The Happy Egg

Once upon a time there was a Mother Hen with seven eggs. One of the eggs was a happy egg. It rolled in all directions, made great jumps and cheerful songs and laughter sounded from the eggshell.

It was quite a challenge for Mother Chicken to hatch this egg. She was very curious what would hatch from this egg. Father Rooster, who liked to play around, was looking forward to his fluttering little chicks and was also very curious about the happy egg.

Mother Hen took good care of her eggs, she only left the nest to stretch her legs and eat and drink something.

And finally after 21 days of incubation, the eggs started to hatch. Mother Hen encouraged her chicks to crack open the eggshells further with their little beaks while Father Rooster stood proudly watching.

Six yellow chicks appeared. They could stand on their feet right away and walked off in all directions.

A surprise emerged from the happy egg… this chick did not have a yellow plumage but a plumage in all the colours of the rainbow! He tumbled around, made crazy giant jumps, burst out laughing and sang a happy song.

Now, the other chicks were a bit jealous of him. So they decided that they would also give their own feathers nice colours. But this didn’t work out so well. It became a big mess and paint was everywhere except on their feathers. Fortunately, Mother Hen soon laid a few new eggs that did not need to be hatched. So the chicks gave these eggs a nice color.

And if you look around carefully at Easter, you might just find one!

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