The Johnny Cake

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Ava. She stood by her grandmother’s bedside and asked her what she wanted for breakfast. “You shall get me a johnny cake; quickly go make it, in one minute mix, and in two minutes bake it,” her grandmother replied.

Ava went to the closet to see if there was any meal in the barrel, but it was empty. She ran to the shop to buy some meal, but the shopkeeper told her he had none and that she had to go to the miller. She rushed to the miller, but he too had no meal to give her. The miller told her to go to the cornfield just over the hill and see if she could find some corn.

When Ava arrived at the cornfield, she saw that there was no corn growing there because no corn had been planted. She asked the farmer to sow some grain, but he laughed and told her that he could not plant until the earth had been ploughed. He suggested she run to the ploughman and bring him with speed.

Ava ran to the ploughman and he ploughed the land and the farmer sowed the seed. The sun shone brightly and soon the corn grew. It was then ground at the mill and Ava brought it to her grandmother. Her grandmother then said to her “You shall get me a johnny cake, quickly go make it, in one minute mix, and in two minutes bake it.”

Ava, with the freshly ground meal in hand, was finally able to make the johnny cake for her grandmother, just as she had been asked to do in the first place. A result of her hard work and persistence, despite all the obstacles she had to face.