Stories About Eggs

Stories About Eggs

Welcome to our enchanting collection of the Top 12 Stories About Eggs for kids to read online! Created especially for children, these bedtime tales are perfect for parents and teachers to share during story time, making learning fun and educational. Available in easily accessible PDF format, these printable short stories are free to download, enabling you to enjoy them anytime, anywhere. Each engaging story comes with colorful pictures designed to captivate and delight young readers. Our collection includes classic fairy tales, good moral stories, and fascinating tales of adventure that will surely pique the curiosity of girls and boys alike.

Stories About Eggs hold a special significance as they encompass themes of growth, transformation, and the wonders of nature. In these stories, we learn about the beauty of life as it unfolds from a seemingly ordinary object—an egg. These tales are perfect for children, including preschoolers, kindergarteners, early years, elementary students, EYFS, and toddlers, as they allow kids to relate to the characters and themes in a simple and enjoyable way. Our online stories are available in an easy downloadable audio format, allowing for a fun and immersive English learning experience during bedtime or night time. Apart from nurturing their imagination, these stories instill valuable life lessons that will help little ones grow and thrive.

So gather around, and get ready to embark on an egg-citing journey through this delightful assortment of stories that are perfect for sharing, learning, and making memories during story time. Let your children’s love for reading soar as they immerse themselves in this beautiful collection of Stories About Eggs, and watch as they fall asleep dreaming about the wonderful world of stories.

Top 12 Stories About Eggs for kids to read online:

  1. The Goose and the Golden Egg: A Countryman had a golden-egg-laying Goose that made him rich. However, he grew impatient receiving one egg a day and opted to kill the Goose to get all the golden eggs at once. But he found no eggs and was left with a dead Goose.
  2. Princess Miranda and Prince Hero: A beautiful princess named Miranda lives on an island where visitors are impressed by her beauty. Many princes want to marry her, but she doesn’t want to marry anyone. One day, an evil king captures the princess’s people and tries to force her to marry him. She calls her army to fight him, but they fall into a deep sleep from his poisonous breath. He surrounds the castle with an iron wall and guards it with a dragon with twelve heads, but a prince manages to defeat everything and save the princess. They marry and live happily ever after.
  3. The Funny Easter Bunny: In the story, Mother Tiny-Tail is sad because she has no eggs for Easter, so Funny Bunny decides to help her by getting some. He borrows Mother Tiny-Tail’s market basket and goes from one place to another, getting what he needs to collect eggs from the Little Brown Hen. He asks the Little Hill Men for help and they challenge him to measure their hill, which he does successfully. They then fill his basket with gold, which Funny Bunny uses to buy what he needs. He gives the eggs to Mother Tiny-Tail, who paints them and hides them everywhere. On Easter morning, the Tiny-Tails find the eggs, and Funny Bunny shows up with a sugary egg from the Little Hill Men.
  4. The Easter Rabbit: The story is about the arrival of Lady Spring and her companion Merry Sunshine in the forest after the long winter. Dame Oak, Mother Maple, and Silver Beech are eagerly waiting for Lady Spring to arrive with her magic wand and bring new growth to the trees and flowers. Lady Spring needs to send a message of her arrival to the children in the city, and Bunny Rabbit becomes her messenger, delivering a basket of eggs and flowers to the children on Easter morning.  The story ends with the children excitedly running to the forest, exclaiming “Spring is here!” and thanking Bunny Rabbit for bringing the message.
  5. Easter fun with family: This story is about Mick, a boy who excitedly looks forward to his annual Easter weekend at his uncle and aunt’s farm. Throughout the weekend, he has fun playing Easter games, decorating eggs, and having a huge Easter brunch with his family. Finally, Mick and his cousins enjoy the chocolate egg hunt before saying goodbye. Although he feels sad leaving, he knows he’ll cherish the special memories he’s made with his family.
  6. Easter brunch at school: Suzie eagerly prepares for an Easter brunch at school where the children draw names to create a special meal for someone else. She draws her friend Nikki’s name and with her mother’s help, selects her favorite foods and chocolate eggs. The next day, Suzie proudly presents her Easter basket to Nikki who is very grateful. All the children enjoy the Easter brunch, and the teacher ends the day with appreciation. Suzie’s happy Easter celebration was the best ever.
  7. Around the world for Easter traditions: The story is about Gabriel and Amber, two children who wanted to learn about different Easter traditions around the world. They visited countries like Mexico, Italy, Greece, Germany, Russia, Ethiopia, the United States, and Australia to witness how each country celebrated Easter differently. After their adventure, they realized that even though every country had their own unique way of celebrating Easter, it was a special time of year that brought people together to share traditions and joy. An ebook (PDF) is available for download.
  8. The Easter bunny’s lost chocolate eggs: Once upon a time, the Easter Bunny accidentally lost all of the chocolate eggs he was preparing to hide for children for Easter. A little boy offered to help him find them, and they embarked on an adventure through a magical forest, meeting various animals and overcoming obstacles. With the little boy’s help, they found all the lost chocolate eggs, and the Easter Bunny thanked him for saving Easter. From then on, the Easter Bunny and the little boy became good friends and hid the chocolate eggs together every year.
  9. The pink and blue eggs: In this story, old White Hen claims to have seen blue and pink eggs, unlike any other eggs in the yard. The other hens and chicks are curious but don’t want to sit on them when the farmer may want them for Easter egg coloring. White Hen later learns that the eggs were not real after all, creating a false alarm.
  10. The Story of Speckle: The story is about Speckle, a hen who sits on her eggs in a nest box in the barn for 21 days. Despite being hungry and feeling cramped, she refuses to leave the eggs unattended. Little Phoebe brings Speckle food and water every day while she sits on the eggs. After 21 days, Speckle hears a faint sound of eggshells being broken, and discovers that her chicks have hatched. Speckle happily introduces her chicks to the world with the help of the farmer and little Phoebe.
  11. Cockyloo: The story is about a brood of chickens and their life in the barnyard. The good and brave rooster, Cockyloo, protects his family from dangers including foxes and robbers. Because of his heroic deeds, the town erects a weather-cock in his likeness on the courthouse. In the end, Cockyloo dies defending his flock. The story emphasizes the importance of kindness, bravery, and loyalty.
  12. Uncle Wiggily and the Freckled Girl: Uncle Wiggily helps a freckled girl who is unhappy with her appearance. He hops around to find a way to make her happy when he meets some birds who show her their freckled eggs, making her realize that freckles can be beautiful. The girl leaves with a smile on her face, throwing away her looking glass.

In conclusion, the Top 12 Stories About Eggs provide an entertaining and educational journey into the fascinating world of eggs. These delightful stories feature various types of eggs, such as chicken, bird, and even dinosaur eggs, introducing kids to the incredible diversity in the animal kingdom. Through the adventures of lovable characters and exciting mysteries, children can learn about the life cycles, habitats, and the importance of eggs in nature. These stories are not only enjoyable for kids to read online, but also encourage curiosity, imagination, and an appreciation for the natural world.