Easter brunch at school

Suzie could hardly wait for Easter at school. All children had written on a note what they liked to eat, what they really didn’t like to eat and what they were allergic to. Then they all got to draw one ticket. They had to prepare a nice Easter brunch for the child they drew. Suzie had drawn Nikki, her friend!

“Mama, are we going to the bakery today to buy the bread and buns?” she asked enthusiastically.

“Yes, let’s go quickly before it gets too busy,” her mother replied with a smile.

At the bakery, Suzie carefully chose the tastiest buns and her mother helped her choose Nikki’s favorite bread toppings. “Oh look, these chocolate eggs are perfect for Nikki!” cried Suzie as she took them off the rack.

When they got home, they started decorating the Easter basket. Suzie put the grass and the toy chickens in it and her mother neatly placed the Easter napkin over it. Suzie was very proud of the end result!

The next morning Suzie walked into the classroom with the Easter basket, full of excitement. She sees that all the tables are arranged in a circle. She looks for her place and sees that her Easter basket is already there. Then she sees Nikki enter the classroom. “Look Nikki, this is all for you!” she said, handing over the basket. Nikki’s face lit up when she saw the chocolate eggs.

“Wow, thank you Suzie! This is so sweet of you,” Nikki said, giving Suzie a big hug. Suzie felt so happy that she did something nice for her friend.

All the children went to the table. During Easter brunch, the children enjoyed their food and listened attentively to the teacher’s stories. They sang songs and played some games. And as a surprise, they were all allowed to go home earlier.

“That was a really great Easter brunch, thank you everyone!” cried the teacher as the children put on their coats.

Suzie waved to her friends as she walked home. “This was the best Easter celebration ever! I had all kinds of delicious things in my basket and Nikki was very happy with hers!” she said to her mother, still beaming with joy.