A Lonely Christmas

Once upon a time in a cozy farmhouse, there lived a young girl named Eleanor with her father, mother, and their maid, Jane. Eleanor was smart, imaginative, and loved reading, kittens, and paper dolls. However, one particular Christmas Eve, she was feeling rather gloomy.

It was Christmas Eve, and Eleanor found herself alone at home with Jane. Her parents had left on an unknown errand. She felt abandoned and couldn’t understand why her parents would leave her on this special night. Eleanor tried to lose herself in her books, but the words blurred together as she wondered about her parents’ mysterious absence.

She called out to Jane, trying to find answers about her parents’ departure. But Jane seemed busy, always working and not giving her the attention she desired. Eleanor grew more frustrated, wandering restlessly around the house, trying to read but being unable to concentrate. She decided to go to bed, feeling ignored and lonesome.

Jane, however, had a different plan. She brought out a beautiful party dress that Eleanor’s mother had made. She asked Eleanor to try it on. Excited, Eleanor transformed her gloom into a game, pretending she was dressing up for a grand party.

Eleanor felt puzzled. She lived on a quiet farm and hardly attended any parties. ‘Why this dress then?’ she wondered. Jane tied ribbons in Eleanor’s hair to match her dress, and they both chatted, with Eleanor voicing her grievances about her parents’ unexplained absence.

Suddenly, a joyful noise from outside surprised Eleanor. She tried to rush to see the cause, but Jane held her back, making sure the ribbons were perfect in her hair.

And then… surprise!

The door burst open, and in came a group of Eleanor’s neighboring boys and girls, shouting ‘Merry Christmas!’ Eleanor’s parents followed, smiling at the look of sheer joy on their daughter’s face.

It turned out that Eleanor’s parents had been away on a special mission, gathering all her friends to surprise her with a grand Christmas Eve party. Her mother wrapped her arms around Eleanor, asking for forgiveness for making her feel lonely, but the surprise was worth it.

Eleanor felt a rush of happiness but also guilt. She had wrongly accused her parents and Jane of being mean and ignoring her. But they were busy planning this wonderful surprise. Even Jane, who seemed to ignore her, was in on the secret, helping to set everything up.

Learning her lesson, Eleanor realized she shouldn’t always judge situations based on appearances. Jane nodded in agreement, reminding her that sometimes the strangest looking situations could turn out to be the best ones.