Stories About Discipline

Stories About Discipline

The world of children’s literature is as vast as it is varied. From timeless classics to contemporary gems, every story has a unique lesson to impart. Among these countless narratives, there are tales that do more than just entertain. They teach our children life’s most crucial lessons, like the importance of discipline, in a way they can easily understand. In this article, we have compiled a collection of the 8 best stories about discipline for kids to read online.

These stories have been handpicked from the vast expanse of the internet to create a fun, educational collection for our young readers. They are suitable for kids ranging from toddlers and preschoolers (EYFS) right up to early elementary students. Perfect for bedtime or story time, these tales provide an enjoyable and interactive way for children to learn about the importance of discipline. They serve as an exceptional tool for parents and educators looking to instill this fundamental value in their children.

Each of the 8 stories is available for free online, ready to download in PDF format. This means that these tales are just a click away for anyone with internet access. Printable versions are also provided to help children engage more physically with the narratives, aiding their learning process.

Our collection includes a balanced mix of shorter and longer narratives, ensuring there is something for every attention span. The stories come with colorful, fun pictures that make the reading experience more engaging and are also available in audio format, perfect for a read aloud session.

From classic fairy tales to lesser-known stories, each narrative has been selected for its inherent moral and the valuable lesson of discipline it imparts. Boys and girls alike will fall in love with the vibrant characters and their journeys. All of our stories are in English, but the easy, accessible language ensures that children from all backgrounds can enjoy them.

Not only are these stories perfect for night time, but they are also a great tool to use in kindergarten and early years school settings. Our selection ensures that reading is not just an activity, but a captivating learning experience for children. Through these stories, kids will learn that discipline is not just about rules and consequences but about making good choices, being accountable, and understanding the concept of cause and effect.

Our hope is that these stories will help inspire a love of reading and learning in your children while simultaneously teaching them about the importance of discipline. So, get ready to dive into a world of fun, learning, and timeless life lessons with our 8 best stories about discipline for kids to read online. Happy reading!

Top 8 Stories About Discipline

  1. The Skipping Shoes: tells the story of a stubborn little girl named Kitty who, after wishing her new shoes were magical like those of Jack the Giant Killer, found them endowed with extraordinary power. The shoes seemingly possessed a will of their own, leading her to perform tasks she initially resisted, such as running errands or going to school. However, the shoes also compelled her to behave well, stopping her from acting out of spite or indulging in forbidden treats. As she navigated her day, the shoes taught her valuable lessons about responsibility, respect, and the joy of helping others. Ultimately, they also allowed her to connect with nature in a magical way, enabling her to understand the languages of various animals. When the shoes lost their power at sundown, Kitty retained the lessons she had learned, becoming a more considerate and responsible child who loved the beauty of nature.
  2. Gray Hen’s Strategy: the hens in the yard grow tired of Chicken Young’s habit of stealing worms from them instead of scratching for himself. They devise a plan to teach him a lesson by burying a piece of clothesline that resembles a worm. When Chicken Young falls for the trick and swallows the rope, he chokes and struggles to breathe. The hens rush to his aid, and after the rope finally passes, they take him to the water pan to recover. Chicken Young learns his lesson and begins scratching for himself, realizing that stolen rewards are not always worth it.
  3. The Piggy Girl: little Betty rebels against being washed by her mother and declares that she wants to live with pigs and never be clean again. She sneaks out of her house, goes to live with pigs on a farm, and spends her days playing and living like a pig. As time passes, she becomes more pig-like in appearance and behavior. However, when winter comes and she overhears the pigs being prepared for slaughter, she realizes she doesn’t want to be turned into sausages and decides to run away. Betty returns home, sees her filthy reflection in the mirror, and immediately takes a bath, feeling grateful for cleanliness. She learns to appreciate being clean and promises to never complain about being washed again, embracing her life as a tidy little girl.
  4. How The Mice Caught The Cat: Gray Mouse and his brother Whiskers are puzzled as to why the cat in the pantry doesn’t try to catch them. They observe the cat sneaking into the pantry and eating cream and meat, pretending not to notice the mice. The mice realize that the cat allows them to roam freely so that they will be blamed for any food consumption or mishaps in the pantry. They become aware of the traps set for them and feel trapped between the cat and the new traps. However, when they find the cat sleeping, Whiskers hatches a plan and manages to trap the cat’s tail, causing her to meow and struggle. The mice find amusement in the cat’s predicament, knowing that if the cat had done her job, she wouldn’t have fallen into the trap.
  5. The Candy Pig: In this delightful Christmas tale, young Kaisa receives a beautiful candy pig as a gift. Initially filled with joy and vowing to cherish it forever, curiosity gets the best of her, and she begins to nibble on the pig’s ears and legs. Unable to resist the temptation, she eventually devours the entire candy pig. However, her excessive indulgence leads to a stomachache and regret. Kaisa learns an important lesson about the importance of moderation and the consequences of overindulgence.
  6. The Fairy Box: In this enchanting tale, little May longs for a magic bracelet like Rosamond’s, which would prick her when she’s about to do wrong. To her surprise, she hears a sweet voice instructing her to look under her pillow every night. If she’s been good, she’ll find something nice, but if she’s been naughty, she’ll find something bad. May receives various presents, including a wasp when she speaks unkindly, a black bag when she meddles with forbidden things, and a red-silk rope when she forgets her mother’s warning. However, May learns her lessons, becomes a kinder child, and receives a white kitty, a curly black dog, a beautiful picture-book, and even a pony named Prince. May’s acts of kindness continue as she wishes for a boat for her brother and learns the joy of giving. Eventually, the fairy visits her and leaves a shining bracelet as a reward for her goodness. May’s transformation into a genuinely good girl is rewarded with magical experiences and the fulfillment of her wishes.
  7. The Story Of Echo: In the forest, amidst the wood-nymphs and shimmering streams, there lived a mischievous nymph named Echo. She loved playing tricks and teasing her companions, often disappearing and laughing at their bewilderment. However, her pranks grew unkind, causing her friends to distance themselves. When the queen of the gods, Juno, became annoyed with Echo’s incessant chatter, she punished her by taking away her ability to speak unless spoken to. Echo retreated to the deep woods, where she lived in solitude. Occasionally, her voice can still be heard when someone calls out to her, but she never reveals herself, responding with laughter or sadness depending on the caller’s tone.
  8. The Little Red Hen: In a barnyard, a diligent Little Red Hen spent her days searching for worms to feed her chicks. When she discovered a wheat seed, she realized its potential and asked her lazy barnyard companions—the pig, cat, and rat—for help with planting, cutting, threshing, and baking the wheat. Each time, they refused. Undeterred, the Little Red Hen took on every task herself until she finally enjoyed the delicious bread she had worked so hard to create, while her lazy companions looked on hungrily.

In conclusion, discipline is a fundamental value that plays a vital role in a child’s upbringing. The 8 stories we have presented in this collection offer a fun, engaging, and easy way for children to grasp this concept. They take learning beyond the classrooms and into the realm of imaginative narratives, where moral lessons become memorable adventures. Whether for bedtime, story time, or any free moment, these tales are a rich resource for parents and educators alike, instilling in children the importance of discipline. Downloadable, printable, and absolutely free, this curated collection of stories is a wonderful tool to inspire good habits, personal responsibility, and a love for reading in our young ones. Happy storytelling!