Stories About Wind

Stories About Wind

Welcome to our fantastic collection of the Top 24 Stories About Wind for kids to read online! This amazing assortment of bedtime tales is perfect for children to enjoy at night time, or any other moment they want to embark on a fun and imaginative journey. These stories are specially designed to cater to preschool, kindergarten, early years, elementary students, toddlers, and children of all ages. Available in free pdf, online, printable, easy downloadable formats, these fascinating short stories encompass the best, classic, and famous tales with beautiful illustrations and captivating pictures to tell the tale effortlessly.

Every story in our educational and entertaining collection promotes learning, moral values, and is perfect for both girls and boys. Get ready to fall in love while we dive into magical worlds filled with adventure, excitement, and enchantment. These stories range from whimsical fairy tales and classic bedtime stories to longer narratives that will definitely keep your little ones engaged. The fun doesn’t stop there – the stories are also available in audio format to facilitate English language development and to enrich the read-aloud experience during story time.

Wind Stories are an essential and valuable collection for children to read and learn from as they explore the power and beauty of nature. The wind is a mesmerizing force with the ability to change the course of events and take the story in new and exciting directions. Whether it is through fun-filled adventures carried by gusts of wind, meeting magical wind-beings, or discovering new lands, these stories showcase the role of wind as an essential component in captivating narratives.

These Wind Stories offer many opportunities to spark children’s creativity, ignite their imagination, and teach life-long moral lessons. Download this amazing collection today and embark on a journey of wonder and excitement with your little ones as they drift off to sleep in the enchanting world of Wind Stories. Happy reading!

Top 24 Stories About Wind for kids to read online:

  1. The North Wind And The Sun: In this fable, the North Wind and the Sun argue about which one of them is stronger. They decide that the one who can make a traveler remove his cloak is the winner. The North Wind tries to blow the cloak away, but the traveler holds it tightly. Then, the Sun shines and warms the traveler, who removes his cloak eventually. The moral of the story is that kindness and gentleness are always more effective than force and aggression.
  2. Sparrow’s search for the rain: In a village near the sea, a girl was known for her beauty and wisdom, but she refused to marry any of the suitors who came her way, until one day, she was knocked down by Whirlwind, who was later banished from the village. To find Whirlwind and Rain, whom he left with, several animals and birds went on a quest, which was successful only when a small sparrow managed to locate them. Upon their return, the people of the land and the flowers bloomed again, and the Indians refrained from hunting sparrows because of their crucial role in bringing back the Wind and Rain.
  3. North Wind’s Frolic: The story is about the King of the Winds and his four children. North Wind is a boisterous fellow who causes disorder, even damaging gardens and fields. When the people complain to the King, North Wind is summoned and cannot deny his actions. As punishment, North Wind is kept prisoner in the castle for the summer and can only be let out in the winter when there are no flowers or fruit. A downloadable eBook (PDF) is available to read offline or print.
  4. How West Wind Helped Dandelion: The story is about a Dandelion that grows near a garden fence and has many friends, including the Sunbeams, the Raindrops, the Wind, the birds, and the insects. The Dandelion’s work is to grow and make seeds, which are beautifully arranged in a ball of silvery gauze. However, when two children come to gather seeds from the garden plants, they don’t pay attention to the Dandelion’s seeds, which makes her feel slighted. Fortunately, the West Wind comes to help and blows all her seeds away, some of them far away and some of them on the roadside bank where she herself has always lived. The Dandelion is happy and wonders why the great West Wind would take care of the seeds of a plain little Dandelion.
  5. Odysseus and the Bag of Winds: Odysseus and his crew arrived at the island of Aeolia where they were welcomed by King Aeolus. Aeolus gave Odysseus a bag containing all the blustering winds which he could release to aid their journey whenever required, and provided provisions for their voyage. However, after ten days of sailing, the crew, curious about the contents of the bag, foolishly opened it, unleashing all the winds and causing destruction to their boat. The crew safely landed on another island, and many years later, Odysseus finally returned home, recounting the story of the bag of winds and the crew’s foolishness.
  6. The North Wind at Play: This story is about North Wind, one of the four sons of Aeolus who lived in a house under a hill. North Wind goes out to play and tries to get an apple tree, some corn and a lily to play with him, but they cannot because they have important jobs to do. Eventually, the farmer complains to Aeolus about the damage caused by North Wind, and his father tells him to be more considerate and only go out to play when it is safe to do so.
  7. The lad who went to the North Wind: In this story, a boy sets out to find the North Wind and reclaim the meal he had taken. The North Wind offers him a magic cloth that can produce any food he desires, but when the boy tries to use it, he realizes it has been switched with a useless one. He returns to the North Wind, who gives him a ram that can produce gold ducats. This too is switched when the boy stops at an inn, leading him to confront the North Wind again. This time, he is given a magic stick that can beat anyone who displeases him. When the innkeeper tries to switch this too, the stick beats him until he returns the cloth and the ram. The boy then returns home with his stick and his ram, having finally gotten his due.
  8. Old North Wind: The story is about Old North Wind and her children, the Icebergs, who sail away to show their strength and mightiness to the South Wind and the Sun, but they end up sinking because of their ignorance of the warmth of the South Wind and the Sun. Old North Wind wants to come back with bigger and stronger children to show who rules the seas, but the South Wind reminds her that might is not always right, and that they have the power to melt her children. The story ends with Old North Wind going back to her homeland, angry but knowing the power of the South Wind and the Sun. An ebook version is available for download.
  9. The windflower’s story: A Windflower in a garden tells the story of her family’s origin to a group of flowers. They are surprised to learn that Windflowers are named after the wind, who opens their blossoms. A breeze arrives and tells the Windflower that the Wind is coming to take her away. The other flowers speculate about the nature of the Wind and Windflower’s relationship, but the Windflower departs before they can learn more. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  10. How Sun, Moon and Wind went out to dinner: Three celestial siblings, Sun, Moon and Wind, went out to dine with their uncle and aunt. The meal was lavish, but Sun and Wind did not bother to bring any food back for their mother, who was waiting for them. The Moon, however, saved some food for her mother by putting it under her nail. As a reward, Moon’s mother blessed her with cool, calm and beautiful rays, whereas Sun and Wind were cursed. Sun’s rays became hot and scorching, and Wind always blew in hot and dry weather, causing all living things to dry up and shrivel. This is why the sun is hot, and the wind is disagreeable in hot weather, while the moon’s light is cool, calm, and beautiful.
  11. Neptune: This is a story about Neptune, the old ocean god, who one day finds the sea in chaos and the winds causing great storms. With the help of his sea creatures, he goes to calm the waters, find and rescue ships in danger, and send the winds back to King Aeolus. Finally, all is peaceful again, and Neptune glides over his domain in his chariot, surrounded by playful dolphins.
  12. The Story of Flying Robert: The story is about a boy named Robert who loves to play outside. One day, he goes outside to play in the rain with his red umbrella. Suddenly, a big wind comes and blows away both Robert and his hat. Robert is carried away higher and higher into the sky and never seen again. The story has an ebook download link.
  13. Discontented Dewdrop: The story is about a dewdrop that wants to be great and is disappointed with being small. A gentle breeze grants its wish, and it becomes part of a bigger body of water. However, the dewdrop realizes it has lost its identity and is eventually swallowed up by the ocean. The moral of the story is to be content with the role you play in the world and not to pursue grandeur that may lead to misfortune. A downloadable PDF of the story is available for offline reading.
  14. Little Sleepyhead: The story is about a little child who is sound asleep while the clock ticks, birds sing, the wind blows, and the rooster crows to wake him up. But it’s the sun’s bright light shining on his face that eventually wakes him up. The child’s mother wonders who woke him up, but there’s no answer because the child didn’t realize it was the sun. Downloads of the story in PDF format are available.
  15. The September Storm: The story is about a ship that arrives back in a small town after a journey to distant lands. The weather takes a turn for the worse, and a storm threatens to capsize the ship. The owners of the shipping company, along with the crew, work hard to try and save the ship and its cargo. In the end, the ship survives with only minor damage, and everyone is grateful for the effort put in to save it. The storm becomes known as the Great September Storm, and people talk about it for a long time.
  16. East of the Sun and West of the Moon: The story is about a poor man whose youngest daughter is asked by a White Bear if she will go with him. She agrees after her father convinces her to go. They go to a castle where she sees a man every night, but he disappears every morning. The bear agrees to let her visit her family, but she is told not to be alone with her mother. Her mother tells her to use the light of a candle while the man is sleeping, so when she does, she sees the man and falls in love with him. She accidentally drops candle wax on him, and he tells her he is a prince whose stepmother enchanted him. The prince leaves the girl to marry a princess with a long nose in a castle that is east of the sun and west of the moon. The girl travels there with the help of some strangers and convinces the prince to marry her instead.
  17. Spring and Her Helpers: This is a story about how Winter was told by Father Time that he could go on vacation as Spring was ready to take over. Spring knew she could not do it alone and asked for help. She got help from the Sun, King Eolus and his three brothers, and other helpers. They worked together to make the earth beautiful. Spring thanked her helpers for their work, and she felt happy and content knowing that she did her job well with the help of her friends.
  18. The Meeting of the Winds: Two wind brothers meet in a field, the North Wind was upset because the South Wind had melted his snow. They argued about whose time it was to rule over the fields. The river overhears and tells them to be friends and appreciate the differences in each other and the gifts they bring to the earth. They both agree and leave each other with a sprig of evergreen as a reminder.
  19. The Wind and the Sun: In this story, the Wind boasts about his strength, but the Sun challenges him to a competition to see who is stronger. They find a traveler wearing a heavy cloak and agree that the strongest will be the one who can force the traveler to take it off. The Wind tries first but fails, and then the Sun shines down on the traveler, making him feel warm and comfortable. The traveler eventually takes off his cloak and rests in the shade. Thus, the Sun wins the competition, showing that power can come from calmness and kindness, not just brute force.
  20. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Cyclone: The story is about a girl named Dorothy who lives on a farm with her uncle and aunt in Kansas. The environment is dull and gray, with little excitement. One day, a cyclone hits, and the house is lifted off the ground, carrying Dorothy and her dog Toto with it. They are carried away by the cyclone, and though Dorothy is scared at first, she eventually falls asleep.
  21. The Wind: In a small village, a group of curious children embark on a journey to follow the wind and discover where it comes from and where it goes. They follow it through woods and valleys, but the answer always seems out of reach. Even an old scholar who has dedicated his life to studying the wind doesn’t know the answer. Despite their disappointment, the children realize that the mystery of the wind is part of its charm.
  22. The Moonlit Lullaby: The story is about a baby bird that falls asleep in its cozy nest under the moon’s gentle light. As the night progresses, the wind, earth, air, and stars all come together to protect the baby bird and help it sleep soundly. The story ends with the baby bird being fanned by a great wing until the morning sun appears. A downloadable ebook version of the story is also available.
  23. The Storm: Two characters journey through the heat in search of caterpillars, taking refuge from an incoming storm. During the storm, they narrowly avoid being struck by lightning while taking cover under a tall pine tree, prompting the child to ask why they had to leave cover. The uncle explains that trees are not safe during storms and that there are precautions to take in order to avoid the danger. They continue their journey after the storm, glad to have avoided the worst of it.
  24. The Battle of the Winds: Father Neptune tells the Little Mermaid a story about the battle of the winds, which explains why the sea is troubled when the winds are angry. The Little Mermaid is relieved to learn that Father Neptune does not cause ships to be tossed about and sailors to drown. She also realizes that it is not safe for her and her sisters to come out on the rocks, as their beauty might attract the attention of the sailors and cause them to forget about their ships. Father Neptune advises her to go home before the ship in the distance causes any harm, and the story ends.

In conclusion, these Top 24 Stories About Wind offer a delightful and educational reading experience for kids, highlighting the various ways in which wind plays a crucial role in nature, weather, and our daily lives. Blending fascinating facts, captivating tales, and memorable characters, these stories not only awaken children’s curiosity but also inspire them to learn more about the world around them. Young readers are encouraged to embrace the power and beauty of wind, understand its impact on our environment, and explore ways to utilize this incredible natural resource for a sustainable future. As they delve into these tales, children will also discover valuable life lessons and be reminded of the magic and wonder that can be found in the everyday world.