Stories About Secrets

Stories About Secrets

Welcome to our collection of the Top 8 Stories About Secrets, the best tales that kids will love to read aloud! These wonderful stories are designed specifically for children varying from toddlers, preschool, kindergarten through to elementary grade levels. Our online platform provides these fantastic stories free of charge for you to either read directly from your screen or print as PDFs for a traditional reading experience.

Every story is short, making for perfect quick reads or bedtime stories. Our high-quality eBooks come with funny, colorful illustrations and pictures that will undeniably captivate and delight your little ones. Every tale is written in easy-to-understand English, making it perfect for kids to learn new words, phrases, and more importantly, morals, as every narrative centers around a unique theme, teaching valuable lessons to kids.

The importance of Stories About Secrets lies not only in their inherent mystery and thrill that fascinates children but also in the chance to gently introduce the concept of privacy, trust, and responsibility to young readers. As secrets are part and parcel of life, these stories help children understand that everyone has something they hold close, yet also emphasize the impact of wrongly kept secrets. Being able to discuss these themes through the narrative can be a powerful yet fun learning tool, underlining once again, the importance of reading. Dive right in and enjoy these stories, and watch as they open up avenues for discussion and learning!

Top 8 Stories About Secrets for kids:

  1. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Discovery of Oz, The Terrible: In this part of the story, the travelers return to the Emerald City and meet the Guardian of the Gates. They inform him that they have visited and melted the Wicked Witch of the West. The man is surprised and impressed. He leads them into the city where they are greeted by the people. However, when they reach the Throne Room, they find no one there. They hear a voice coming from the throne and discover that the Great Oz is actually a little old man who has been pretending to be a powerful wizard. He confesses that he is a humbug but promises to help them fulfill their requests.
  2. The Paradise Of Children: Long ago, Pandora and Epimetheus were children who lived without troubles. Pandora discovered a box in their cottage and asked Epimetheus about it, but he didn’t know what was inside. Pandora’s curiosity grew until she decided to open the box. When she did, all the troubles of the world escaped, but so did Hope. Pandora and Epimetheus realized their mistake but Hope assured them that she would never leave them. Though troubles still exist, Hope brings comfort and promises something good in the future.
  3. Secret Halloween: Once upon a time, a young girl named Grandma and her mischievous friend Prudence secretly planned to celebrate Halloween, despite their serious Quaker families. They performed a magic ritual to see glimpses of their future husbands. Grandma saw a handsome man, whom she eventually married, while Prudence saw the face of an old ram and ran away scared. The story teaches that Halloween brings magic and mystery, and one day, the reader may experience their own special magic on this night.
  4. The Tell-Tale Goblin: Once upon a time, a little fairy secretly wandered along the river, unaware that a goblin was watching her. The goblin planned to tell the Fairy Queen about the fairy’s secret meetings with a handsome young man. However, the River God intervened and gave the goblin a silver hat in exchange for his silence. The next night, the goblin tried to reveal the secret to the Fairy Queen, but she and the other fairies refused to listen. As a result, the goblin was transformed into a silver thistle and lived a lonely life. The little fairy lived happily ever after with her River God husband.
  5. Why the Sea is Salt: There were two brothers, one rich and one poor. The poor brother asked the rich brother for food on Christmas Eve and was given a piece of bacon. The poor brother set off for hell, but instead found an old man who told him to trade the bacon for a hand mill. With the hand mill, the poor brother could grind anything he wanted to eat. The rich brother became jealous and borrowed the hand mill, but it produced an endless flood of soup that chased him away. Eventually, the hand mill ended up at the bottom of the sea, grinding salt and making the sea salty.
  6. A Christmas Secret: Six little girls gather together with twinkling candles, sharing a secret of their anticipation for the arrival of Santa on Christmas Eve. They wonder about Santa’s sleigh, his ability to carry toys, and whether he would pass them by if they are awake. Just as they are about to light their candles, the Elf appears and warns them that Santa is very shy. The girls ask the Elf to light their candles and promise to go to bed. With their candles flickering, they fall asleep, dreaming of Santa, the Elf, and the magic of Christmas. The secret of Santa remains safe until morning.
  7. The Fairy Box: May wishes for a magic bracelet that pricks her when she’s about to do something wrong. A sweet voice tells her to look under her pillow every night for a reward or punishment based on her behavior. May receives both good and bad surprises, but learns to be patient and kind. She receives a white kitten with a pink ribbon and a black dog named Floss. May also receives a picture book, a pony named Prince, and a boat named Water Lily for her brother. May learns to be good without the help of fairies and eventually sees a real fairy before receiving a magic bracelet as a reward. She is happy and content, knowing that she has truly learned to be good.
  8. The Gingerbread Man’s Secret Recipe: In a forest bakery, Ginger the gingerbread man is famous for his secret recipe. One day, a jealous fox named Rupert tries to steal the recipe but is caught by Ginger and his friends. Rupert runs away, vowing not to bother them again, and Ginger and his friends celebrate their victory.

In conclusion, the Top 8 Stories About Secrets reveal a mesmerizing world where characters possess hidden truths just waiting to be uncovered. These tales teach children about the values of honesty, trust, friendship and courage, reminding them that every secret carries a lesson or truth that helps shape our character. The journey these stories take us on are not just about the thrill of unraveling secrets but also about understanding others and oneself more deeply. So, whether it’s a secret hidden treasure or a truth untold, each story leaves young readers with exciting mysteries, valuable life lessons and a thirst for more adventures to explore online.