Rose: Oh no, it’s raining! I don’t want to stay inside all day. It’s so boring!

Father: Well, Rose, were you glad to have bread and butter for breakfast this morning?

Rose: Of course, Dad! I would be really unhappy if I couldn’t have any.

Father: And do you enjoy seeing the flowers and trees grow in our garden?

Rose: Absolutely! I was actually looking forward to going outside to see them. They’re so beautiful.

Father: How about when you see horses, cows, or sheep drinking water from the brook? Does that upset you?

Rose: Dad, you must think I’m heartless! I would never want the hardworking horses, the lovely cows that give us milk, or the cute lambs to always be thirsty.

Father: Don’t you think they’d die without water to drink?

Rose: Yes, that would be terrible!

Father: So, do you think the flowers and trees could grow without water?

Rose: No, they would wither away from the sun’s heat. We wouldn’t have any beautiful flowers to enjoy or make wreaths for Mom.

Father: Rose, what is our bread made of?

Rose: It’s made of flour, which comes from wheat that is ground in a mill.

Father: That’s right. And rain helps the wheat grow, and water powers the mill to grind it into flour. So, are you still unhappy about the rain?

Rose: I didn’t consider all of that, Dad. Now I’m actually glad to see the rain falling.