Uncle Wiggily Stories

Uncle Wiggily Stories

Welcome to the Top 43 Uncle Wiggily Stories for kids to read online – a delightful collection of funny and heartwarming tales that have captivated children for generations! These short stories are perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary-grade students who are learning to read in English. Written with amusing situations and filled with moral lessons that inspire and entertain, Uncle Wiggily Stories have become some of the best classic children’s stories out there.

Each story in this collection is designed to be read aloud, making it an ideal choice for bedtime or anytime when your little ones are gathered around, eager to listen to captivating tales. With charming illustrations and pictures, these stories will come to life and engage the imaginations of young readers, helping toddlers and kids alike to learn valuable life lessons and develop a love for reading. From simple themes to more profound morals, these stories cater to the innate curiosity and growing minds of children, making them perfect for both educational and entertainment purposes.

Uncle Wiggily Stories have been loved by kids worldwide, and now they are available for you to enjoy in the form of ebooks and free pdf downloads that you can easily print for your convenience. So, gather around, and let the adventures of Uncle Wiggily and his friends inspire and delight your children as they embark on an exciting journey through these classic tales, all while improving their reading skills and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Top 43 Uncle Wiggily Stories for kids:

  1. Uncle Wiggily’s Toothache: Once upon a time, there was a boy with a toothache who refused to go to the dentist. His mother and grandmother tried to convince him, but he was too afraid. Meanwhile, Uncle Wiggily, a bunny rabbit, had an idea to help the boy overcome his fear. He pretended to have a toothache himself and had a make-believe tooth pulled by a pretend dentist. The boy, witnessing the bravery of the rabbit, was inspired to go to the dentist and have his own toothache treated. In the end, the boy’s toothache was fixed, and he realized that it wasn’t as scary as he thought.
  2. Uncle Wiggily And The Wild Rabbit: Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy alerts Uncle Wiggily to a wild rabbit that has been digging up his garden. Uncle Wiggily tries to talk to the rabbit, but the rabbit refuses to listen and continues to spoil the garden. Uncle Wiggily decides to search for an adventure in the woods and comes across a broken toy rabbit. He uses the toy to lead the boy and girl who own it to the wild rabbit with a broken leg. The children take the wild rabbit home, mend its leg, and it becomes tame and stays with them. Uncle Wiggily saves his garden and Sammie and Susie enjoy playing with the broken toy.
  3. Uncle Wiggily’s Ice Cream Cones: Uncle Wiggily and Grandfather Goosey Gander decide to leave the place where a bad snake is and search for a new home. They meet a crow who tells them about a cornfield where they can spend the night in the pocket of a scarecrow’s coat. The next morning, Uncle Wiggily goes to get ice cream cones but a bear steals them. Thankfully, Uncle Wiggily uses the empty cones to tickle the bear and escape. He wonders how to get a full cone for Grandfather Goosey.
  4. Uncle Wiggily And The Elephant: Uncle Wiggily has a difficult time sleeping at the hedgehog’s house because the hedgehog boys keep sticking him with their stickery-stickers. He eventually sleeps on the floor and in the morning continues his journey. Along the way, he encounters a crying elephant with a tack stuck in his foot. Uncle Wiggily pulls out the tack, and the elephant cries tears that create a pond. When an alligator threatens Uncle Wiggily, the elephant sucks up the water and scares the alligator away. Uncle Wiggily and the elephant become friends and continue their journey together.
  5. Uncle Wiggily And The Bad Boy: Once upon a time, there was a bad boy who would throw stones and snowballs at rabbits and other animals. Uncle Wiggily, a bunny gentleman, wanted to make the bad boy good, but ended up getting hit by a snowball. Later, when the bad boy complained of earache, Uncle Wiggily left some cotton from a horse-chestnut bud on his doorstep to provide relief. The boy’s earache improved, and he promised never to throw snowballs at rabbits, cats, or dogs again.
  6. Uncle Wiggily And The Elephant: Uncle Wiggily meets an elephant who has a stone stuck in his foot. Uncle Wiggily helps the elephant by using his crutch to remove the stone. The grateful elephant then saves Uncle Wiggily’s burning bungalow by putting out the fire with water from his trunk. They become friends and the elephant returns to the circus.
  7. Uncle Wiggily And The Lion: Uncle Wiggily meets a lion who ran away from the circus. The lion wants to go back but doesn’t know where the circus went. Uncle Wiggily takes the lion to his house and asks Nurse Jane, his muskrat housekeeper, if she knows. She doesn’t, but the lion helps by dusting the furniture with his tail. Eventually, they find out the circus moved to a town nearby, and the lion goes back to his cage.
  8. Uncle Wiggily And The Rich Cat: Once upon a time, a wealthy cat was bored and wanted to have an adventure. She went for a ride in her car with her mouse servant, but they had an accident and the car broke down. The cat was chased up a tree by two dogs, but was later rescued by Uncle Wiggily, a rabbit. The cat decided to stay in the woods, help a poor cat family, and live happily ever after.
  9. Uncle Wiggily And The Bad Dog: Once upon a time, Uncle Wiggily encounters a bad dog that always chases him. Despite Uncle Wiggily’s efforts to avoid the dog, it continues to pursue him. One day, the dog is left chained and hungry while its owners are away. Uncle Wiggily, showing kindness and forgiveness, brings the dog water and digs up buried bones for it. In return, the dog promises to never chase Uncle Wiggily again.
  10. Uncle Wiggily And The Mud Puddle: This story is about a little boy named Tommie who falls into a muddy puddle while wearing his best clothes and white stockings. He is upset and worried about going to a party, but then he sees Uncle Wiggily, a bunny rabbit gentleman, cleaning mud off his own clothes. Uncle Wiggily lends Tommie a pine cone to scrape off the mud from his stockings, and Tommie is able to go to the party without having to change. The other children at the party think it’s a fairy tale, but Tommie is grateful for Uncle Wiggily’s help and learns not to be afraid of mud puddles.
  11. Uncle Wiggily And The Tame Squirrel: Uncle Wiggily encounters a tame rabbit in the woods, who is gathering flowers for a party hosted by two children, Don and Mab. Uncle Wiggily helps gather flowers and agrees to peek at the party later. At the party, the children realize they forgot a nutcracker but Uncle Wiggily arranges for a squirrel named Johnnie to crack the nuts. The children are delighted and want to keep Johnnie as a pet, but he scampers away.
  12. Uncle Wiggily And The Birthday Cake: A little girl is excited about her upcoming birthday and plans to have a cake with ten candles on it. Her mother asks her to go to the store to get flour, sugar, and eggs for the cake. On her way, she hears a noise and finds Uncle Wiggily, a bunny rabbit, trapped in a forest. She sets him free and they go their separate ways. The next day, the little girl realizes they don’t have any candles for her cake. But Uncle Wiggily, who had overheard her conversation, leaves pine knots on her porch, which they use as candles for her birthday cake.
  13. Uncle Wiggily And The Skates: A boy is eager to try out his new skates but must wait for the pond to freeze over. Impatient, he tests the ice and falls in. Luckily, Uncle Wiggily and beaver boys Toodle and Noodle save him by gnawing a tree for him to grab onto and pull himself to safety. The boy learns the importance of waiting for the ice to be thick enough before skating.
  14. Uncle Wiggily And Daddy Longlegs: Uncle Wiggily, the rabbit, is staying with a giant family. The papa giant uses a spool of thread as a table for Uncle Wiggily, but serves him an enormous amount of oatmeal and milk. After breakfast, the boy giant accompanies Uncle Wiggily on his journey and scares away a bear that tries to attack them. They then meet a little boy who has lost his cows, and with the help of a grand-daddy longlegs, they find them and bring them home. This is the last adventure in this book, but there will be more adventures in the next book called “Uncle Wiggily’s Travels”.
  15. Uncle Wiggily And The Mud Pie: Uncle Wiggily is staying in a little wooden house by a brook. He hears a knock on the door and discovers it’s his friend, a goldfish, who threw stones to get his attention. The goldfish brings Uncle Wiggily breakfast and they chat before Uncle Wiggily continues his journey. Later, Uncle Wiggily escapes from a snake, but lands in a mud pie being made by two hedgehog boys. They thought he did it on purpose, but Uncle Wiggily explains it was an accident. The snake returns, but the hedgehog boys throw mud at its eyes and save Uncle Wiggily. They all make another mud pie and enjoy pie together. Uncle Wiggily stays at their house overnight.
  16. Uncle Wiggily And Jennie Chipmunk: After being rescued from a well by Percival the circus dog, Uncle Wiggily and his friends rest and eat cherry pie. They are interrupted by Dickie Chip-Chip, who urgently calls Percival back home to entertain a sick Peetie Bow Wow. Uncle Wiggily bids them farewell and continues his journey. He encounters Jennie Chipmunk, who had her hair ribbons stolen by a bear. Uncle Wiggily scares off the bear by throwing dirt in his face and helps Jennie find her way home. They part ways, and Uncle Wiggily continues his adventures.
  17. Uncle Wiggily And The Lantern: After searching for his fortune, Uncle Wiggily comes across a brook. He tries to find his fortune in the water but only sees a goldfish. Moving on, he encounters a toad who tries to trick him into hitting a hornets’ nest. Uncle Wiggily outsmarts the toad and continues his journey. Eventually, he arrives at the house of Billie and Nannie Goat, who are thrilled to see him. During the night, a burglar-fox threatens the goats, but Uncle Wiggily scares him away with a paper lantern. The goats are grateful for his help, and the story ends with a mention of the next adventure involving a paper house.
  18. Uncle Wiggily And The Giant’s Boy: Uncle Wiggily is in the house of a kind giant when the giant’s little boy comes home. The boy is very big and strong but loves animals. Uncle Wiggily plays games with the boy and they plan to search for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. However, when they reach the rainbow, they discover that there is no gold. The boy invites Uncle Wiggily to stay with him until morning, teasing a surprising adventure the next day.
  19. Uncle Wiggily And Stubby Toes: In this story, a little boy named Stubby Toes is constantly tripping and falling down. Uncle Wiggily, an old rabbit gentleman, decides to help him by asking Baby Bunty, a rabbit girl, to show Stubby Toes how to walk without stumbling. After watching Baby Bunty skip and hop without falling, Stubby Toes learns to walk more carefully and stops stubbing his toes.
  20. Uncle Wiggily And The Poor Dog: Once upon a time, there was a poor dog who had no kennel to sleep in and struggled to find food. Feeling useless and sad, he decided to get lost in the woods. Meanwhile, Uncle Wiggily Longears, a bunny rabbit gentleman, ventured into the forest in search of an adventure. Unfortunately, he got trapped in between two logs. Just as he was losing hope, the poor dog came to his rescue by gnawing through one of the logs and setting him free. Uncle Wiggily was grateful for the dog’s help and invited him to live near his bungalow. The dog, who used to be poor, found a warm kennel and enough to eat, and became great friends with Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane.
  21. Uncle Wiggily At The Circus: Jackie and Peetie, two puppy dog boys, excitedly tell Uncle Wiggily about the circus they want to go to. Uncle Wiggily initially refuses, stating that animal folk can’t go to a real circus. However, when he learns that Baby Bunty will be disappointed, Uncle Wiggily comes up with a plan. He digs a tunnel-burrow under the circus tent and leads the animal children into the circus unnoticed. They enjoy the show and then safely return home.
  22. Uncle Wiggily And The Red Ants: Uncle Wiggily disappoints Grandfather Goosey by telling him there is no more ice cream, but a honey bee offers to get them ice cream cones. They go to the store, get the cones, and enjoy them. Later, Uncle Wiggily encounters a giant, but the red ants help him hide by covering him with sand. The giant passes by, and Uncle Wiggily is saved.
  23. Uncle Wiggily And The Bad Giant: In this story, Uncle Wiggily encounters a bad giant who captures him, mistaking him for the good giant. The bad giant plans to eat Uncle Wiggily, but the clever rabbit is saved by a group of ants who tickle the giant and cause him to let go of the rabbit. Uncle Wiggily escapes unharmed, thanks to the help of the ants.
  24. Uncle Wiggily Painted His Bungalow: Uncle Wiggily is painting his bungalow when he asks his animal friends for more paint. The mischievous goat, Billie, gives him green paint instead of the requested red paint. Uncle Wiggily unknowingly paints his bungalow the wrong color and is then confronted by a skillery scallery alligator. The alligator tries to make Uncle Wiggily fall from a tree, but the animal friends come to his rescue by splashing paint on the alligator. In the end, Uncle Wiggily laughs off the mishap and Nurse Jane finds the colorful bungalow amusing.
  25. Uncle Wiggily’s June Bug Friends: Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane encounter a big June Bug in their home. Uncle Wiggily catches the bug and puts it to bed. The next day, Uncle Wiggily, Nannie, and Billie fall into a pit dug by the evil Bazumpus. The June Bug comes to their rescue, enlisting the help of other bugs to create a ladder and save them. The bugs chase away the Bazumpus, and everyone is happy except for the villain.
  26. Uncle Wiggily And The Lost Boy: Uncle Wiggily sees a new boy flying a kite near his home. Nurse Jane worries that the boy might be mean to Uncle Wiggily and the other animal children. Uncle Wiggily decides to be cautious until he knows the boy better. On his way to the store, Uncle Wiggily sees the boy, who has become lost after chasing his kite into the woods. Uncle Wiggily helps the boy find his way home by leaving a trail of red yarn. The boy’s mother is relieved and Uncle Wiggily is happy to have helped.
  27. Uncle Wiggily And The Paper House: Uncle Wiggily wakes up early and decides to make a paper house with the help of Billie Goat and Nannie. They show him how to cut out the sides, roof, windows, and doors, and he makes a little fireplace as well. Later, when Uncle Wiggily is traveling and needs a place to stay for the night, he makes a paper house and sleeps in it. He is awakened by the sound of raindrops, but realizes he is safe and dry inside his paper house. He goes back to sleep, but is later awakened by a sniffing noise, thinking it’s the burglar-fox. Uncle Wiggily decides to dig a cellar underneath his paper house to hide. However, it turns out to be the bad alligator outside trying to get in. The alligator smashes the paper house, but Uncle Wiggily escapes into the cellar and stays safe.
  28. Uncle Wiggily Waters His Garden And His Neighbors: Uncle Wiggily decides to water his dry garden with a hose but ends up getting soaked himself. He tries to untangle the hose but accidentally sprays his neighbors, including Mrs. Twistytail the pig and Uncle Butter the goat. When the Bushy Bear appears, Uncle Wiggily sprays him too, causing the bear to surrender.
  29. Uncle Wiggily And Grandpa Goosey: Uncle Wiggily, the old gentleman rabbit, and Grandfather Goosey Gander, the old gentleman duck, are traveling together in search of their fortune. They come across a man who tries to take the elephant back to the circus, but the elephant is taken away. The rabbit and the duck continue their journey, hoping to find some way to make money. They come to a fork in the road and decide to explore one path, but they don’t find any treasure. They turn back and on the way, the rabbit realizes he left his valise under a tree. While he retrieves it, the duck gets caught by a snake. The rabbit saves the duck by enticing the snake with popcorn balls, and they continue their journey.
  30. Uncle Wiggily And The Mumps: Uncle Wiggily Longears, a bunny rabbit gentleman, overhears two boys planning to throw stones at birds, squirrels, and rabbits. One boy objects, realizing that it could harm the animals. Uncle Wiggily hides and later warns his animal friends about the stone-throwing boy. When the boy tries to stone a crow and bees, they dodge or buzz around him, causing him to run away. Uncle Wiggily decides to bring some honey to the boy with the mumps since he can’t eat anything sour. The boy’s mother finds the honey and it soothes his pain. Uncle Wiggily also leaves honey for the boy’s sister when she gets the mumps.
  31. Uncle Wiggily And The Camel: Uncle Wiggily goes on an adventure with a peddler cat and they meet a thirsty camel who has escaped from the circus. The camel helps Uncle Wiggily escape from the bad Pipsisewah and gives him and the cat a ride back home. The camel then returns to the circus while the cat rests and the bunny continues his adventures.
  32. Uncle Wiggily And The Horse: Nurse Jane bakes two cherry pies, one for Uncle Wiggily and one for Grandfather Goosey Gander. On their way to deliver the pie to Grandfather Goosey, Uncle Wiggily decides to give it to a horse instead. The horse enjoys the pie, but soon they are confronted by the Woozie Wolf. The horse uses his speed to escape, and Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane are grateful for his help. The muskrat lady promises to bake the horse a larger cherry pie as a thank-you.
  33. Uncle Wiggily With His Snow Plow: Uncle Wiggily, with the help of his friends Curly and Floppy, uses a snow plow to dig out his friends who are snowed in. They successfully rescue Grandfather Goosey Gander and Uncle Butter the goat. However, when they reach two other piles of snow, they are surprised to find the Fox and the Wolf, who were pretending to be Uncle Wiggily’s friends. But Uncle Butter and the piggie boys come up with a clever plan to cover the Fox and the Wolf in snow again. In the end, Uncle Wiggily and his friends continue on their snowy adventure.
  34. Uncle Wiggily Goes Coasting: A boy, a girl, and their little sister named Bumps are excited to go coasting on their new Christmas sleds after the snowstorm stops. Bumps insists on joining them, despite being little and prone to falling. Meanwhile, Uncle Wiggily and the animal children also go coasting on a smaller hill. When Uncle Wiggily learns that a little girl is sleeping in the snow, he and the animal children gently place her on a sled and pull her home. Bumps wakes up and thinks it was a dream, but her family realizes what happened and brings her inside.
  35. Uncle Wiggily And The Good Giant: After escaping from the bad giant, Uncle Wiggily heads towards the good giant’s house with the help of the ants. The next day, the good giant takes his flag back from the bad giant, and Uncle Wiggily enters the good giant’s house. He encounters a huge cat and then meets the giant himself, who offers to help him find his fortune. Just as they are about to discuss it, a voice outside interrupts them, setting the stage for the next adventure.
  36. Uncle Wiggily’s Rain Storm: In Animal Land, Uncle Wiggily Longears decides to go out in the rain to visit Grandfather Goosey Gander. Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy asks him to pick up a muskmelon from the store, but he decides to bring a watermelon instead. On the other side of the forest, two children are bored because they can’t go out and play due to the rain. Uncle Wiggily comes up with an idea to entertain them by tossing in various natural playthings through their open window. The children are thrilled with their new toys and don’t mind the rain anymore.
  37. Uncle Wiggily’s Funny Auto: Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy wants to go for a ride in Uncle Wiggily’s automobile, but it starts behaving strangely and racing around. Despite the unexpected adventures, they manage to avoid danger and even chase away an alligator. You can download the ebook to read the full story.
  38. Uncle Wiggily And The Wolf: Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane encounter a golden, wooden wolf in the woods. They bring it home and place it in Uncle Wiggily’s bungalow as an ornament. Later, when Uncle Wiggily is home alone, the Skeezicks tries to enter the bungalow, mistaking the golden wolf for a real wolf. Terrified, the Skeezicks quickly retreats, sparing Uncle Wiggily. Uncle Wiggily realizes that having something of gold around the house can be beneficial.
  39. Uncle Wiggily Picked Some May Flowers: Uncle Wiggily visits Mrs. Wibblewobble’s house to return an egg. Mrs. Wibblewobble mentions wanting some May blossoms for a reception party, so Uncle Wiggily goes into the woods to find some. He meets Jimmie Wibblewobble and the Twistytail piggie boys, who suggest planting flowers from ladies’ hats as a prank. They spray perfume on the flowers and lead Uncle Wiggily to them. He picks a bouquet and gives it to Mrs. Wibblewobble, who realizes the flowers were taken from her hats but forgives Uncle Wiggily.
  40. Uncle Wiggily And The Good Boy: Uncle Wiggily, a bunny rabbit gentleman, is warned by Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy to be careful and avoid dangerous adventures. However, Uncle Wiggily encounters a group of boys who plan to tie a tin can to a dog’s tail. When one boy refuses to participate, Uncle Wiggily helps by scattering sand and gravel in the face of the bad boy, saving the dog from harm. The kind boy pats the dog and hides the tin can, while Uncle Wiggily reflects on his successful adventure.
  41. Uncle Wiggily And The Chicken-pox: The story is about Uncle Wiggily, a rabbit, who helps two chickens, Charlie and Arabella, deal with a boy who throws stones at them. Uncle Wiggily comes up with a plan to teach the boy a lesson by sticking feathers on him while he is asleep. When the boy wakes up and sees himself covered in feathers, he thinks he has chicken-pox. After realizing the cause of his condition, the boy stops throwing stones at the chickens.
  42. Uncle Wiggily And The Cow: This is a story about Uncle Wiggily helping a cow find her lost cud of grass. The cow is worried that she will have sour milk if she can’t find it. Uncle Wiggily helps her search and eventually finds the cud, saving the cow’s milk and then later helps Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy open a stubborn molasses jug with the help of the cow. In the end, they realize that cows can indeed be helpful too.
  43. Uncle Wiggily And The Tiger: Uncle Wiggily is asked by Nurse Jane to take her scissors to be sharpened. He agrees and puts the scissors in his hat so he won’t forget. On his way, he meets a limping tiger who ran away from the circus. Uncle Wiggily helps the tiger remove a thorn from its paw, and then they go to Uncle Wiggily’s bungalow where Nurse Jane treats the tiger’s paw. Uncle Wiggily realizes he forgot to get the scissors sharpened, but the tiger offers to help by using its sharp claws to cut linen into sheets and pillowcases. The tiger then continues its journey back to the circus.