Christmas ABC

A is for Advent, the countdown begins, To the merry day when everyone wins.

B is for Baubles, hanging on the tree, Twinkling in colors for all to see!

C is for Cookies, baking together. Drinking with milk in snowy weather.

D is for December; cold, snowy and white, When we celebrate Christmas with pure delight.

E is for Elf, helping Santa get ready. At the North Pole all year, slow but steady.

F is for the Fir Tree with lights shining bright, It glows in the darkness, a pretty sight.

G is for Gingerbread, so tasty and sweet, Let’s bake some in the kitchen, for a Christmas treat!

H is for Holly, hanging so bright, with red berries and sharp leaves that twinkle in the night.

I is for Ice Rink, where we laugh and play, Skating round and round on a cold December’s day.

J is for Jingle, the bells go ring. The sweet sound of Christmas they bring.

K is for Kindness, shared out so free, Just like the gifts ‘neath our Christmas tree.

L is for Letters to Santa we write, will he bring us what we ask for? He might!

M is for Mistletoe, bright and green. Hanging in doorways, at Christmas it’s seen.

N is for Naughty or Nice, Santa sees. Better be good, children, if you please!

O is for Ornaments, shining so bright. Hang them on tree limbs, in the Christmas night.

P is for Presents, shiny and new. Wrapped in paper of green, red, and blue.

Q is for Quiet, a soft snowfall’s sound, When Christmas magic is all around.

R is for Reindeer, flying with delight. Carrying Santa, all through the night.

S is for Santa, with his ho-ho-ho. From the North Pole, in the snow, off he goes!

T is for Toys, a delightful sight, Unwrapped with joy and sheer delight.

U is for Unwrapping, a Christmas delight, Under the tree, with twinkling light.

V is for Visiting, our loved ones so dear. Spreading the cheer, this special time of year.

W is for Wreath all red and green, Hang it on your door to be seen.

X is for Xmas, a time of joy and cheer. Let’s sing carols loudly, for all to hear.

Y is for Yule, the old celebration, And it brings joy to every nation.

Z is for Zigzag, the path the sleds make, While sliding down hills, leaving tracks in their wake.

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