Bold Badger

The Foxes live in a little den
way down in the leafy glen,
but now they all are on their way
to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

The Funny Fox, Mrs. Fox, Freddie, and Freda Fox went merrily through the woods to the Bold Badger’s house. They all gave their fur an extra brush and wore their best bibs and tuckers.

The Bold Badger lived in a burrow, and he stood by the entrance to it and made all his visitors welcome. In they went, and at last found themselves in a large room with a table set with plates and a great pitcher of honey. The Bold Badger even had a flower in a flowerpot on the windowsill.

They wore bibs so as to keep clean, and the turkey was so very heavy Mrs. Fox insisted on helping bring it in. She brought it on a great platter, and it was smoking hot. When it was set on the table, the Funny Fox laughed until his sides ached, for it had only one leg and looked like the very same turkey he had sat down to the day before!

The animals had a regular Thanksgiving feast with all sorts of good things, and the little Foxes behaved very well considering their nature, though Mrs. Fox continually said,

“Good girls and boys don’t make a noise,
sit up if you’re able,
and don’t pound the table.”

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