Stories About Obedience

Stories About Obedience

Welcome to the Top 30 Stories About Obedience, a collection specially curated for kids to read online! This fantastic assortment of stories is filled with fun, adventure, and lessons about the importance of obedience. These tales have been carefully chosen to appeal to boys and girls of all ages, from toddlers in the early years to preschoolers and kindergarten students, as well as elementary students in eyfs. Each story is accompanied by beautiful pictures and also available in printable pdf format. Our free and downloadable content makes bedtime easier and more enjoyable for parents and children alike.

The stories in this collection cover a wide range of topics, from classic fairy tales to more modern tales, all with the aim of teaching the valuable lesson of obedience. Reading these stories at bedtime or during story time will not only entertain children but also instill in them a strong moral foundation. Obedience is crucial in the early years of learning and character development, helping kids grow into responsible and kind individuals.

These stories are available in easy-to-read English with both short and longer texts to suit your child’s reading level. The fun and educational content can be read aloud by parents or enjoyed independently by more advanced readers. Our online platform also offers audio versions of the stories for an engaging read-aloud experience.

Studies show that incorporating bedtime stories with moral lessons into a child’s night time routine can greatly enhance their overall development. As children snuggle in for the night, discovering the adventures of obedient characters in these captivating tales is sure to help them drift off to sleep with a sense of enrichment and wonder.

Begin your exploration of our Top 30 Stories About Obedience now and enjoy the magical world of storytelling while nurturing life lessons within your little ones!

Top 30 Stories About Obedience for kids to read online:

  1. The tale of Peter Rabbit: The story is about four little rabbits named Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter. Their mother warns them not to go into Mr. McGregor’s garden, but Peter disobeys. He eats vegetables and gets chased by Mr. McGregor, losing his jacket and shoes. Peter eventually finds his way out of the garden and returns home to his mother, feeling sick. The story ends with his sisters having a lovely supper while Peter takes medicine.
  2. The Tale Of Tom Kitten: The story follows three little kittens named Mittens, Tom Kitten, and Moppet, whose mother washes and dresses them for guests coming over. The kittens are sent outside to play and told to keep their clothes clean and walk on their hind legs. Tom Kitten is very fat and struggles to jump properly, causing his clothes to fall apart. The Puddle-Ducks come along and help dress him, but the kittens are punished for being seen without clothes and sent to bed with fake illness. The story ends with the Puddle-Ducks looking for their lost clothes.
  3. The plate of pancakes: In this story, a little boy named Karl wants to take some pancakes to his father who works at a mill. However, his mother warns him not to take the path through the Enchanted Wood where fairies and goblins live. Despite his mother’s warning, Karl takes the path and gets tempted to eat some blackberries, causing him to lose track of time and miss his father’s lunch. The next day, his grandmother gives him another chance and teaches him a magic word to protect himself from the goblins. Karl successfully delivers the pancakes and remains unbothered by the creatures in the Enchanted Wood for the rest of his life.
  4. The Magical Ski Lift: The story is about a boy named Tom who loves skiing. While on a ski vacation with his parents, Tom gets on a magical ski lift and ends up in a land of endless ski runs and snow that never melts. As he tries to find his way back to his family, he meets a talking snowman who teaches him the importance of listening to his parents. Tom promises to always listen to them going forward and is magically transported back to his family, where he has learned his lesson and patiently waits for everyone to enjoy their ski vacation together.
  5. The Fairy’s New Year Gift: Two boys received a New Year gift from a fairy, a beautiful book with white pages. A year later, she returned for the books, but the boys wished they could keep them longer and look through them. The fairy let them look through the books by the light of her silver lamp and revealed that every good thing they did made a beautiful picture or decoration in the book, but every time they were naughty, it made an ugly blot or scratch. The fairy gave them each a new book for the New Year, reminding them to make it more beautiful than the previous one. The boys were left alone with their new books, open at the first page, with “For the New Year!” written in beautiful letters on the back cover.
  6. Part 2: My Father Runs Away: A cat tells the story of how a baby dragon fell onto an island and the animals saw it as a solution to their river-crossing problems, but now they make the dragon carry heavy loads all day. The cat suggests to a man that he rescue the dragon and in exchange, he’ll be able to ride him anywhere. So, the man plans a secret mission to the island and takes with him a bunch of supplies that he has to hide. The next day, he sneaks onto a ship to start his journey.
  7. The Story of Flying Robert: This is a story about a young boy named Robert who loved playing outside even in the rain. One day, while he was playing with his red umbrella, a sudden wind took hold of it and carried him and his hat higher and higher into the sky until they were out of sight. Robert was never seen again.
  8. An interrupted nap: A fawn named Nimble creeps quietly into the forest to avoid waking his sleeping mother. However, his mother wakes up later and fears for her safety when she can’t find Nimble. Nimble, who had just seen a fox, eventually appears and reassures his mother. But his mother corrects him when he says he saw a fox and tells him it was a raccoon. Nimble is happy to learn something new, and glad his mother doesn’t know he had secretly walked into the woods alone.
  9. When Jack Frost was young: The story is about Jack Frost, a young man who doesn’t listen to his mother. He wants to start his rounds of winter early and fill the countryside with frost. His mother advises him to wait, but Jack doesn’t listen, and everything turns brown and black. His paintings are ruined, the people are deceived and disappointed, and all the farmers are angry with him. Finally, Jack realizes his mistake and waits for his mother’s call before starting his work the next year.
  10. Sunshine and her siblings: The story is about Mother Nature, a wise and old spirit who has many children. Each child has a unique personality, and some of them misbehave and cause chaos. Mother Nature goes to sleep, and her daughter Sunshine takes charge of keeping her siblings under control. She works diligently to ensure everything goes smoothly, but Rain and Eastwind become angry when they are put to sleep with poppy seeds. They cause havoc, but eventually, Snow and Northwind return and help to restore order. Spring arrives, and Mother Nature wakes up. The children gather to celebrate the spring festival, happy that their mother is awake again, and everything in the world will be alright.
  11. The index finger of Sallie Hicks: The story is about Sallie Hicks, a little girl who has a habit of always sticking her right index finger where she shouldn’t. One day, her finger gets burnt and she has to sit in the hallway until lunchtime without talking to anyone as punishment. While she sits there, she looks at a picture of her great-grandmother and wonders if grandmothers were always good little girls. She falls asleep and has a dream where she talks to her great-grandmother’s picture and learns that even good little girls can sometimes do naughty things. She wakes up and promises never to stick her finger in anything again.
  12. The Frogs and the Fairies: A large family of curious frogs in a pond want to explore the valley next to their habitat. Grandfather Frog warns them to stay home but the young frogs ignore him. They find a party of fairies and mistakenly consider them small insects to hunt. The fairies punish the frogs by reducing one toe on their front paws for every time they leave the pond. It is said that frogs only have four toes on their front paws because they did not listen to their elder’s warning.
  13. The History of the Five Little Pigs: The story is about five little pigs and their misadventures. The oldest pig sells vegetables at the market and pulls the cart when the donkey refuses to move. One pig stays at home and causes mischief. Another pig is well-behaved and enjoys roast beef, while another is stubborn and lazy, and catches a cold from staying out too long. Finally, one pig goes fishing in a forbidden area and gets whipped by the farmer. The story highlights the consequences of good and bad behavior.
  14. The Three Piglets: In this classic fable, a mother pig leaves her three children and builds them each a house to live in. The oldest pig, Browny, chooses a house of mud, the second pig, Whitey, chooses a house of cabbage, and the youngest and smartest pig, Blacky, chooses a house of bricks. The mother warns them of the cunning Fox and instructs them not to let him into their homes. Despite the warnings, Browny and Whitey fall for the Fox’s tricks, and he drags them to his den. Blacky outsmarts the Fox and ends up saving his siblings from the Fox’s trap, and they live happily ever after. Browny and Whitey learn from their mistakes and change their ways. The story teaches the importance of listening to advice and learning from past mistakes.
  15. The Half Chick: The story follows the life of a strange-looking half-chicken named Medio Pollito, who is born with only one leg, one wing, one eye, and half a head and beak. Medio Pollito is disobedient and likes to wander off, much to the frustration of his mother. He decides to go to Madrid to see the king, but along the way, he refuses to help a stream, a fire, and the wind, and they punish him for it. When he finally reaches Madrid and is caught by the king’s cook, he is found to be useless and thrown onto the street. The wind then blows him onto the top of the tallest church in Madrid, where he sits to this day, looking out over the city.
  16. The Child of Maria: In this story, a woodcutter gives his daughter to the mother of baby Jesus, who promises to take care of her. As she grows up in Heaven, she becomes curious about the forbidden thirteenth door that her guardian warns against opening. The girl ultimately disobeys and touches the fire inside, turning her finger to gold. She is banished to a wilderness where she cannot speak or defend herself against accusations of cannibalism. The King finds her there and brings her to his palace, but when she gives birth to two sons and a daughter, they are taken away by her guardian because of her disobedience. The Queen is accused of eating her children, but she does not speak until she is about to be burned at the stake. Finally admitting her wrongdoing, she is forgiven and reunited with her children.
  17. The Story of Echo: The story is about a wood-nymph named Echo who loved to play tricks and tease her companions. She was unkind to others and continually played tricks on them, causing her companions to avoid her. As a punishment, the queen of the gods, Juno, declared that Echo could no longer speak unless someone first speaks to her. Echo went away into the deep woods to live alone, and her voice can still be heard sometimes in lonely places, only when someone calls to her.
  18. Little Dorothy and Toto: Dorothy and Toto are wandering in a wooded area when they come across a sign warning them to “Look out for Crinklink”. Dorothy meets a tiny ferryman who carries them across a lake by magic. They are then seized by a giant named Crinklink and taken to his log castle where he commands Dorothy to wash stacks of dirty dishes. As she works, the buttons on Crinklink’s jacket speak to her and warn her of the consequences of breaking a dish. Toto tries to save her by attacking Crinklink but ends up in a brawl with the giant. After a loud crash, Dorothy sees that Toto and the giant have merged into a ball-like creature. The creature begins to unravel, revealing that it was the Wizard of Oz who tricked her into understanding the dangers of wandering alone.
  19. A Narrow Escape: The story is about two young bees, Buz and Hum, who have just learned to fly. A friendly older bee warns them not to venture beyond the garden walls and to wait until they met “Experience.” However, Buz becomes curious and flies over the garden wall to collect honey from a field of clover. While drinking from a pond, she is blown away and falls in the water. Buz nearly gives up on life, but she manages to hold onto a floating stick and eventually returns to the hive. The story teaches young readers to follow advice and to be careful when exploring new places.
  20. How Night Came: In this story from Brazil, at the beginning of time, the daughter of the Great Sea Serpent, who had come to Earth to marry one of Man’s sons, missed the darkness of her father’s kingdom. Her husband sent his three most faithful servants to ask the Great Sea Serpent for some of the darkness of night. When the servants opened the bag of night that the serpent had given them, all the night beasts, birds, and insects flew out, along with the great black cloud of night, scaring them. The daughter, happy that night had arrived, fell asleep under a tree. When she woke up, refreshed, she named the morning star and commanded the birds to sing at that hour. The three disobedient servants who had let night escape were punished by being turned into monkeys.
  21. The Little Thief in the Pantry: In the story, a little mouse named Greywhiskers disobeys his mother’s warning not to go to the pantry alone and eats a cake that was a little girl’s birthday cake. The next day, Greywhiskers gets caught in a trap set by the cook and is about to be drowned. However, the little girl, feeling sorry for him, releases him from the trap, and Greywhiskers returns home safely. His mother comforts him and convinces him to promise never to disobey her again.
  22. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Winged Monkeys: In this story, Dorothy and her friends get lost trying to find their way back from the Wicked Witch’s castle. They become discouraged and tired, but Dorothy remembers her charm and calls for the Winged Monkeys to take them to the Emerald City. The Monkey King explains that they are bound to obey the owner of the Golden Cap, which Dorothy now possesses, and tells the story of how they became enslaved to the cap’s owner. Finally, the Monkeys bring the travelers safely to the Emerald City, and they reflect on the lucky escape they had thanks to the charm and the Monkeys’ obedience.
  23. Naughty Jocko: In this story, a mischievous monkey named Jocko is mistreated by his cruel owner, who keeps pulling on his chain to make him dance. When Jocko ends up at the home of a kind family, he causes chaos and mischief wherever he goes. Eventually, the family realizes that Jocko is too much to handle, and he is tragically killed in a trap. Despite his naughty behavior, Jocko teaches the young boy in the family to behave better, and the boy’s aunt uses Jocko’s collar and chain to remind him to stay out of trouble.
  24. The Skipping Shoes: The story is about a little girl named Kitty, who never wanted to do anything that people asked her to do. One day her mother gives her a pair of new shoes that are magical and allows her to go on errands quickly. The shoes could also take her to Fairyland where she could hear and understand the language of animals and insects. However, at sunset, the magic of the shoes would be over. Kitty never forgot the lessons she learned and tried to run willingly when spoken to, remembered the pretty steps she danced like a fairy, and loved all the innocent and interesting little creatures in the woods and fields.
  25. The Piggy Girl: In the story, a little girl named Betty refuses to be washed and decides to live with pigs instead. She enjoys the freedom of never being washed and sleeping and eating like a pig, but eventually becomes tired of the cold weather and longing for warmth. Betty overhears the pig farmer planning to kill the pigs and escape back to her house just in time to discover it was all a dream. Betty is relieved and happy to be clean again and promises never to resist washing in the future.
  26. A Walk In The Garden: A boy named Frank and his mother encounter a beautiful garden while on a walk. The gardener kindly invites them to walk in the garden, but reminds Frank to be careful and not meddle with anything. Frank admires the flowers and takes care not to touch anything. Another boy comes to the gate, asking to come in, but the gardener denies his entry because he had meddled with the flowers the day before. Frank learns a valuable lesson about not meddling with what does not belong to him. The story comes with a downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  27. The Candy Pig: The story is about a little girl named Kaisa who received a beautiful candy pig as a gift during Christmas. As time passed, she started questioning why a candy pig needed ears and legs, and ended up eating the whole thing despite its considerable size. However, she learned the hard way that moderation is key, as she suffered from a stomach ache and vowed to never eat a candy pig again. The story reminds us that while candies are delightful, we should consume them in moderation.
  28. Gray Hen’s Strategy: In this story, the hens are fed up with Chicken Young stealing their worms and come up with a plan to teach him a lesson. They bury a piece of rope in the ground and pretend it’s a worm, and when Chicken Young swallows it, he chokes and the hens help him. Chicken Young learns his lesson and starts scratching for himself instead of relying on his cunning. The story ends with the hens reflecting on their plan and realizing that it worked better than they expected.
  29. Ozma and the little wizard: In this story, Princess Ozma and the Wizard of Oz set out on a journey to make sure all the inhabitants of the Land of Oz are happy. They come across a man who is unhappy with mischievous imps that come to bother him and his family. After finding the imps, the Wizard tries to transform them multiple times until he finally turns them into buttons. He plans to watch over the buttons until the imps repent, which will result in the buttons turning into precious metals and the imps being transformed into good citizens of the Land of Oz.
  30. The Vanity Of Annie: The story is about a vain girl named Annie who is visited by an elf who tells her she needs to be more kind and less selfish. He takes away her good looks until she becomes a better person. Annie changes her ways and becomes more pleasant to others, and her appearance returns to normal. The elf reminds her that being kind is more important than being pretty.

In conclusion, the Top 30 Stories About Obedience offer children a captivating and insightful journey filled with moral wisdom. These stories creatively portray the significance of being obedient, listening to one’s elders, and making wise choices in life. Through engaging characters, imaginative settings, and memorable plotlines, children are encouraged to learn and appreciate the values of obedience, respect, and humility. The stories serve as effective conversation starters and tools for parents and educators to instill essential life lessons in their young ones, fostering their development into responsible, respectful, and successful individuals.