Stories About Patience

Stories About Patience

Welcome to the Top 13 Stories About Patience for kids to read online! This collection of bedtime stories is perfect for children who want to unwind before falling asleep. With a variety of stories to choose from, this online library will engage your little ones and help develop their love of reading. These stories include engaging illustrations and offer an array of educational and moral lessons. Our collection is available in a PDF format, free for you to download and print for a truly captivating story time experience.

In today’s fast-paced world, learning the value of patience is more important than ever. That’s why we’ve carefully curated this collection of bedtime stories about patience, specifically tailored for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school children, EYFS, and toddlers. The stories you’ll find in this selection are not only easy to understand and fun to read aloud, but they also offer moral lessons that your children will carry with them throughout their lives.

Whether you’re looking to provide your children with a good, classic fairy tale or a more contemporary story, our versatile collection caters to the interests of both girls and boys. Each story is perfect for a longer read, if desired, and comes with beautiful pictures to enhance your child’s learning experience. The English language stories are accompanied by audio versions, making them easily accessible and perfect for early years learners.

So, grab the complimentary PDF, gather your children, and explore the wonders of patience through our collection of famous stories about patience. Together, we can create enchanting story times and help our kids develop good morals while promoting a lifelong love for reading. Happy reading!

Top 13 Stories About Patience for kids to read online:

  1. The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom: Two old men, one selfish and nasty and the other friendly and generous, lived by a river. One day, they both put a fishtrap in the river, and the trap of the friendly man was full of fish while the selfish man’s trap was full of twigs. The friendly man shared his food with an old dog he found when chopping wood; the dog had the power to lead people to treasure. When the selfish man borrowed the dog, he mistreated it, and it led him to a pot of trash. He killed the dog, and the tree branch that grew from the stick he threw away turned into a beautiful tree that bloomed. The old man who made trees blossom impressed the king and was rewarded with beautiful clothes, and the selfish neighbor was thrown in jail.
  2. The Raven: A queen’s restless baby daughter is turned into a raven after the queen’s outburst. The raven tells a man how to break her curse, but he falls asleep before she arrives and fails on two more attempts. She leaves him a letter with instructions at the last attempt, and he sets off to find her. A giant helps him part of the way. He builds a hut at the base of the glass mountain where she is held captive and watches her drive past every day. He acquires a cloak of invisibility, a horse that can ride over everything, and a stick that can open any door but also tricks three robbers to get them. The man uses these items to reach the raven princess, who recognizes him and is freed from her curse.
  3. The giant Energy and the fairy Skill: A young and willing giant named Energy wants to help people, but he is too clumsy and breaks everything he tries to do. He goes to the mountains to sleep but cannot rest, so he goes into the valley and begs for something to do. A good woman gives him various tasks, but he fails at them all until she advises him to go to the Fairy Skill for help. The fairy gives him three trials to complete, and after he succeeds, he returns to the good woman with beautiful things he has made. He sets a beautiful carpet on the floor, a cup on the table, and a chain around her neck. In this way, the young giant learns how to be a helper in the world.
  4. The Sleeping Apple: In this story, a child tries to wake up a little apple hanging high up in a tree, but it doesn’t wake up even after she calls it and the sun shines on it. A bird also sings to it but does not succeed in waking it up. Finally, the wind blows hard and shakes the tree, causing the apple to jump down from the tree and into the little child’s apron. She thanks the wind for helping her wake up the apple.
  5. Wait and See: The story tells of a baby beech tree unsure of its value. Its mother advises it to wait, and after blooming and bearing fruit, the tree despairs when its pretty foliage falls. However, it ultimately finds purpose when its fallen nuts are gathered by the landowner’s children and taken home to their mother. The story teaches that even the smallest and seemingly unimportant things can have value and purpose.
  6. The Four Apple Trees: A man orders young trees to build an orchard, but he has to leave town before they arrive. He hires a man to plant them and, upon his return, sees only four trees are planted. The hired man says he took great care planting them. The owner dismisses him and plants the rest himself, but without the same care. The poorly planted trees soon die, but the four carefully planted trees flourish and still bear fruit after many years, serving as a reminder of the importance of doing things well. An eBook link is provided.
  7. The Dreamer: The story is about a poor couple living in an old house and struggling to make ends meet. The husband has a dream that an old man will tell him how to become rich if he waits on a bridge for three days. He tells his wife, but she doesn’t believe him, and he almost forgets about the dream. On the third day, a tailor passes by and tells him about a dream he had, which leads to the discovery of a chest of gold coins buried under the apple tree in the couple’s yard. They become rich, and later, they visit the tailor and pay him for his dream advice while offering him a consolatory sum.
  8. The Twins with the Golden Stars: Three sisters, Anna, Stana, and Laptitza, meet three princes in the forest. The princes choose to marry them based on a promise each sister makes. Laptitza promises to give her husband two sons with golden hair and a golden star on their forehead. An empress who fears Laptitza’s predicted offspring causes a war and steals the twins after they’re born, replacing them with puppies. The emperor’s second wife hides Laptitza while pretending to be her. Meanwhile, the twins grow into fish in a river and are later found by a fisherman. They quickly age and become strong, and eventually confront their father and tell him the truth. Laptitza takes her rightful place by her husband’s side while the wicked empress and her daughter are punished.
  9. Mrs. Flyaway: The story tells of a colony of ants who built their own house from scratch, starting with a single blade of grass. Three kinds of ants lived in the house, including the Flyaways who had wings and were always trying to run away. One Mrs. Flyaway came back home with the most surprising treasure, twenty little eggs, which turned into twenty full-fledged ants after sleeping inside silky cocoons. The story describes the ants’ everyday activities, including finding food for the Flyaways’ babies and protecting them from the cold.
  10. How the Beans Came Up: The story is about a little girl named Alice who longed to plant a seed and watch it grow. When the milkman, Uncle Peter, gave her Lima beans to plant, Alice kept covering them, leading to their demise. But Uncle Peter instructed her to leave the new beans alone, and with his guidance, Alice grew a successful batch of beans. She shared them with her family, planting again the next year with newfound knowledge. The story emphasizes the importance of patience and learning through mistakes.
  11. The Hare and the Tortoise: The story is about a hare who makes fun of a tortoise for being slow. The tortoise suggests a race and the hare agrees, thinking it will be an easy win. During the race, the hare takes a nap, while the tortoise keeps going and eventually wins. The moral of the story is that “slow and steady wins the race.”
  12. The frost king and the power of love: In this story, Queen Blossom consults with her nymph council about the ongoing war between King Frost and the flowers, which results in the autumn gloom and dead flowers every year. Her lady-in-waiting, Star, offers to go alone to King Frost and demonstrate the power of love and the beauty of flowers. However, King Frost imprisons Star when she pleadingly begs him to stop hurting the flowers. Nevertheless, Star remains hopeful and creates a garden with her magic in her cell. Eventually, the Nymphs declare war on King Frost, and with Star’s example, they create a beautiful garden and defeat King Frost. Finally, King Frost accepts Queen Blossom as a friend and promises to never destroy flowers again.
  13. Why Dan The Lion Grows White: The story is about Mr. Dan De Lion who falls in love with Miss Daisy. Every day, he tries to propose to her, but Miss Daisy gets distracted by the beauty of nature and promises to give him an answer the next day. Unfortunately, poor Mr. Dan De Lion waits so long that he eventually grows old and bald, and Miss Daisy rejects him. This is said to be the reason why dandelions grow old and have white locks. The story ends with suggested downloads of the ebook in PDF format.

In conclusion, the Top 13 Stories About Patience offers a valuable collection of tales that teach young readers the importance of patience in various situations. By exploring exciting adventures, relatable characters, and engaging narratives, these stories not only entertain children but also impart essential life lessons about the power of being patient, resilient, and calm in the face of adversity. Reading these stories is a fascinating way for kids to grasp the significance of patience, learn from the experiences of others, and develop into thoughtful, understanding individuals who handle challenges with wisdom and grace.