Uncle Wiggily And The Pie In The Snow

One day Nurse Jane said to Uncle Wiggily: “Here is a fine hot snow pudding that I have made for Mr. Bow Wow, the dog gentleman. Will you take it to him?” The bunny rabbit twinkled his pink nose and said that he would. “Is Mr. Bow Wow ill?” asked Uncle Wiggily. “Just a little cold,” answered nurse Jane. “I think the hot snow pudding will do him good.” The bunny laughed “Ha! Ha!”

Uncle Wiggily, with the pail of hot snow pudding, hopped along until he met Jackie and Peetie Bow Wow with their sled. “Oh, ho, doggie boys!” cried the bunny. “I am taking this pail of hot pudding to your father.” Then Jackie and Peetie barked joyfully and said they would give the pudding a ride on their sled. “And maybe,” said Jackie to Peetie, “when we get the pudding home we can have some.”

All of a sudden, as Jackie and Peetie were talking of how good the snow pudding would taste (if they had any) all at once Uncle Wiggily looked around and cried out: “Oh, the Wolf is coming after us! He wants the snow pudding, I guess!” Then the bunny and the doggie boys ran, and Jackie barked: “The Wolf can’t have daddy’s pudding!” But the Wolf howled: “Zoo! Zoo! I’ll get that pudding!”

Uncle Wiggily, Jackie and Peetie ran so fast with the pudding on the sled that they kept ahead of the Wolf. But the bad chap ran faster and he was almost catching up when, all of a sudden, the sled struck a stone under the snow. “Oh, see what has happened!” barked Jackie. For the tin pail of pudding bounced off the sled and hit the Wolf on the end of his soft, tender nose, bumping and burning him.

The Wolf was so frightened when the pail of pudding hit him on the nose that he ran away. And, as the pudding wasn’t in the least harmed, Uncle Wiggily picked it up and put it on the sled. “I’ll sit with it and hold it,” said Jackie. Then, all of a sudden, the Bob Cat began to chase after the three friends, howling: “I want ears! I want ears!” Uncle Wiggily told the doggie boys not to be afraid.

On and on raced Uncle Wiggily, helping Peetie pull the sled, while Jackie sat on it holding the pudding. “Why shouldn’t we be afraid, Uncle Wiggily?” asked Jackie. “How can you save us?” The Bob Cat caught up to them and took the cover off the pudding pail. Out popped the hot steam. “Oh, wow! I’m burned!” howled the Bob Cat. “Just what I thought would happen!” said Uncle Wiggily.

The Bob Cat dropped the pail of pudding after it burned him. Uncle Wiggily picked it up, put the cover back on the pail and started off again. “You sit on the sled and I’ll ride you and the snow pudding,” said the bunny. They had not gone very far before Jackie howled: “Something is chasing us, Uncle Wiggily!” The bunny asked who it was. “It’s the Skillery Scallery Alligator!” said Peetie.

Uncle Wiggily hopped as fast as he could, but still the ’Gator came on. “Wait a minute, Uncle Wiggily!” barked Jackie. “Let Peetie and I stop this bad chap from chasing us.” The bunny wanted to know how the doggies could do this. “We’ll show you!” cried Peetie. He and Jackie scratched so much snow in the eyes, nose and mouth of the ’Gator that he could chase them no more.

“Oh, wiffie-woofie!” howled the ’Gator as he felt the snow in his face. “I must have run into a blizzard! This is too much!” He turned about and ran home and the doggie boys hauled Uncle Wiggily on the sled with the pudding to their house. “Why did Nurse Jane call it a snow pudding?” asked the dog lady. “I guess because we had such fun bringing it to you over the snow,” laughed Uncle Wiggily.

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