Stories about dogs

Stories about dogs

Welcome to the Top 43 Stories about dogs for kids to read online! This collection is specially curated to provide children with a delightful assortment of bedtime stories featuring our beloved canine companions. These stories are available in various formats such as PDF, free online reads, downloadable printables, and audio versions to cater to every child’s learning preference. Our selection of educational and short stories is perfect to tell at story time and is accompanied by captivating pictures to keep your kids engaged.

Stories about dogs have always been popular among children of all ages, from early years of preschool and kindergarten up to elementary students. Boys and girls alike find joy and fun in these classic and famous dog tales. Reading about dogs not only fuels the imagination at night time but also instills valuable moral lessons. EYFS and toddlers can easily follow these stories, featuring easy-to-understand language and friendly characters.

Dogs are known for their loyalty, bravery, and loving nature which create inspiring storylines for kids during bedtime and read-aloud sessions. More than just a conventional fairy tale, these stories touch the hearts of both the young and old and gently remind us of the timeless bond between humans and their furry friends. Our collection is designed not only to entertain but to teach young minds good values and behavior.

So prepare to snuggle up and let the magical journey begin with your little ones. Boys and girls of all ages, immerse yourself in these fun and heartwarming dog stories and fall asleep to the adventures of these adorable canine heroes.

Top 43 Stories about dogs for kids to read online:

  1. The Tinderbox: A soldier encounters a witch who tells him to enter a tree filled with treasure guarded by three dogs. She asks him to get her tinderbox, but he refuses to return it. The soldier becomes wealthy and rescues a princess, but is caught and sentenced to death. He summons the dogs with the box, who kill the judges, king, and queen, making him the new king and enabling him to marry the princess. The story highlights the power of wealth and magic and the importance of taking risks.
  2. The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom: In this story, two old men who are neighbors, Upstream and Downstream, put fish traps in the river. Downstream catches fish while Upstream catches twigs. When Downstream finds a dog in a willow root, he takes it home and cares for it. The dog is special and helps Downstream find gold, which Upstream later tries to take advantage of but fails. Downstream also finds that the ashes of the dog can make trees bloom, which impresses the king and earns him a reward. Upstream tries to replicate this feat dishonestly but fails and gets punished.
  3. The Dog, the Cock and the Fox: The story is about a dog and a cock who set out on an adventure in the woods. They find a tree to sleep in for the night, but the cock forgets where he is and crows loudly, waking up a fox who intends to make a meal out of him. The quick-thinking cock tells the fox to go to the entrance of his house at the base of the tree, where the dog is waiting and catches the fox, saving the cock’s life. A downloadable eBook version of the story is also provided.
  4. Where the sparks go: The story features a cat and a dog sitting in front of a fireplace watching the sparks fly. The cat calls the sparks silly but a spark tells her that they can live forever and shine in the sky once they reach the top of the chimney. The cat doesn’t believe it, but the spark is convinced. The cat advises the spark to stay in the fireplace, but it refuses, and they both go up the chimney. The cat and the dog go outside to look for the spark in the sky, and the cat admits that the spark may be right after all.
  5. The Wolf And The Lean Dog: A wolf meets a thin and bony dog and considers eating him, but the dog convinces the wolf to wait until after his master’s daughter’s wedding feast, promising to fatten up. The wolf agrees and returns later for the feast but is tricked by the dog and runs away from the unkind porter.
  6. The Dog And His Master’s Dinner: A faithful dog carries his master’s dinner every day despite the temptation of the smell, but the other dogs in the neighborhood attempt to steal it from him. After a while, they manage to convince him to drop the basket, and he allows them to divide the rest while taking a large piece of roast meat for himself.
  7. The Dog And The Oyster: The story is about a greedy dog who loves eating eggs. One day, he eats an oyster whole, including the shell, and suffers a lot of pain. He learns that not all round things are eggs and regrets being greedy. The story is available to download as a PDF.
  8. The Dogs And The Fox: The story tells of some dogs who found the skin of a lion and began to tear it up. A fox saw them and laughed, saying that if the lion had been alive, the dogs would not have been able to defeat it. The story emphasizes the strength and power of the lion in comparison to the dogs. An ebook download link is also provided.
  9. The Dogs And The Hides: Some thirsty dogs spot hides in a river and decide to drink up the water to reach the hides. They drink and drink until they burst, but the water level remains the same, teaching them a lesson about the futility of their actions. The story is available for download in PDF format.
  10. The Dog In The Manger: The story is about a selfish dog that would not allow some hungry cattle to eat from the manger even though he couldn’t eat hay. The farmer eventually drives the dog out of the stable due to his selfish behavior.
  11. The Snowman: In the story, a snowman comes to life and talks with a yard-dog about the objects in the sky. The snowman realizes that the sun and the moon are not the same thing and that he has a deep longing for a stove. As the weather warms up, the snowman slowly melts away until only a broomstick is left in the ground. The yard-dog explains that the snowman had a stove scraper in his body, which caused him to feel a great longing for the stove. The story ends with nobody thinking about the snowman anymore.
  12. The little dog and the big dog: In this story, two dogs, Big Dog and Little Dog, embark on a journey to visit the king. Along the way, they encounter obstacles, such as a river and a bear, but with Big Dog’s courage and Little Dog’s determination, they overcome them all. When they finally reach the king, they are rewarded with a feast, and even the woodcutter’s little boy who helped them is invited to join. The story ends with the two dogs returning home in the king’s carriage, even better friends than before.
  13. Max’s Quest for Attention: The story is about a dog named Max whose family becomes obsessed with their screens and work, neglecting him. Max decides to create mischief by breaking things around the house to get their attention. Ultimately, his actions help his family realize the importance of spending time with loved ones, including pets. They began to make changes and devote more time to Max and each other. The story ends on a positive note with the family grateful for Max’s mischievous behavior and vowing to prioritize happiness and loved ones over work. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  14. The Ice Skating Rescue Squad: The story is about a boy and his St. Bernard dog named Bernie, who lived in a small town known for mild weather until the river froze over every few years. They would put on their skates and patrol the river, making sure no one was in danger. One day, they came to the rescue of a penguin, a cocoa seller, a little girl, and an elderly lady. Bernie and the boy loved helping to keep everyone safe on the ice and were happy that those days were few and far between.
  15. The Magical Sleepover with Bobby: A little boy named James is afraid to go to bed every night because he imagines scary things lurking in the shadows. His parents try to help him feel more comfortable by leaving the light on, telling him there are no monsters, and buying him a stuffed animal, but nothing works. One night, their pet dog Bobby comes into James’ room and snuggles up with him, and he dreams of a fun adventure with Bobby on the moon. From that night onwards, James is never afraid to go to bed again and looks forward to having more wonderful adventures with Bobby in his dreams.
  16. The Gentle Giant’s Rescue: The story is about a Newfoundland dog named Sammy who is known for his enormous size and gentle nature. Sammy is a talented lifeguard, but he yearns for adventure, so one day he sets out on a hike to the highest mountain peak in the area. However, he climbs too high and gets stuck. Fortunately, a group of hikers and firefighters come to his rescue, and Sammy learns to appreciate the familiar comforts of his home. The story ends with a free downloadable PDF of the book.
  17. Benny’s First Day of Training: This is the story of Benny, a curious beagle who is excited to attend his first puppy training class. Despite being nervous, Benny meets the other puppies in the class, learns basic obedience skills from his instructor Miss Jenny, and has a great time. By the end of the class, Benny is a happy and confident pup with a newfound love for learning. The story reminds us that although we may get nervous trying new things, with patience and encouragement, we can overcome our fears and enjoy the experience. Download the ebook to read offline or print.
  18. Nero at the Bakery: The Baker takes a fresh batch of bread to his store when little Sophie comes in and buys a loaf. As she leaves, a big dog named Nero walks in with a basket in his mouth. The Baker recognizes him and Nero gives him the money for the bread. The Baker puts in the money drawer and waits to see what Nero would do next. Nero barks, and the Baker gives Nero his own loaf of bread. Sophie follows Nero and sees him go to a lady’s house with the bread. Sophie then tells her family about the clever dog who bought a loaf of bread.
  19. Christmas in the Barn: The story is set on Christmas Eve, and a young boy named Johnny is watching the snow from his window when a wagon carrying two Christmas trees arrives. Johnny learns that his parents have each bought a tree and thinks of a happy plan to put the second tree in the barn for his pets to enjoy. He spends Christmas Eve collecting food and treats for his animals and decorates the tree in the barn with them. On Christmas morning, Johnny’s pets enjoy a feast from the tree, and Johnny plays his new trumpet before they all go back to their usual routines.
  20. Cleverness of a Sheep Dog: During a snowstorm in Scotland, many sheep were missing and buried in deep snow drifts. Despite the farmers’ efforts, most of the sheep couldn’t be found until a clever sheep dog named Rough showed up. Rough dug small holes in the snow in various places with his paws and short barks and the men dug beneath them, leading to the recovery of most of the missing sheep. An ebook (PDF) version of the story is available for download.
  21. Why dog and cat are enemies: A man and his wife sold their lucky gold ring, not realizing its value. The dog and cat, who also suffered from their owner’s poverty, worked together to retrieve the ring. The cat planned the mission, and the dog accompanied her. After successfully getting the ring back, the master rewarded the cat and punished the dog for not helping. The dog became angry and chased the cat, causing them to become enemies.
  22. The Wonderful Dog and the Miraculous Cat: This is a story about an old wizard who is banned from a wizarding school by its headmaster after a disagreement over a powerful spell. The wizard moves to a distant cottage and takes in a stray dog and cat, whom he educates to become highly knowledgeable and well-mannered animals. After learning all they can from the wizard, the dog and cat leave to explore the world, and they eventually find themselves at the castle of a king who has been enchanted by the powerful wizard who had expelled the old wizard from the school. The dog and cat, now highly respected for their intelligence and wisdom, decide to go and face the evil wizard to break the spell, and a chaotic fight ensues. However, the old wizard eventually arrives on the scene and destroys the wizard’s castle with a powerful spell, freeing the king from the enchantment and granting peace to the land.
  23. The White Cat: This is a fairy tale about a king who wants his three sons to find the smallest and most beautiful dog to inherit his throne. The youngest prince visits a castle and meets a white cat who gives him a seed with silk that is woven into the finest fabric called “mousseline.” When the king wants his sons to find the most beautiful princess to marry, the prince visits the white cat who then requests him to cut off her head. The prince is hesitant but eventually does it, and the white cat transforms into a beautiful young princess, who marries the prince. In the end, they all live happily ever after.
  24. Mr. Fox’s House Party: Mr. Fox moves to a treehouse to escape Mr. Dog and his owner, and invites his animal friends to a house party. When Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Badger can’t climb up to the treehouse, Mr. Fox borrows a ladder from Mr. Man. Mr. Dog shows up uninvited and eats all the bones from the soup Mr. Fox prepared. In a panic, Mr. Fox jumps out the window and Mr. Dog falls down the ladder with Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Pouch Rat, Mr. Snake, and Mr. Badger. Eventually, they forgive Mr. Fox, but he decides to return to living on the ground floor.
  25. Dr. Dolittle Escapes from the Pirates: Doctor Dolittle and his animal friends encounter Barbary pirates who chase them on their slow ship. Jip, the dog, warns them of the approaching pirates while Dab-Dab, the duck, advises them to put up more sails and go faster. However, the pirates’ ship is much faster, getting closer and closer to their slow vessel. The doctor seeks advice from the swallows, who tie thousands of strings to the ship and fly away, pulling the boat at incredible speed. The animals are relieved when they leave the pirates behind.
  26. Dr. Dolittle in the Fishing Village: In the story, the doctor and his animals search for a man stranded on a rock and find him thanks to Jip, the smartest dog in the world. They bring the man back to his village, where he and his family thank the doctor and his dog. The villagers offer gifts of gratitude, including a gold collar for Jip, and bid farewell as the doctor and his animals sail away. A downloadable PDF of the story is available for offline reading or printing.
  27. Dr. Dolittle and the Rock: In this story, a group of animals and a doctor search for a little boy’s uncle who is lost at sea. They follow snuff tobacco scent, with the help of a dog named Jip. After finally finding a mysterious rock formation and exploring it, they discover the uncle is trapped in an underground cave. Jip’s ability to smell the tobacco leads the way to rescue the uncle.
  28. Dr. Dolittle and Jip the Dog: Dr. Dolittle and his animal companions search for a missing fisherman with the help of a group of eagles, but they are unsuccessful in finding him. Jip, the dog, uses his sense of smell to locate the man and discovers that he is likely in Devon or Wales based on the scents he detects on the wind. Despite some disagreements among the animals, they work together to try to find the missing man and take care of his young nephew.
  29. The Hungry Wolf: In the story, a hungry wolf tries to eat a ram, a horse, and a pig, but each animal outsmarts him in a different way. The ram challenges the wolf to catch him at the bottom of a hill with his mouth open and then rams him with his horns. The horse convinces the wolf to eat him starting from his tail, but then kicks the wolf as he starts. Finally, the pig offers the wolf a ride to the village, where the dogs tease him, and he runs back to the forest. The story ends with the wolf admitting he’s a fool and still hungry. The article also provides a link to download the ebook in PDF format.
  30. Schippeitaro: In this Japanese folklore story, a young warrior encounters a village where a girl is sacrificed every year to the Spirit of the Mountain. With the help of a borrowed dog called Schippeitaro, the warrior hides the girl and defeats the monster. A festival is held every year in memory of the brave young warrior and Schippeitaro.
  31. Prince Sneeze: In this story, a king and queen throw a party to celebrate their son’s christening. However, they offend an old fairy by not serving her any cake, and she curses the prince so that every time he sneezes, something changes until he finds someone brave enough to marry him. As the prince grows up, his parents send him to live in a tower to protect him from sneezing. On his twenty-first birthday, his loyal poodle helps him break the curse by obtaining the words of the enchantment: he must get married. After many princesses refuse, the prince finally marries an ugly princess who was under a spell, and at the wedding, he sneezes and breaks the curse. The bride turns beautiful again, and everything is restored to its former glory, and the prince and his bride live happily ever after.
  32. The pink and blue eggs: The story is about a group of hens and chickens discussing the discovery of pink and blue eggs, wondering who laid them. When they went to see them, they found out that they were just Easter eggs for the farmer’s daughter to play with. One of the hens had heard otherwise from the farmer, but it turned out to be false. The story emphasizes the importance of not believing everything we hear and not worrying unnecessarily.
  33. Little Dorothy and Toto: Dorothy and Toto find themselves in the wild wooded hills of Oz where they come across a lake of black water with no boat or bridge. However, a tiny man, who seems strangely aware of them despite their quiet approach, suddenly appears perched on the edge of the path with his legs dangling over the lake. This man, who calls himself the ferryman, claims he can carry them across the lake if Dorothy shuts her eyes and says the word. After being seized in his arms and carried to his log castle, it is revealed that the tiny man is actually the Wizard of Oz who was playing a trick on Dorothy to teach her that it is dangerous to travel alone in a fairy country.
  34. A Barnyard Talk: The story features a rooster, hen, cat, and dog boasting about their importance on the farm. However, the farmer reminds them that they are all useful in their own ways and rewards them with food. The story highlights the importance of teamwork and cooperation.
  35. The Story of Speckle: The Story of Speckle is a heartwarming tale of a hen who becomes a mother and her bond with her newly hatched chicks. Speckle sits on her eggs for twenty-one days, hardly leaving the nest so that her eggs will remain warm and safe. She is helped by Little Phoebe, who brings her food and water, and eventually ten little chicks hatch. Speckle is overjoyed and takes them on a walk, proudly showing them off to the other animals on the farm.
  36. The Little Lazy Boy: The story is about a lazy boy named Bojr who spent his time chasing bees and birds instead of going to school. One day, he asked a bee and a swallow to stay and play with him, but they were too busy working. A wise dog, Stentor, told Bojr that even animals must work, and he decided to go to school and work hard. Bojr learned the importance of hard work and became the best reader in his class. He felt grateful to the animals who taught him this lesson and realized that playtime is even sweeter after working hard.
  37. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Cyclone: The story is about a girl named Dorothy who lives with her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em on a farm in Kansas. Their house is small and there is nothing but a vast prairie as far as the eye can see. When a cyclone is about to hit, Dorothy and her family rush to the safety of a storm cellar, but the house is swept away by the storm. Dorothy and her dog Toto are carried inside the spinning house until they fall asleep. The story ends with the anticipation of what the future might bring.
  38. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow: In this story, Dorothy sets out on a journey to find the Great Oz who can help her return home to Kansas. Along the way, she meets a Scarecrow who wants a brain and joins her on her journey. The two walk along the yellow brick road, facing dangers and obstacles with the help of new friends, until they reach one of Oz’s cities where they meet a wealthy Munchkin. The Scarecrow is afraid of a lighted match, and Dorothy agrees to ask Oz for a brain for him. The story ends with the two continuing their journey towards the Emerald City.
  39. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Cowardly Lion: In this story, Dorothy and her companions are walking through a dark forest where they encounter a cowardly lion who is terrified of his own lack of courage. They continue their journey, but not without some mishaps along the way. The Tin Woodman steps on a beetle, which makes him cry, and his jaws rust shut. The group eventually reaches Oz, and each one asks for something they think they are missing. The Lion asks for courage, the Tin Woodman asks for a heart, and Dorothy asks to go home to Kansas.
  40. The Boy And His Dog: In a beautiful village, a young boy named George and his loyal dog Rover had the important task of herding cows every summer evening. The cows grazed in a vast and colorful meadow with a brook that provided them with cool water. On some evenings, George would get exhausted, but Rover was always there to help round up the cows and keep them on course. The story highlights the strong bond of friendship and loyalty between a boy and his dog and the beauty of pastoral paradise. You can also download an ebook (PDF) of the story.
  41. Why Rabbits have short tails: In the story, Bunny Rabbit asks his grandfather why rabbits have long ears and short tails. His grandfather explains that it is because long ago, a rabbit called Short Ears had his long tail stuck in a door, and when it broke off, his descendants inherited short tails. However, after Short Ears locked himself in his house to escape from a dog, he listened so hard that his ears grew long. Therefore, the Rabbit family now has long ears and short tails, which helps them hear danger and run faster. Bunny Rabbit realizes that they are better off this way and decides he will never wish for a long tail and short ears again.
  42. The Four Footed Club: Mr. Fox and his friends hatch a plan to lure Mr. Dog to a party in the woods so they can hunt on Mr. Man’s farm without being disturbed. Jim Crow helps with the plan but insists on being paid with corn. The party is moved to Tim Raccoon’s house, and they trick Mr. Dog into getting his paws tied and eyes blinded. Jim Crow sees through the plan and sets Mr. Dog free, while Mr. Fox and his friends rush back to their homes.
  43. The Uninvited Guests: Mr. Crow is upset after being excluded from a dinner party at the Four-Footed Club, despite his past kindness to the members. When he sees Mrs. Skunk and her family, he tricks her into attending the party, knowing she is not welcome. Meanwhile, he tells Mr. Dog to go to the party and put an end to it. Chaos ensues when Mr. Dog jumps in and scares everyone except the Skunk family, who continue eating as if nothing has happened. Mr. Crow watches from afar, satisfied that he has paid off two debts with one night’s work.

In conclusion, the Top 43 Stories about dogs for kids offer a delightful and wholesome reading experience, perfect for young readers. These tales, brimming with adventure, friendship, and heartwarming lessons, not only foster a love for reading but also nurture a greater understanding and appreciation for the unwavering loyalty and companionship that dogs share with humans. As these stories highlight the unique bonds between children and their canine friends, they inspire empathy, courage, and kindness in the hearts of young readers, making these stories an invaluable treasure in children’s literature.