Stories About Doctors

Stories About Doctors

Welcome to the Top 27 Stories About Doctors for kids to read online! In this amazing collection, children will discover a world of fun, educational, and exciting bedtime stories tailored to suit their early years of learning and development. Each story is available in a free, downloadable, and printable pdf format, making it easy for parents and educators to access them. Created with the best moral values in mind, these tales are perfect for girls and boys alike and come with beautiful pictures that will capture the hearts of your little ones.

The importance of Stories About Doctors cannot be overstated! These tales expose children to the world of medicine and the crucial role that doctors play in our lives, while also encouraging good habits and care for one’s well-being. They provide an excellent opportunity for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students to learn the value of doctors in an enjoyable way. EYFS, toddlers, and youngsters will be entertained with captivating stories that feature engaging audio and easy-to-understand English, making this collection a must-have for parents and teachers seeking inspirational story time content.

So go ahead and explore our fantastic collection of Stories About Doctors. Each tale boasts memorable characters, intriguing adventures, and important lessons. Get ready for a magical night time filled with fun and learning, as you embark on this storytelling journey that promises both a good sleep and a memorable fairy tale experience for your young ones!

Top 27 Stories About Doctors for kids to read online:

  1. Sick Day Fun with Ruby: The story is about Rosie who falls sick with the flu and can’t play with her twin sister, Ruby, because she has to stay in her room. Ruby plans a surprise tea party and show for Rosie outside her room window, which they both enjoy together. Later, Ruby reads a book to Rosie through the window. Ultimately, Rosie gets better, and they are reunited with a stronger bond, promising to support each other.
  2. Sophia’s Visit to the Doctor: A little girl named Sophia wakes up with a fever and must go to the doctor’s office for the first time. To calm her fears, her parents play “doctor” with her stuffed animals. Sophia feels excited and brave when they arrive at the doctor’s office. She is scared when the doctor examines her, but remembers the pretend game and begins to feel better. The doctor gives her some medicine and a booklet on how to take care of herself when sick. Afterward, Sophia feels much better and learns the importance of being brave and taking care of herself.
  3. Ella the Elephant and the Cart: The story is about a special elephant named Ella who lived in a jungle with her animal friends. One day, she hurt her leg badly while playing and the doctor came up with a clever solution by tying a cart under her leg so that it was off the ground, allowing her to move around easily. Ella was happy that her leg was getting the rest it needed and was able to heal. After her recovery, Ella resumed her adventures in the jungle, grateful to the doctor for his help. The story emphasizes the value of creativity, problem-solving, and perseverance in overcoming challenges.
  4. The Animal Clinic of Dr. Mike: The story is about Dr. Mike, a kind and gentle vet who runs a cozy clinic in a small town. He takes care of all sorts of animals with love and attention, from a little kitten with a cut to a clumsy dog with an upset stomach. The animals all know they can always count on Dr. Mike to make them feel better, and he’s even dubbed the “best vet in the whole wide world” by one grateful patient. The story ends with the animals grateful for Dr. Mike’s kindness and care.
  5. Dr. Dolittle Escapes from the Pirates: Doctor Dolittle and his talking animal friends encounter Barbary pirates while sailing home. The pirates chase them in their fast ship, but the doctor and his friends devise a plan involving the swallows to escape. With the help of the swallows, the doctor’s ship flies through the sea, leaving the pirates behind.
  6. Dr. Dolittle and the Ape Bridge: In this story, Queen Ermintrude’s husband, the King of Jolliginki, is furious and sends soldiers to capture the doctor. The doctor and his animals escape deep into the jungle with the help of a monkey named Chee-Chee. They make a long journey to the Land of the Apes and are chased by the king’s army. The apes make a bridge across a river with their bodies to help them cross safely, and the doctor is pleased to be the first to witness this famous ‘Ape Bridge.’
  7. Dr. Dolittle on a journey: The story tells of a six-week journey across the sea, in which they follow a guiding Swallow and encounter flying fish and a school of porpoises who help them obtain onions. They eventually reach Africa, but are shipwrecked in a storm. They seek shelter in a cave and are later led to the king of the Jolliginki by a man from the jungle. Along the way, they meet a stowaway mouse who had hidden in the doctor’s hat, and Dab-Dab the duck goes to rescue the hat with the mouse. The story concludes with the group moving further into Africa.
  8. Dr. Dolittle and His Pets: This story is about a doctor named Dolittle who lives in a small town and loves animals. He keeps many kinds of pets and takes care of them himself, even though his sister complains that they make the house dirty. Dolittle’s love for animals becomes a problem when his patients stop coming to see him because they are put off by the animals. Dolittle begins to run out of money and sells his piano and Sunday suit. People start to make fun of him, but the animals and children still love him.
  9. Dr. Dolittle learns animal language: The story is about Dr. Dolittle, a people’s doctor who became an animal doctor after learning how to speak the language of animals. The story tells of his interactions with animals and how he became famous among them all over the world. It also highlights the arrogance of humans towards animals and their lack of understanding towards them, while animals have their own unique language. The story is available for download in PDF format.
  10. Dr. Dolittle has more financial problems: The story follows Doctor Dolittle, who has acquired many pets because he can’t refuse when they ask to stay with him. His animal family comes together to do the housework after Sarah, the doctor’s sister, leaves. The animals sell radishes and roses to make money but are hit by early snow and hunger. Despite financial troubles, the doctor doesn’t worry and believes happiness is what counts.
  11. Dame Cricket’s Story: Mrs. Cricket wakes up her ten little crickets to get ready, put on their black caps and brown suits, sing at night and sleep during the day to avoid being eaten by birds. The little crickets try to avoid getting up until their mother tells them a story that explains why crickets sleep during the day. Great-grandfather Cricket called in Doctor Frog because he noticed that their singing was not as loud as usual and he discovered that their family was only about half the size it should be. The birds were eating their family, so Doctor Frog suggested they should sleep during the day and sing at night to avoid being caught by birds.
  12. Dr. Dolittle is finally back home: After traveling with the Pushmi-Pullyu in a gypsy wagon and stopping at circuses, Dr. Dolittle returns home to Puddleby-on-the-Marsh. He buys two new ships for the sailor who lent him the boat, pays his grocer’s bill, and buys a rubber doll for his baby. He also reads to his animals from his books in front of a warm fire during winter. The monkeys in Africa wonder if he will ever come back, and Polynesia hopes he will. The crocodile tells them to go to sleep, but everyone thinks he will come back.
  13. Dr. Dolittle in the Fishing Village: In this story, Doctor Dolittle and his animal friends rescue a red-haired fisherman who was left on a rock by the Barbary Dragon, Ben Ali. After bringing him aboard their ship, they discover that he has been surviving on snuff for four days. With the help of Jip the dog, they find the fisherman’s house and reunite him with his family. The grateful villagers offer Doctor Dolittle gifts and a procession in his honour, including a gold collar for Jip, who is now known as the smartest dog in the world. Eventually, the ship with its red sails sails away towards the City-by-the-Pond.
  14. Dr. Dolittle and the Rock: In this story, a group of animals and a doctor search for a missing man who loves snuff tobacco. The dog, Jip, finally smells the tobacco when the wind turns to the west and leads the group to a large, barren rock. The man is found asleep in a cave underneath the rock with a box of snuff tobacco next to him. Jip proves to be the hero of the story.
  15. Dr. Dolittle and Jip the Dog: In this story, Dr. Dolittle and his animal friends search for a missing fisherman with the help of eagles, but unfortunately, they can’t find him. However, Jip the dog smells the snuff scent on a gold ring owned by the fisherman’s nephew and declares that he can find him through his sense of smell. Jip determines that the scent is coming from Devon and Wales, and the group sets off on their journey.
  16. Dr. Dolittle and the Blabbermouths of the Ocean: In this story, Dr. Dolittle and his animal friends come across a little boy who was captured by pirates. They find him locked up in a small, dark room smelling of rum. The boy tells them that his uncle, a fisherman, was also captured but wouldn’t become a pirate, so the pirates threatened to throw him overboard. The boy thinks they may have done so and Dr. Dolittle sets to work to find out what happened to the uncle. After talking to porpoises, they discover that the fishing sloop sank, but the uncle was nowhere to be seen. However, they reassure the boy that he likely survived and did not drown.
  17. Dr. Dolittle and Too-Too the Owl hear something: On their journey home, the doctor and his animal companions discover a beautiful pirate ship and search for the key to the locked room where they believe the pirates keep their treasure. Unable to find the key, they listen intently through the door and hear a person crying. The doctor decides to chop a hole in the door to investigate further, believing it important to help someone who is unhappy.
  18. Dr. Dolittle and the Barbary Dragon: In this story, Dr. Dolittle and his animal friends are captured by pirates, but they soon discover that the pirates’ ship is sinking. Sharks offer to eat the pirates, but Dr. Dolittle convinces them to spare the pirates if they promise to stop their piracy and become birdseed farmers instead. The pirates begrudgingly agree, and Dr. Dolittle warns them that the birds will tell him if they break their promise.
  19. Dr. Dolittle receives a warning from the rats: The story is about Doctor Dolittle and his animals who need to rest on their journey across the sea. They come across an island and as they look for water, they meet a rat who warns them that their ship is going to sink soon. The rat tells them that all the rats on the ship have left because they have a tingling feeling in their tails. The animals look for water on the island and meet canaries who show them where to find it. Later, the swallows warn Doctor Dolittle that pirates have entered the bay where their ship is anchored. The animals creep onto the pirate ship and prepare to escape.
  20. Dr. Dolittle: Medicine and Magic: In this story, the animals help Doctor Dolittle escape from prison with the help of a funny prince who wants to be turned into a golden prince to marry Sleeping Beauty. The doctor and his animals mix up a potion that turns the prince’s face and eyes completely golden. They escape with the help of some swallows who were waiting for them and guide them home. The prince, who promised to help them, gives Doctor Dolittle a boat and half his kingdom. He is now happy with his new golden face and mirror while the animals say goodbye to those left behind.
  21. Dr. Dolittle and the Prince: In this story, Dr. Dolittle and his animal friends get lost in the jungle and accidentally end up in the king’s palace, where they are captured and locked up again. Polynesia the parrot comes up with a plan to help Prince Bumpo become a golden prince, which involves sneaking into the prison to seek Dr. Dolittle’s help. While they wait for the sun to go down, Bumpo reads fairy tales to himself on a stone bench in the garden.
  22. Dr. Dolittle and the Unique Animal: The story is about a rare animal called a Pushing Pullyu with two heads, found only in Africa. Despite attempts by hunters, none were able to catch the shy creature until some monkeys managed to do so. They try to convince the animal to accompany Dr. Dolittle to be exhibited to others, but he resists until he finally agrees to go and meet the doctor. When the doctor sees the unique animal, he contemplates exhibiting it to make money since he is broke and needs to repay a loan. However, after much thought, the doctor decides not to exhibit the animal and instead makes a promise to send him back if he doesn’t like the land of the humans. The story ends with the doctor and his animals leaving the jungle to return home, while the apes bid them farewell.
  23. Dr. Dolittle at the Ape Council: In this story, Chee-Chee, a monkey, tells the other apes that Dr. Dolittle must leave the jungle because he has debts to pay. The apes want to give Dr. Dolittle a present and decide to give him a rare animal, the Pushmi-Pullyu, that no human has ever seen before. Chee-Chee explains that humans collect animals and put them in cages for people to look at, which the apes find shocking. Dr. Dolittle must return to his city to pay his debts and the apes give him the rare animal as a present to show their gratitude for all he has done for them.
  24. Dr. Dolittle and the Leader of the Lions: In this story, Dr. Dolittle is busy treating thousands of sick monkeys. He separates the sick ones from the healthy and gives the healthy monkeys a shot against the disease. He builds a big house with many beds for the sick monkeys but there aren’t enough healthy monkeys to take care of them. When he asks for help from other animals, the lion, leopards, and antelopes become proud and refuse. However, the lion’s cub becomes sick, and the lioness convinces the leader of the lions to help Dr. Dolittle with his work. Eventually, all the animals come together to help, and the monkeys begin to recover.
  25. Dr. Dolittle meets the King: In this story, Doctor Dolittle and his animal companions are imprisoned by the king of Jolliginki because the king refuses to allow foreign travelers in his land. However, Polynesia the parrot comes up with a plan to trick the king and escape from prison. She makes herself invisible and imitates Doctor Dolittle’s voice to scare the king into freeing them. The plan works, but the queen sees Polynesia leaving and the angry king hurries back to the prison, only to find that they have escaped.
  26. Dr. Dolittle receives a message from Africa: In the story, the animals are gathered around the fire when the monkey comes in to tell them that a disease is spreading among the apes in Africa and they are begging the doctor to come and stop it. The doctor wants to go, but they don’t have enough money for the trip. The parrot gives him advice on what to take for the journey, and the sailor gets them everything they need. They later set sail with the help of a swallow who knows the way, and Gub-Gub, the pig, is excited for his first trip.
  27. Robin Redbreast’s Cherry Pie: In this short story, Robin Redbreast wants cherry pie, even though it’s not the right season for ripe cherries. His wife, Mrs. Redbreast, tries to explain this, but Robin accuses her of being lazy. Mrs. Redbreast decides to make a cherry pie with unripe, sour cherries to teach Robin a lesson. Robin eats the pie, pretending it tastes good, but he becomes very ill, and the doctor chastises him for eating unripe cherries. In the end, Robin apologizes and promises to appreciate whatever his wife cooks for him.

In conclusion, the Top 27 Stories About Doctors is a wonderful collection for kids to explore the exciting world of medicine through the eyes of inspiring doctors. These tales not only capture the dedication, bravery, and compassion that medical professionals show every day, but also instill in young readers the importance of helping others and pursuing their passions. By reading these stories, kids will gain a deeper appreciation for the vital role that doctors play in keeping everyone healthy, and might even feel inspired to join their ranks one day. Engaging and educational, these stories will surely leave a lasting impact on the curious minds of young readers.