Stories About Rain

Stories About Rain

Welcome to our collection of the 14 best stories about rain, specially curated for our youngest readers. Parents, educators, and children alike, get ready for a unique story time experience as we delve into the intricate world of rain through classic tales and modern narratives.

Reading stories to children at bedtime is a revered tradition, a magical experience that inspires dreams and nurtures bonds. Our list brings this tradition to life online, with interactive stories available for free. This compilation consists of a rich tapestry of short, easy-to-read stories perfect for bedtime, as well as longer narratives to engage preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students during daytime learning hours.

While each story in our collection is distinct, they all share a common theme: rain. The mesmerizing fall of raindrops, the allure of playful puddles, and the calming sound of rain against the windowpane are woven into each narrative. These stories not only educate kids about the scientific elements of rain but also unearth its metaphorical significance, building the foundation for more in-depth learning about weather patterns, the water cycle, and nature’s beauty.

The tales are available to read online, and for your convenience, can also be downloaded as PDFs. This ensures the flexibility of printable materials, making these delightful stories a handy resource for parents and educators alike. Each story is coupled with charming pictures, making the reading process even more interactive and appealing. Some of these stories come with an audio option, perfect for read-aloud sessions or when your children prefer to listen rather than read.

We have a range of stories, from the classic fairy tales we’ve all grown up with to contemporary narratives. These tales feature memorable characters that both boys and girls will love and relate to, promoting a good night’s sleep with their soothing narratives. In addition, these stories often carry a moral lesson, subtly promoting the values of kindness, empathy, and curiosity.

This collection is designed for children at various stages of their early years, from toddlers enjoying their first tales to EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and older children seeking more complex narratives. The aim is to create a fun, educational environment that nurtures an enduring love for reading in children.

Let your children embark on this fascinating journey into the world of rain. From the comforting rhythm of a gentle shower to the dramatic thrill of a thunderstorm, these stories will surely enrich their understanding and appreciation of this natural phenomenon. Happy reading, and may every story time be a memorable adventure!

Top 14 Stories About Rain

  1. Sparrow’s Search For The Rain: In a coastal Indian village, a wise old warrior’s daughter rejects suitors who fail to captivate her with their shallow conversation. This angers the young men of the village, who conspire with mischievous Whirlwind to humiliate her. Her father intervenes, leading to Whirlwind’s banishment. As Whirlwind departs, his loyal blind friend Rain insists on joining him. Their absence causes a drought and distress among the villagers. Desperate, they send various animals on a futile quest to find them. Eventually, a small Sparrow embarks on the mission and locates Rain and Whirlwind in a serene cave. Sparrow convinces them to return, and their homecoming brings rain, rejuvenating the land. In gratitude for Sparrow’s success, the Chief spares Sparrows from being hunted or harmed, as they symbolize the arrival of Rain.
  2. A Bear In The Rain: In a rainy forest, a grumbling bear encounters a helpful wood anemone. She suggests finding an umbrella for the bear to keep dry. They discover a large branch with laurel leaves, which the bear initially doubts but eventually accepts. Holding it above his head, the bear is delighted to be shielded from the rain. Grateful, he thanks the wood anemone and walks proudly with his newfound umbrella. The wood anemone returns to her place, patiently awaiting the sun to shine so she can open her leaves once again.
  3. Let It Rain: Rose is upset about the rain and being stuck indoors, but her father helps her realize the importance of rain. He reminds her of the things she cherishes, like having breakfast, seeing flowers and trees grow, and animals drinking water. Through their conversation, Rose understands that rain is essential for the growth of food, the beauty of nature, and the well-being of animals. With this newfound perspective, she embraces the rain and appreciates its significance, shifting from unhappiness to gratitude.
  4. The Rain Elves: The Rain Elf children are finally allowed to come down to play on the earth after a long period of hot weather. However, they can only go in small groups due to their vast numbers. The Rain Elves visit the gardens, bringing joy and relief to the flowers and trees. The garden becomes eager to keep them there all day and seeks the help of the old Wind Witch, who manipulates the Rain Elves to descend all at once. The garden is soon overwhelmed by the deluge, causing damage and chaos. The Sun Man intervenes, dispersing the rain and prompting the Rain Elves to return home. The garden reflects on the importance of moderation and the wisdom of the Rain Cloud mothers.
  5. Uncle Wiggily’s Picnic: Uncle Wiggily and the animal children are excited about their picnic in the woods. However, just as they start having fun, it suddenly begins to rain. They seek shelter and wait for the rain to stop. When it does, they continue their picnic and enjoy their remaining food. Meanwhile, they learn that the real children having a picnic nearby had their food ruined by the rain and were about to go home disappointed. Uncle Wiggily and the animal children come up with a plan to secretly provide the real children with food by using birch bark baskets and lowering them from trees. The real children are thrilled, believing the baskets were left by fairies. Everyone enjoys a jolly feast and has a wonderful time at the picnic.
  6. How The Raindrops And Sunbeams Helped: Mother Nature awakens her helpers, the Sunbeams and Raindrops, and sends them down to Earth to start the work of spring. The Sunbeams bring warmth and light, while the Raindrops provide nourishing showers. Together, they awaken the plants and trees, encouraging them to grow and bloom. The flowers, trees, and birds all respond to the call of Mother Nature, transforming the landscape into a vibrant and colorful spring scene. The helpers joyfully carry out their tasks, bringing happiness and gratitude to all who witness the beauty of spring’s arrival.
  7. Uncle Wiggily And The Camping Boys: One day, Baby Bunty tells Uncle Wiggily about a group of boys in the woods who are making a white house. Curious, Uncle Wiggily and Baby Bunty go to investigate and discover that the boys are actually camping in a white tent. The bunny gentleman observes the boys as they try to set up their camp, making mistakes along the way. Later, when it starts raining heavily, Baby Bunty informs Uncle Wiggily that the tent is surrounded by water and the boys are worried about getting wet. Determined to help, Uncle Wiggily enlists the assistance of Sammie Littletail, Toodle, Noodle, and Grandpa Whackum to dig a ditch around the tent to drain the water away. Their efforts are successful, and the next day the boys find the trench and remain dry inside their tent. The boys are grateful but unaware of who helped them.
  8. The Storm: Uncle Paul and Jules venture out to find caterpillars in their silk bag during a hot day. Uncle Paul senses that a storm is approaching and urges Jules to hasten. They reach a pine wood and discover a magnificent caterpillar nest. As they rest in the shade, they discuss the destructive nature of caterpillars and the importance of removing their nests to protect crops. Suddenly, a storm approaches, and they seek shelter. They narrowly escape a lightning strike that hits the very tree they were considering taking cover under. Uncle Paul’s intuition and caution save them from danger. The storm passes, revealing a beautiful rainbow, and they continue on their journey, grateful for their safety.
  9. How Sunflower Became An Outcast: In a garden overrun by Dust Imps, the flowers desperately await the Rain Elves to save them. The rosebush asks the sunflower to request the Rain Elves’ help, but the sunflower, infatuated with the sun, refuses. However, the humble Honeysuckle Vine overhears and promises to seek assistance from the passing breezes. That night, Honeysuckle catches a breeze and informs it of the flowers’ plight. The next morning, the Rain Elves arrive, overpowering the Dust Imps and saving the garden. The grateful flowers acknowledge Honeysuckle’s heroism, and even the stately Lily suggests that the sunflower should be punished for her indifference. From that day on, Honeysuckle is considered part of the flower family, while the sunflower becomes an outcast for her refusal to help.
  10. Uncle Wiggily And The Watering Hose: In a hot and dry animal land, Uncle Wiggily Longears and Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy lament the lack of rain, which threatens their beloved strawberry shortcake. Determined to make it rain, Uncle Wiggily embarks on a journey in his airship, but finds no rain in the clouds. However, he discovers Jackie and Peetie Bow Wow using a hose to water their garden. Impressed by the refreshing spray, Uncle Wiggily decides to get a watering hose for Nurse Jane’s garden. When he returns, he waters their garden and helps a tired ice-wagon horse cool down with the hose. The next day, it finally rains, sparing Uncle Wiggily from using the hose. The story emphasizes the importance of kindness to others, such as ice-wagon horses, and the joy of rain’s arrival in a parched land.
  11. The Story Of Flying Robert: Once upon a time, a boy named Robert defied convention and went outside to play in the rain while other children stayed indoors. However, a powerful wind suddenly swept him away, lifting him higher and higher into the sky. Despite his desperate cries, Robert disappeared along with his hat, never to be seen again. The mysterious fate of Robert remains unknown, leaving behind a story of a courageous boy who ventured into the elements but encountered an unforeseen and tragic end.
  12. Uncle Wiggily And The Shell: Uncle Wiggily, despite his injured leg, decides to hop down the sandy beach in search of his fortune. As he sings his jolly song, a storm suddenly rolls in, turning the raindrops into large hailstones that pelt him mercilessly. With his toadstool umbrella torn apart, Uncle Wiggily despairs until his friend, the grasshopper, offers him shelter under a big pink shell. Together, they find a little crab whose wet peanuts need rescuing. With the help of molasses and resourcefulness, they dry the peanuts and mend the torn bags, enabling the crab to sell them successfully. Grateful for the kindness of the pink shell, Uncle Wiggily resumes his search for fortune, renewed by the adventure and the joy of helping others.
  13. Do What You Can: In this story, a farmer becomes increasingly worried as his cornfield starts to wither due to the lack of rain. Overheard by two compassionate raindrops, they express their sympathy for the farmer’s plight and decide to do what they can to help. The raindrops descend from the clouds and land on the farmer’s nose and a stalk of corn, signaling the start of a shower. More raindrops join in, forming a downpour that waters the cornfield, allowing the crop to grow and thrive. The story emphasizes the significance of even the smallest acts of kindness and the positive impact they can have.
  14. The Green Cat: In this enchanting tale, Old Witch Betto, angered by not being invited to a village fête, casts a spell of relentless rain upon the valley. Hans, determined to bring back sunshine for the wedding of his beloved Gretchen, embarks on a journey to find the green cat, the only creature the witch fears. Guided by a talking frog, Hans confronts a dwarf and his insect guardians to obtain the green cat, leading him to the witch’s cave. Placing the cat in front of Betto, it transforms into a princess, and the frog becomes a prince. As dawn breaks, Betto turns into a rock, freeing the princess and prince from her clutches. Hans reunites with Gretchen, and their wedding proceeds, bringing happiness to all. Hans keeps the story of the green cat alive, sharing it with the generations to come.

As our journey into this captivating collection of rain-themed stories comes to an end, we hope your children have been equally inspired and educated. These narratives not only paint a vivid picture of the rain’s intricacies but also subtly impart important moral values. We trust that these stories, whether read, downloaded, printed, or listened to, will continue to create memorable bedtime experiences and day-time learning opportunities. As the soothing rhythm of the rain continues to weave stories in the real world, we look forward to nurturing your child’s love for reading, igniting their imagination, and enriching their early years with these magical narratives. After all, every raindrop is a story waiting to be told.