Ruth Stiles Gannett

Ruth Stiles Gannett

Ruth Stiles Gannett was an American author who is best known for her beloved children’s book series, “My Father’s Dragon.” First published in 1948, the series follows the adventures of a young boy named Elmer Elevator as he sets off on a mission to rescue a baby dragon from the clutches of the ferocious animals on Wild Island.

The three-book series, which includes “My Father’s Dragon,” “Elmer and the Dragon,” and “The Dragons of Blueland,” has been delighting young readers for over 70 years. Gannett’s writing style is simple yet imaginative, making her stories accessible to children of all ages.

In “My Father’s Dragon,” readers are introduced to Elmer Elevator, a resourceful and brave young boy who longs for adventure. When he learns about a baby dragon being held captive on Wild Island, Elmer sets off on a daring journey to rescue the creature. Along the way, he must outsmart a variety of fierce animals, including tigers, crocodiles, and gorillas. With the help of his wits and a few clever tools, Elmer ultimately succeeds in freeing the dragon and returning it to its home in the sky.

In “Elmer and the Dragon,” Elmer befriends the dragon he rescued in the previous book and together, they embark on a new adventure to find the dragon’s family. The duo encounters a series of obstacles along the way, including a giant snake and a mysterious underground river, but their determination and friendship see them through to the end.

In “The Dragons of Blueland,” the final book in the series, Elmer must once again use his wits to save the dragon family from a group of hunters who plan to capture them for their own profit. With the help of his animal friends and a clever disguise, Elmer is able to thwart the hunters’ plans and reunite the dragon family.

Gannett’s stories are beloved by generations of readers for their sense of adventure, humor, and heart. They inspire young readers to be brave, resourceful, and compassionate, and to always believe in the power of friendship. Today, these timeless tales can be found online and continue to captivate and entertain children all over the world.