Stories About Toys

Stories About Toys

Welcome to the Top 13 Stories About Toys collection, specially curated for kids, children, and toddlers to enjoy during bedtime or any time of the day! Designed to read with your little ones, this collection is available in various formats like pdf, free online resources, downloadable printable materials, engaging audio stories, and many more, providing a fun and educational experience for early years, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students.

These stories are filled with enchanting toys who embark on exciting adventures, with stunning pictures to captivate your children’s imagination while teaching moral values and wholesome lessons. Our handpicked tales range from easy short stories to longer classic ones, perfect for boys and girls alike to experience the wonder and joy of storytime.

We believe in the importance of Stories About Toys as they not only entertain young readers but stimulate learning and imagination. These stories foster creativity and teach children to cherish the simple joys in life while they listen, read aloud, and immerse themselves in the magical world of toys. Additionally, it prepares them for a peaceful night’s sleep, instilling good reading habits from an early age.

So let your kids fall in love with the magic of storytelling as they explore our wonderful selection of the best, famous, and timeless Stories About Toys, perfect for EYFS and beyond. Happy reading!

Top 13 Stories About Toys for kids to read online:

  1. Pinocchio: The story is about an old shoemaker named Gepetto who creates a wooden doll that becomes a real living boy named Pinnochio. Pinnochio wanted to go to school to learn and make money for his father, but he ends up selling his book and getting into some trouble. With the help of a fairy, Pinnochio learns the consequences of lying and skipping school. He turns into a donkey and gets sold but is eventually rescued by Gepetto and reunited with the fairy, who turns him into a real boy, and they all live happily ever after.
  2. The Steadfast Tin Soldier: The story is about a tin soldier with one leg who falls in love with a dancer in a music box. After falling out of a window, the tin soldier goes on an adventurous journey through the sewer and is eventually swallowed by a fish before finally being found by the boy’s mother while she was cooking dinner. The tin soldier is reunited with the dancer and they are knocked into a stove by a jealous toy, but end up together forever. The story ends with the boy finding a tin heart with a golden bow in the stove.
  3. The Visit to Santa Claus Land: In this story, two children, Kate and Brian, cannot sleep and hear a soft knocking on their window. They find a jolly Christmas chocolate who takes them to Santa Claus land, where they explore a remarkable garden full of Christmas trees and toys. They search for ripe dolls, find drum sets, horns and wind-up toys, before finally setting out to meet Santa Claus. However, they must cross a plank over a deep abyss carefully, without looking down, as otherwise, they won’t see Santa. They fall and crash and wake up in their own beds to tell their mother everything.
  4. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King: On Christmas Eve, Maria and Frederic await their godfather Dr. Drosselmeyer’s arrival with gifts. Drosselmeyer gives Maria a Nutcracker, and after a minor dispute between the siblings, it ends up getting damaged. At night, Maria is scared by strange noises and the Nutcracker comes to life instead of it being just her imagination. A battle against mice ensues, led by the Mouse King, but the Nutcracker and his army eventually prevail. Maria is injured and falls asleep, only to wake up to her mother and doctor by her side. In the following days, she has trouble convincing anyone of what happened until the Nutcracker again comes to life to save her. They travel to Candy Meadow and then to the capital of the Candy Kingdom. Drosselmeyer’s nephew breaks a spell by which Maria declared her love for the Nutcracker and later comes back to marry her.
  5. The Tale of Two Bad Mice: The story is about two mischievous mice named Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca who venture into a doll’s-house and find a beautiful dinner laid out on the table. After discovering that the food is fake, the mice proceed to break everything in the house before leaving. However, they later pay for the damages by stuffing a crooked sixpence into one of the stockings of the dolls. In the end, Hunca Munca comes every morning to sweep the doll’s house.
  6. The Money Pig: In a child’s room, a piggy bank on top of a wardrobe is filled with coins, looking down haughtily on the other toys in the room. When a game begins, the piggy bank is the only one to receive a written invitation, but he declines to participate and watches from on high. They forget about the tea party, engrossed in the play; however, the piggy bank wobbles off the edge of the cabinet, breaks into pieces, and is thrown away. The new piggy bank on the cabinet is empty and does not rattle, marking the end of the story of the old piggy bank.
  7. The Porcelain Shepherdess: The story is about a small porcelain shepherdess and a porcelain flute player who are placed on each side of a farmhouse mantelpiece. The flute player is in love with the shepherdess, but she never notices him. The porcelain cat advises the flute player to stop staring at the shepherdess and instead look at the flower girl on the middle table. As the flute player starts to play for the flower girl, the shepherdess gradually starts to notice him. Later on, the little porcelain animals come together as a matchmaker and bring the two lovers closer.
  8. The Worsted Doll: This is a story about a doll named Theodor who was made by a loving mother and sent across the sea as part of an order. Theodor was special because the mother knitted into him all the things she wished for a son. When Theodor arrived at his destination, he was bought by a little girl who gave him to her doll family as a father. At first, Theodor was intimidated by his new family, but with time, he learned how to become a good father, although he secretly missed the mother who made him. When the little girl’s family went on a trip to Germany, Theodor saw it as an opportunity to return to his maker, the mother who wanted him so badly. After hiding in a suitcase and traveling with the little girl to
  9. Little Never-Upset: Little Never-Upset is a story about a rough little toy who always smiled, even in the midst of arguments between the other toys in the playroom. When he is knocked off his shelf by the old Elephant, instead of getting upset, Little Never-Upset gets up and laughs it off, showing everyone the power of staying positive and avoiding quarrels. His example leads the other toys to stop arguing and start having fun together. Ultimately, even the old Elephant apologizes and welcomes Little Never-Upset back to the shelf.
  10. The Jumping-Jack: The story is about a wooden Jumping Jack who admires a doll named Rose but never gets the chance to showcase his skills to her. He ends up in a big house, where a little boy makes him perform tricks for a little girl named Rose who watches from a distance. Later, when Jack falls off the window sill, he lands next to Rose, and they finally get to talk and confess their love for each other. Rose, who dreamt of marrying a sailor, comes to appreciate Jack’s honest love, and they end up together. The story has a happy ending.
  11. Grandmother Rabbit’s Story: Patty Rabbit is dissatisfied with her book and wishes to read a story about a little girl Rabbit, which her grandmother happily provides. She tells the story of Susie Rabbit, a poor little girl who ate her handmade doll, which makes Patty Rabbit very happy and prompts her to ask her grandmother to have it printed so that others can enjoy it too. Downloads for the story are provided.
  12. Suzette And The Butcher: The story is about a French doll named Suzette who is surrounded by many other toys in a playroom. She feels lonely and wishes to be spoken to rather than just stared at. Eventually, she makes friends with the other toys, including a humble butcher doll. Meanwhile, the haughty Boy Doll, who considered himself too good for the common toys, goes to live alone and regrets not being more sociable. The story suggests that true happiness comes from genuine connections and kindness rather than social status.
  13. The China Shepherdess And The Picture: In the old farmhouse parlor, a delicate china shepherdess stands on the mantelpiece, gazing at a picture of a young boy. She is not really a shepherdess and has no sheep, but she has been in the parlor for years, lost in thought. One day, the boy in the picture seems to smile at her, and she speaks to him, asking if she knows him. He tells her that he used to hang beside her, but now his grown-up picture has taken his place. The china shepherdess blushes when the boy reveals that he remembers breaking her wrist. They exchange memories and words of love, knowing it is forever young.

In conclusion, the Top 13 Stories About Toys have taken us on an exciting journey through the world of imagination and play. These tales have showcased the magic of toys, the adventures they come up with, and the bonds they can create among friends. From stuffed animals with secret lives to action figures saving the day, each story has given us a glimpse into the limitless creativity found in the hearts of children. So, gather around your favorite toys, keep exploring the limitless world of make-believe, and let these treasured stories inspire your next grand adventure.