Of the Funny Fox, beware!
He’s full of tricks, you know.
So when you see him, have a care
which way you’d better go.

Once upon a time, the Funny Fox was very hungry, for he had had no breakfast, and he went through the woods to see what he could see.

By and by, to his delight, he saw the Daring Dog with a great piece of meat which he had stolen from the market. He was running homeward over a bridge as fast as his legs could carry him.

“My! What beautiful legs you have,” shouted the Funny Fox. The Daring Dog slowed down a little.

“My! What a cunning tail you have,” cried the Funny Fox. The Daring Dog wagged his tail, pleased with the compliment.

“My! What wonderful ears you have,” said the Funny Fox. The Daring Dog moved his ears to and fro.

The Funny Fox had now caught up with him, and as he ran alongside him, said, “My! What bright eyes you have, but I suppose you really have ugly teeth, and that spoils your whole appearance!”

This offended the Daring Dog, and he dropped the meat a second, to show his pearly teeth. The Funny Fox stole the meat and was off and away before the Daring Dog could say a word. He remarked that the Funny Fox would have a good meal anyway, and if the butcher should see him running now, it was the Fox who would be punished, which shows, “It is an ill-wind that blows nobody any good.”

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