of tortoises and a couple of wild boars who are investigating a recent tangerine invasion. The man then makes his way to the river and is met with trouble.
  13. Part 5: My Father Meets Some Tigers: A man tries to navigate through a dense jungle along a river, but gets stuck in the mud and lost as he attempts to find the correct path. He eventually stumbles upon a clearing with seven tigers who surround him, claiming he is trespassing and that he is their first little boy to eat. The man is quick to think and provides the tigers with chewing gum, informing them it can grow more gum if they plant it. The tigers become too preoccupied with looking at each other’s mouths while chewing the gum, allowing the man to escape.
  14. Part 6: My Father Meets A Rhinoceros: In this story, the protagonist’s father is searching for a dragon and follows a trail where he meets two wild boars and a mouse. He avoids being caught by hiding behind a tree and a rhinoceros rescues him. The rhinoceros is upset about the color of his tusk and weeps constantly. The protagonist’s father claims to have some toothpaste that can bleach the tusk and the rhinoceros lets him go. The boar comes looking for the toothpaste and is suspicious of the rhinoceros’s new possession, but he continues his search for the dragon. Downloads for the ebook version of Part 6 of the story are also available.
  15. Part 7: My Father Meets A Lion: A man named Elmer Elevator encounters a lion in the jungle while trying to make his way home. The lion is upset because his messy mane will likely displease his mother, who is flying in on a dragon later that day. Elmer offers to help the lion tidy up his hair by using his comb, brush, and colorful ribbons. The lion is pleased with the results and is too busy grooming himself to realize when Elmer makes his escape.
  16. Part 8: My Father Meets A Gorilla: A hungry father stopped to eat some tangerines, but overheard some boars talking about tigers chewing gum and a lion’s mane tied up in hair ribbons. He continued on to look for a dragon but encountered a terrifying gorilla who demanded some answers. The father offered magnifying glasses to the gorilla to help get rid of his fleas, and this distracted him long enough for the father to escape.
  17. Part 9: My Father Makes A Bridge: The story follows a father trying to cross a river guarded by a gorilla with a dragon on the other side. He considers crossing on a rope tied around the dragon’s neck, but hears a splash behind him and discovers a group of crocodiles. After offering them candy and tying it to each of their tails, he convinces them to line up across the river to create a bridge for him to cross.
  18. Part 10: My Father Finds The Dragon: A father encounters dangerous animals and a stampede while rescuing a baby dragon. Just as they finish cutting the rope tying the dragon to the island, the crocodiles they rode away on start to swim down the river. The father and dragon celebrate their escape as they fly away, and they hear a distant voice calling out to them from Wild Island. The story is available for download as a PDF.
  19. Dr. Dolittle and the Ape Bridge: In the story, Queen Ermintrude’s husband sends soldiers into the jungle to capture Doctor Dolittle, causing him and his animal friends to flee. They are chased by the king’s men but are helped by the clever monkey Chee-Chee, who leads them safely to the Land of the Apes. Chee-Chee and other Apes create a bridge made of living creatures so they can cross a river and escape the king’s men. The doctor and his animals arrive safely in the Land of the Apes, and the bridge is pulled across to the other side, much to the amazement of the doctor and his animal friends.
  20. Dr. Dolittle and the Prince: In this story, Dr. Dolittle and his animal friends get lost in the jungle while trying to find their way back home. They accidentally stumble into the king’s palace garden and are captured and locked up again, much to their dismay. Fortunately, Polynesia the parrot comes up with a plan to help Prince Bumpo, who wants to be turned into a golden prince, find Dr. Dolittle and help him escape from prison.
  21. Dr. Dolittle and the Unique Animal: In this story, Dr. Dolittle comes across the extremely rare Pushing Pullyu animal in the African jungle. It is a two-headed animal that is incredibly difficult to catch because it is always aware of its surroundings and only half of it is asleep at any given time. The monkeys manage to catch the animal and offer it to Dr. Dolittle to take with him to the land of humans where it can be exhibited for money. The Pushing Pullyu animal agrees to go, but only to see what kind of man Dr. Dolittle is. Upon meeting him, the animal decides to go with him and promises to return if it doesn’t like it in the land of the humans. Before leaving, Dr. Dolittle attends a party thrown by the monkeys, where he delivers a parting speech.
  22. How Night Came: In this story, at the beginning of time, the daughter of the Great Sea Serpent who had come to earth to marry a man begged for the darkness of night to bring relief as she was tired of daylight. Three of her husband’s servants travelled to the kingdom of the Great Sea Serpent to ask to take some night back to earth. But on their journey, they got frightened upon hearing all the night creatures and insects in the bag full of darkness. They opened it, and all the night escaped into the world. The daughter of the Great Sea Serpent was rejuvenated, and as she woke up, she assigned roles to the birds and the animals that came to her. The day time had come down to only a few hours, and the creatures of the night announced its arrival with a beautiful chorus. The three servants were punished for disobeying orders and were transformed into the monkeys we know now.

In conclusion, the Top 22 Jungle Stories for kids to read online is a captivating collection of tales that ignites the imagination of young readers and familiarizes them with the rich biodiversity, thrilling adventures, and life lessons that jungles have to offer. These stories, which feature charismatic animals, courageous explorers, and magical events, not only provide entertainment but also instill valuable morals such as teamwork, empathy, curiosity, and environmental awareness. So, embark on this wildly enchanting journey and let the charming creatures and enthralling landscapes of the jungle world captivate the heart and mind of every young adventurer.